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A WordPress.org blog comes with the essentials. You might call these the basics—some widgets and plugins.  To make your blog run smoothly and efficiently with less work on your part, add plugins. If you are blogging a book, also  install specific plugins to help your visitors read the book.

Plugins add features to your site that expand and automate its functionality. There are thousands of plugins you can add to your site to optimize it, customize it, make it pretty, and create additional widgets.

Some blogging applications, like WordPress, use widgets to allow bloggers who don’t possess coding knowledge to modify the design and content of their sites using a simple point-and-click or drag-and-drop system.

You will find as many opinions about plugins and widgets as there are blog developers. After a survey of those I know and work with, combined with my own experiences, here’s my list of recommended plugins and widgets for book bloggers.

UpdraftPlus (Free and Paid)

Updraft is simple and free backup plugin.

By giving this plugin less than half an hour, you are saving yourself from lots of trouble.

With the help of Updraft Plugin, you can automate your backup, you can schedule it.  

I am using it for last year, and it had given me no trouble.

The plugin makes the backup for my blog, all the files, image, content, setting, everything, and save it to my G-Drive account. Not only that, it also deletes the old backup, and send me a mail after everything is done.

So I just get the mail that Updraft has done its work.

And believe me, backing up your blog is necessary and important.

There are many reasons your site may get crash, or you lose the site. But with backup, you can restore everything in a few clicks.

And here, Updraft works for me like a charm.

Akismet Anti Spam (Free)

Akismet does what it says.

It keeps your blog spam-free. Without Akismet, you will get lots of comments on your blog posts.

Comments that you do not want. Crappy spammy comment.

Akismet read each comment, run it through its always updated database, and decides if it was a spam or not.

If it is spam, Akismet will take the matter into its hand and will delete it, only if you give permission of course.

I am using it from the starting of my blog. No issues.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets (Free)

Have you ever seen a book review in Google Search with star ratings?Plugins for Book Bloggers - All Best WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

All in One Schema Rich Snippets Example 1

That star rating happens because of this Plugin.

This plugin is for your book review.

It also tells Google that what ratings you are giving to the book.

What is the benefit of that? Well, let me show !!Should I hate or Love Book - All Best WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

All in One Schema Rich Snippets Example 2

The red circle shows my rating, in the snippet box. Is not it awesome?

The schema plugin does this. Just because of this function, I love this plugin.

Better Click To Tweet (Free)

Let me show what this plugin does instead of telling you.

Below is an example.

List of Best WordPress Plugin for Blogger, nice post…CLICK TO TWEET

Please do tweet, if you are liking this post.  

Broken Link Checker (Free)

Broken Link Checker as the name suggests, check your broken links.

It notifies you about the links that are not working now. So you can change them or repair them.

Simple and small WordPress plugin, that saves a lot of damage.

Now, if any of the links on this page broke, the plugin will send me the mail about it. I will come back and replace the link with an updated one.   

Smush Image Compression and Optimization (Free and Paid)

Smush the Images.  


Smush optimize and resize the images.

You upload an image on the blog, but you upload an image of size 2 MB.

It is so hard to load 2 MB image, so Smush will compress the image. The resulted image will be of less than 1 MB.

It will make the site load fast, and you can save your storage.

Table of Content Plus (Free)

If you want to know, what this plugin does, scroll up.

You will see the Content box. Like an index.

It makes all your Heading 2 a point, Heading 3 a sub-point, Heading 4 a sub-sub-point. Respectively.

It helps when you have a habit of making points. Helpful WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers.

When doing a book review, or talking about anything, there are many points to conclude. It makes the Table of Content, so it becomes easy for a visitor to navigate and see the points of your post.

TinyMCE Advanced (Free)

This may be my favorite WordPress plugin of all.

TinyMCE provides lots of extra options when writing the post.

Without it, the default options are limited, but with this plugin, you can add a lot to the taskbar.

tinyMCE Plugin for book blog - All Best WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

You can add all those unused buttons to your task-bar. And emoticons     …

W3 Total Cache (Free and Paid)

You need at least one Caching plugin.

There are four major plugins. Read about them.

But I am using W3 Total Cache. It works well for me.Best WordPress Plugin for Book Bloggers - All Best WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

Loading Speed of Bookaapi

This is my site loading speed. You can check yours free at Pingdom too.

A fast loading site is important. W3 is working great for my blog.

Setting up W3 Plugin takes less than 20 minutes.

PB SEO Friendly Images (Free)

If you are lazy and do not put the caption in images, you need this plugin.

I use it because I sometimes forget to put the caption and title of the image. And I do not want any blog image to exist with the name like 873h68.jpg.

PB SEO Friendly Images fill the blank images, it assigns the alternate text to images.

By doing that it helps search engines to show your images to show in image searches.

Other than that, it makes it easy for you to find a pic on your blog.

To say, a great WordPress Plugins for book bloggers.

Yoast SEO (Free and Paid)

Final, but the best WordPress plugin for book bloggers.

Not only book bloggers but for every blogger, this plugin is an important one.

Yoast SEO helps you to write your post in a way that could be read and indexed by Google.

Actually, Yoast SEO helps in making your blog post SEO optimized.wordpress plugins for book bloggers - All Best WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

Yoast SEO Live Suggestions

Yoast analyses your post and suggests to you what to do to make your content for Search Engines.

If you want traffic from search engines, Yoast SEO helps you in moving towards it.

You can write SEO optimized book reviews, posts, character analysis, and your opinion.

SEO optimized post ranks higher in Google searches than other posts.

You should do it.


Try out each plugin, and see which ones serve your needs best. Remember, new plugins are created all the time, and sometimes the old ones are not updated often enough. So choose wisely. Keep in mind that too many plugins can slow a site down, and unused ones should be deleted. They pose a security risk.

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