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Coming up with ideas, researching ideas, writing about ideas, and finally publishing ideas, each part of the content creation process is lengthy and requires a lot of energy. Exposing content to new eyes, though, is perhaps the part that takes up the most time and energy. Anyone who wants to become a professional blogger and/or writer will eventually have to learn the basics. Then, there’s the more advanced lessons in online marketing and how to expose content in an organic way. One way is through content syndication, and below are content syndication plugins for your WordPress website.

Content syndication offers a way to republish your content on social media sites, news aggregators, and article sites without your direct interference. You can also syndicate content from other sources to your own site. Mastering content syndication means that we can both market our content to external resources and connect with other authors.

Basically, content syndication in WordPress works like this: someone makes a copy of content that was originally published elsewhere and then uses it on their own WordPress website. So, for your purposes, content syndication could mean that you import someone else’s content into your site (which is probably what most of you will do). It also means that you could loan out your own content to others.

If you’re worried that the copying of someone else’s blog content to your WordPress site sounds like a case for copyright infringement, don’t be. At least not if you’ve handled it correctly. When someone willingly grants permission for others to use their blog posts in syndication, and proper attribution is provided to the original author and source, there shouldn’t be any problems with violating copyright law.


ThreeWP Broadcast plugin packs Plainview Plugins

Automatically share content by multiposting on multisite blogs. Syndicate posts to other blogs, update posts between blogs, share content templates, etc. Broadcast posts can be linked to their parents, which updates child posts when the parent posts are updated. This includes all data: title, slug, content, custom fields, attachments, etc. There’s also a substantial plugin (add-on) pack available for download on the official site of ThreeWP. Further, your plugin capabilities get 50+ different additions and configuration options. You get them as soon as you activate the extension pack.

Google My Business Auto Publish

google my business auto publish wordpress plugin
Instead of doing it all manually, you can utilize different tools to automate the process of publishing content from your page to social media. To share your material on your Google My Business page, the easy to use plugin, Google My Business Auto Publish, will do the trick for you. Bear in mind, posting on Google My Business is also very search engine friendly and can have a positive impact on your WordPress blog or website. However, to save yourself time and never forget to publish again, we have a solution for you. Pick Google My Business Auto Publish and let it do the work for you.

Although the plugin is free of charge, it comes with loads of different features that you can set for sharing your content exactly how you fancy. You can schedule posts or publish them immediately. Moreover, you can distribute content based on different categories that you set, too. Last but not least, Google My Business Auto Publish utilizes Google My Business API which makes it display your featured image automatically and sets a link back to your site, too.

LinkedIn Auto Publish

linkedin auto publish wordpress plugin
To link your WordPress website with LinkedIn and publish content on the social platform automatically, all you need is LinkedIn Auto Publish. In this collection of content syndication plugins for WordPress, we cover an assortment of different tools that will benefit you greatly. From such specific to one social media platform to those that include all platforms and then some. As the name suggests, LinkedIn Auto Publish is for LinkedIn users only.

LinkedIn Auto Publish is quick and straightforward to use, perfect for both beginners and pros. Moreover, it comes with two main functions; one allows you to pick with whom you would like to share your content and the second lets you choose between simple text sharing or more advanced one that also displays featured image. There is more to LinkedIn Auto Publish than that, ensuring you to get the most out of WordPress-to-LinkedIn sharing.

Facebook Auto Publish

facebook auto publish wordpress plugin
If you run a blog and you would like to expand your reach, try out Facebook Auto Publish and spread the word out. This is the right auto-publishing tool that you need to keep all your Facebook fans updated with the latest content as soon as it goes live on your blog. There are loads of different functions you can select from to decide how you would like your posts to appear on Facebook.

You can set filters to publish content based on categories or custom post types. Furthermore, you can share just text, text with image, as well as share a link back to your blog post where they can find the full article. You can also enable or disable publishing your WordPress page and post to a specific Facebook page only. Take action and start sharing.


tgomatic content syndication wordpress plugin
With the popularity of Telegram, you might be very interested in distributing your content to that network as well. Instead of doing it manually, you better seek help from TGomatic. This content syndication WordPress plugin is all set and ready to do the work instead of you. The tool will publish content automatically from any WordPress blog or website. On top of that, once you set things up, you can easily forget about it, as TGomatic will do the publishing in the background for you.

When it comes to publishing to groups and conversations on Telegram, you save yourself a lot of time with TGomatic. However, you can also use the plugin to do it manually. But setting the appropriate parameters and seeing your content gets distributed to Telegram users would be ideal.


blog2social content syndication wordpress plugin
Blog2Social is pretty self-explanatory. This content syndication WordPress plugin is free of charge, yet it comes with many great features and functions. Once you start hammering out compelling content for your ever thriving blog, let Blog2Social do the distribution of your masterpieces across different social media platforms. This plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, XING, Imgur and Medium, to name a few.

After you set things up in Blog2Social, the plugin will then publish new social posts for your articles according to the frequency that you prefer. You can also make all sorts of additional customization tweaks and improvements, tailoring social media posts according to your signature style. Do not make them feel too robotic! Some other features of Blog2Social are HTML markup editing, saving social posts as drafts, and automatic hashtag generation.


Syndication is a great way to keep your blog content out in the world, and in front of people who may find it helpful or interesting. By using automated tools like RSS feeds and email marketing services, you can save yourself time spent writing and rewriting the same blog posts over and over again. Automation will also encourage new customers to subscribe to your blog via your email marketing service, giving you a steady stream of new followers over time.

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