WordPress Plugin Blog Grid

WordPress Plugin Blog Grid is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your blog posts beautifully in a magazine grid. You can customize the number of columns, gutter width, space between each box, and the background color or image. You can also add your own custom CSS styles or modify our configuration options.

Powerful plugin for placing wordpress plugin and theme images in any post or page using thumbnails for easy identification of e.g. new themes, plugins and making it easier to choose the best theme or plugin, it can also be used to showcase latest themes and plugins or al images from a specific category

Content Views

Content Views

First on our list, Content Views enables you to show off posts or pages using stylish grids and lists. You can select how many posts to include on each row. Moreover, you get to choose different settings for mobile devices to ensure that your grids remain responsive:

Configuring your post grid

If you want to display a large library of content, you can enable pagination for your post grid. Once you configure a grid, you can embed it anywhere on your site using a shortcode.

Key Features:

  • Create grids or lists for your posts and pages
  • Configure the layout of your grid for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Decide what fields each post should display in the grid
  • Embed grids using shortcodes
  • Enable pagination for your grids

Content Views is for you if…

…you want to set up both post grids and lists. This tool is also perfect if you need multiple post grids for different types of content.

Essential Grid (Premium)

Essential Grid

Essential Grid is the best-selling WordPress grid plugin available today.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested WordPress grid plugin that’s also been very well received by its users, then Essential Grid is hard to beat. First launched in 2014, Essential Grid has been regularly updated and improved to become one of the best-selling plugins for WordPress in any category. With over 42,000 sales to date and an average rating of 4.72 stars out of 5 from users, it’s fair to say that if you purchase Essential Grid for your WordPress website, you’ll probably consider it a good investment.

Essential Grid first example

One of the reasons why Essential Grid has become so popular is the ease with which it enables you to create a wide range of image, video, and audio galleries. When creating these assets for your website, Essential Grid lets you choose from a varied selection of sources, including social media sites such as Instagram and Flickr as well as video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks to this, you can create almost any type of gallery grid with this plugin.

When it comes to deciding how your grids will look, you get to choose from a growing library of templates in the Essential Grid plugin package. As you might expect from one of the most popular WordPress grid plugins, everything created with this tool is fully mobile responsive to ensure it looks just as good on small screen smartphones as it does on large desktop displays.

Essential Grid second example

To help you get the most out of this plugin, the developers of Essential Grid have created a series of video tutorials that cover how it all works. Therefore, whether you’re new to WordPress or an experienced site owner, this could be the plugin that lets you start working with grids and galleries in more creative ways.

With almost unlimited creative options, Essential Grid is a safe choice for adding this type of functionality to your WordPress website.


WordPress Plugin Blog Grid Image

PostX is a robust WordPress plugin that helps to create stunning Gutenberg post grid blocks. It basically adds 15 new custom blocks to the editor along with many ready-to-use page sections. 

The plugin helps you create post grids, listing sliders, carousels blocks with it. What’s more, you will get several options for posts grids and list layouts. In addition to several layout options, each post grid block comes with various customization and styling options. 

Also, it enables you to add paginations and separators to grids. You can also control the display of the girds and lists of each element. The blocks are AJAX powered and come with various paginations options. These options are “load more” buttons, next & previous buttons, along with several other features. 

To showcase the grids and list you need to just use the shortcode to add it to any posts or pages. 

Key Features

  • Premade Starter Packs
  • AJAX & Pagination Feature
  • Multiple Post Grid and List Options 
  • Pagination & Infinite Scroll
  • Customization Options

Final Tiles Gallery

Final Tiles Gallery

If you want to display a lot of media on your site, Final Tiles Gallery doubles as a gallery and post grid plugin. You can use this tool to create image galleries using multiple layouts, and to feature posts in a grid:

A post grid shortcode

Every time you want to create a new post grid, the plugin will walk you through a short wizard. That process enables you to easily choose the grid’s layout and what content it will include.

Key Features:

  • Create post grids and image galleries
  • Use a wizard to set up new post grids quickly

Final Tile Gallery is for you if…

…you’re a beginner or don’t have much time on your hands. This plugin is perfect if you want to set up simple post grids and avoid dealing with too many customization options.

Media Grid (Premium)

Media Grid

Media Grid is another popular premium WordPress grid plugin with a long and varied feature list.

With over 12,000 sales to date, Media Grid might not be as popular as Essential Grid, but it’s still a widely used tool for adding stylish grid displays to a WordPress website. Thanks to the extended functionality of Media Grid, it doesn’t really matter what type of content you want to display on your website with this plugin, or how you want to present it.

With support for images, videos, and audio files, you can add almost any type of media content to your grids, including the ability to mix and match multiple formats in one grid. You can also just as easily display WordPress content, such as posts and pages in your custom grid layouts, helping you to create stylish blog post archive pages for your website. You can even use this versatile plugin to display products from your WooCommerce store in different ways.

Media Grid pagination systems

Once you’ve decided what type of content you want to add to your grids, you can then define what they will look like. With 10 preset styles to choose from, you can quickly change the look of your displays. For a more hands-on approach to creating your grids, you can use the customizer controls to design a unique presentation style. Thanks to the visual grid builder interface, everyone should be able to use this tool on their WordPress website.

Media Grid plugin grid options

Other ways you can customize your grids, including choosing from the various pagination options, adding sliders to your displays, and incorporating icons into your designs. You can also use the CSS editor for even more control over the appearance of your media grids.

Whether you want to create grids to display dynamic or static content, Media Grid is more than up to the task.

 Ultimate Blocks

WordPress Plugin Blog Grid Image

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugins that enhance the capability of Gutenberg blocks by adding various useful blocks. One of the popular Ultimate blocks is — Post Grid, it enables to add stunning lists or grid to your posts. 

The Ultimate Blocks plugin enables you to showcase lists or grids in different layouts:

  • Show post grids with featured image & title of the post. 
  • Show posts grids with excerpt featured images and title. 
  • Show posts grids with list style with featured image and title. 

What’s more, you can choose which post category you want to display in the post grids and list. Even you have the option to choose the order of the posts which you wanna display in the lists and grids. 

Also, the posts grids and lists layout is super responsive on the all the devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. 

Key Features:

  • Gutenberg Friendly
  • Super Responsive
  • Showcase Posts Grid and List 
  • Three Different Layout Options
  • Choose Post Category

Divi’s Blog Module

The Divi homepage

If you use Divi (either the theme, the builder, or both), you may know that it comes with a Blog module. This element enables you to add post grids anywhere on your website. You can select what post types to include and how many of them to display.

As with all Divi modules, you also get access to a broad range of styling options:

Divi's Blog module

Divi also gives you access to a powerful theme builder you can use to create page templates that include post grids. You can use this feature to create custom blog and search pages, among many other types of content.

Key Features:

  • Add post grids to your pages using the Blog module
  • Get access to dozens of other modules and a visual page builder
  • Customize the style of your post grids
  • Choose what content to display in your grids
  • Use the theme builder to create custom page templates

Divi is for you if…

…you’re in the market for a new theme or a page builder plugin. Ideally we recommend using Divi Builder with its parent theme, but it works with most modern options.


Grid layouts are great for showcasing blog posts, but they can require a lot of custom coding. Our plugin makes it easy to create your own dynamic grid layout and embed it right into your WordPress blog. Just select the number of columns you would like, and the plugin does the rest.

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