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WordPress Plugin Blog Author is a visual tool that helps blog owners to create beautiful and SEO optimized blog posts fast and easy. Offering a fully integrated editor with WordPress right inside your browser window, that breaks down the barriers between the drag-and-drop publishing interface of WordPress and blog publishers.

WordPress Plugin Blog Author is an awesome WordPress plugin that makes it easy to write and make a plugin…even if you are new in the craft. With many more features coming soon, feel free to update this plugin any time.

Simply) Guest Author Name

(Simply) Guest Author Name

If you work with a lot of guest posts, you will find the Guest Author Name plugin quite useful. When guest authors submit posts, they are usually under review until you choose to publish them. You can either use a guest author account, but when you have many contributors, it can become tiresome.

But thanks to the above plugin, you can quickly add a guest author to a post and link to their blog in a click. You don’t have to worry about how the author box appears to readers; simply add whichever guest author name and link you desire, and that’s it. If you’re inclined, you can even add the author’s avatar easily.

 Molongui Author Box, Guest Authors & Co-Authors

Molongui Authorship makes it easy to create author bios for both resident writers and guest contributors without requiring them to create a separate WordPress account. The toolbar gives live previews, so you can make customizations to your liking and see how they would look within your site pages.

demo of wordpress author bio plugin with live previews

Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget lets you add an author bio to any widget area of your site.

You can display an author avatar, a short bio, links to social media, and a link to the author profile page that lists all their articles.

This can be a great way to add a good looking author bio widget to your WordPress sidebar. The plugin set up is fairly straightforward, and it uses an auto-detect feature to find the correct post author and display their bio instantly.

Since the plugin will fetch author information from their WordPress profile, you need to make sure that all authors fill out their author information by editing their profiles.

A Fancy WordPress Author List

a fancy author list


If you are looking for more than just an author box, A Fancy WordPress Author List plugin offers you a new solution. The plugin allows you to display a list of your authors in a beautiful grid that readers can access easily. But that’s not all, the plugin comes with many other features.

You can easily display the list of authors in the sidebar, page, or any other widget area. The plugin boosts healthy competition between the authors, which means great things for your blog. Further, you can upload custom images, social media icons, and add dynamic effects to attract new visitors.

PublishPress Authors

publishpress authors WordPress plugin

PublishPress Authors allows you to control and expand on the way the Author role behaves on your site. It’s a freemium plugin and works as a separate component of a series of editorial plugins offered by PublishPress.

What features does PublishPress Authors offer?

  • Multiple Authors – Credit more than one author or user on your site when you publish articles written and/or edited by more than one individual.
  • Guest Authors – Invite collaborators to write for your site without creating accounts for them. PublishPress will treat them like regular authors.
  • Author Profiles – Create simple profiles for every author on your site, and display them in widget areas, after each post or via shortcodes.
  • Avatars – Assign avatars to authors even if your theme doesn’t use this feature.
  • Custom Fields – Build thorough author profiles with custom fields for text, a WYSIWYG editor, email and more.
  • Custom Layouts – Premade templates are not available, but you can build custom layouts for author profiles with code when you use the premium version of PublishPress Authors.
  • Custom Post Type Support – Add author boxes to any custom post type.
  • Additional PublishPress Plugins – When you purchase the premium version of PublishPress Authors, you’ll also receive the premium versions of PublishPress, an editorial calendar plugin, Capabilities, a user role management plugin, Checklists, a plugin that allows you to provide a list of criteria each post must have directly on the edit page, and Revisions, a plugin that allows you to control changes made to posts.

You can install a basic version of PublishPress Authors free of charge from the official WordPress plugin directory. The premium version of this plugin is bundled with each and every one of PublishPress’ additional plugins. Pricing starts at $69 for a single site license. A 14-day, money-back guarantee is available for new and renewed subscriptions.


Starbox author box plugin

Starbox offers a simple, easy-to-use way of adding author boxes to your posts. The primary focus of this plugin is giving authors the recognition they deserve – kudos to Starbox, I say! Therefore, plenty of flexibility on box aesthetics and location is available.

Key features you will find with the free version of Starbox include:

  • Built-in pre-made themes
  • Easy customization for each author, including theme and social media icons
  • Authors can be allowed to customize their own author boxes
  • Boxes can appear only on blog posts, only on pages, or both
  • Bios can include author name, job title, company (with weblink)
  • Option not to display the author box for specific authors (e.g., staff or ghostwriters, AI content, etc.)
  • Substitute Gravatars with images
  • Special author profile pages
  • Compatible with eCommerce sites
  • Shortcodes to add author boxes to posts or widget areas
  • Display latest posts for selected authors
  • HTML 5
  • Display rich Snippets in Google searches using Google Microformats (vCard)
  • Link all articles written by that author from the author box

That is an excellent feature list for a free plugin. A Pro version is available for $35.99, but I struggled to find information about its extra functions. However, after some digging and delving, I did find clarification from the developer in a forum which states:

“The PRO version of Starbox has some extra features:

  • The custom user image is showing globally on your website (comments, admin, etc.)
  • You can add more social references to an author
  • You can select to show/hide author box for some post types
  • Email support from our staff.”

In all honesty, that does not seem to be much more than you get with the free version, which is pretty impressive already, but $35.99 isn’t a king’s ransom either.

Starbox is very popular indeed, with over 50k active downloads in operation and an excellent 4.5/5.0 average user score.

Molongui Authorship

molongui authorship


Brought to you by Amitzy, a passionate and reputable WordPress plugin developer, Molongui Authorship is a whole suite of author box features. It extends the default WordPress author box in new and exciting ways. The plugin is an absolute must-have, especially if you’d like to credit two authors on one post.

Molongui Authorship comes with a long of features including, but not limited to, multiple authors, guest authors, a fully-featured author box for regular authors, related posts, author avatars, responsive design, flexible design options, and 70+ social networks, among others.

PublishPress Authors

 PublishPress Authors

I’m concluding this list with a freemium plugin that offers great free features that you can enhance with a paid subscription.

As with the other plugins I have listed, PublishPress Authors embeds an author box at the end of your posts. However, you aren’t restricted to just one author (the WordPress default) – you can also include co-authors, multiple, or guest authors.

Other features of the free version of PublishPress Authors include:

  • Place boxes in widgets, shortcodes, or Gutenberg blocks
  • Add author name, email, bio, and avatar
  • Custom post types support
  • Guest authors do not need to be registered users
  • Multiple layout options, i.e., simple list, boxed, centered, inline, and inline with avatars

If you wish to upgrade to the Pro version of PublishPress Authors, it will cost $69 per year for a single domain, $129 for five, or $199 if you need to cover a large number of sites. Those prices add the following to the free plugin:

  • Custom author profile fields and layouts
  • Admin area access control
  • White label, i.e., no PublishPress ads or branding
  • Updates and support

I like the fact that PublishPress Authors allows you to add more than one bio to posts. For example, you may want to attribute the writing in a post to an author and the images to a photographer – this plugin can do that.

PublishPress Authors has a solid 5.0/5.0 star rating with users, and over 4k active downloads of the free version alone are in operation.

Booster Extension

booster extension


Created by the excellent team at ThemeInWP, Booster Extension is more than just a WordPress author box plugin. It’s a suite of powerful features perfect for all WordPress blogs and magazines. If you are looking for an author bio box plugin, Booster Extension offers you just that, and then some.

For more info, the Booster Extension plugin comes with social sharing buttons with share count, calculate and display read time, feedback emojis, reaction buttons, author box with social profiles, and the like/dislike post button. You can customize the plugin extensively until you drop.

There are a few free WordPress author box plugins and even fewer premium plugins. The market isn’t saturated as you’d expect because the author box is such a small feature. As such, many plugins haven’t been updated in years, which disqualified them for our list automatically.

All in all, an author box allows you to improve engagement on your WordPress site on auto-pilot. It offers your readers the chance to meet and engage with your authors, and the blog in general. The above list offers you enough options to add any type of author box you want.


No need for long introductions here. You are a smart person and want to get straight to the point. You like to write great articles and content, put them on the web, and get some traffic from Google. One of many things you can do with WordPress is accept user written blog posts that you can then edit for spelling and grammar, as well as to ensure your site’s quality control standards are met. The WordPress Plugin Blog Author WordPress plugin will help you with taking users submitted content and adding it directly into WordPress – automatically when a new post is created or manually if you prefer.

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