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WordPress Auto Blog Plugin is the easiest and most powerful way to publish your entries automatically on your blog. Describe your post in as much detail as possible: how many words it should be, what category to put it under, if you want to add tags for better results. Finally, you can preview the post before publishing!

WordPress Auto Blog Plugin – Automatic and Manual Post Generator. WordPress Auto Blog is a new software interface that was built in order to simplify the blog posting process, which requires the user to frequently edit their website content. WordPress Auto Blog takes care of the editing on your behalf so you can spend less time developing content, and more time engaging with your readers.

 Feedzy RSS Feeds

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy – Powerful WP Autoblogging and News Aggregator

Author(s): Themeisle

Current Version: 3.8.1

Last Updated: December 20, 2021

feedzy-rss-feeds.zip94%Ratings50,000+InstallsWP 3.7+Requires

Price: $0 or $149(premium)

Feedzy comes in two variants: free and premium. The free version lets you embed RSS feeds as a shortcode, but if you want true auto-blogging where you import feed items as actual posts, you’ll need the $149 premium version.

With the premium version, you can add feed items to posts, pages, and custom content types. The plugin even extracts product prices and other elements from custom feed tags.

Details like featured images, post status and type, excerpts, text length, quantity, or layout (Feedzy provides three different templates) are totally up to you. If you want to import only HTTPS images (and not HTTP), Feedzy will detect them for you.

feedzy is one of the best auto-blogging plugins

Furthermore, you can choose to filter the articles that appear in your feed by keywords. You can either only include articles with certain keywords, or exclude all articles with certain keywords (or both!). And if you want to monetize your auto-blogging, you can automatically add affiliate/referral links to the posts. Removing the ‘dofollow’ tag from links in a single feed is also an option.

And an even more awesome part about Feedzy is that it is optimized to match the latest trends in the WordPress market. It comes integrated with Elementor and Gutenberg (for front-end customization), and with WordAI and SpinnerChief – two tools that can edit/rewrite the imported posts in a human-friendly style (in case you don’t want to use duplicate content or plagiarised content on your site).

And if your chosen RSS feed only offers excerpts, Feedzy includes a feature that lets you still extract the full text.

👉 Get this plugin if you need a powerful set of features embedded in a lightweight interface. Despite being an optimal solution for personal blogs, we recommend it to business owners who want to grow their websites for professional purposes and monetize their work. Bonus: if you love page builders, then this is one of the best auto-blogging plugins that you’ll find.


WPeMatico is an easy-to-use autoblogging plugin that helps automatically create posts from RSS or Atom feeds. The user interface is similar to that of the WordPress post editor, so you can mange your feeds in a familiar environment. You can use categories to manage your feeds.


The plugin uses native WordPress functions to process images and supports multiple categories, tags, and feeds. The auto discovery feature allows you to add feeds even without knowing the exact URL. Moreover, you can publish in any public WordPress custom post type, status, and format. Any image from among the first three images in the post can double as the featured image. You can also choose to upload only the featured image and ignore the others. Images and other media files can be uploaded as attachments to posts, and you can upload remote images or simply link to the source. It supports the rewriting of phrases and is multilingual-ready.

professional add-on includes features to parse and filter feed items, filters for featured and other images, automatic tag generation, insertion of custom fields with every post, and much more.


If you are a video blogger, this plugin will be very useful. With this plugin, you can import posts from YouTube to WordPress and WordPress to YouTube automatically with ease. This plugin uses the native API of YouTube to post videos on your WordPress blog.

Youtubomatic is a comprehensive plugin that comes with a lot of features. You will be able to easily search for videos using different parameters.

With this plugin, you can import the comments directly from YouTube to ensure your site looks engaging. If you are planning to create a viral video site, this plugin will be very helpful.

WordPress Auto Blog Plugin Image

 WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator – News Feeds, Autoblogging, Youtube Video Feeds and More

Author(s): RebelCode

Current Version: 4.19.3

Last Updated: November 24, 2021

wp-rss-aggregator.4.19.3.zip90%Ratings60,000+InstallsWP 4.0+Requires

Price: $0 + paid add-ons

Being one of the best auto-blogging plugins, WP RSS Aggregator is very simple to set up and customize. Apart from importing unlimited feeds from multiple sources, you can narrow your feed posts by publication date, the number of items per feed/import. Moreover, you can add custom feed URL and title, and decide the import order and processing interval.

While the free version lets you embed RSS feeds with a shortcode, you’ll need the paid Feed to Post add-on to actually start auto-blogging and import feed items as WordPress posts, pages, or custom post types.

With the Advanced Feeds bundle, you’ll also be able to import the full text, even if the RSS feed only includes excerpts. And you also gain the ability to filter feed items by keyword (including both include and exclude options):

wp rss aggregator

To avoid any negative performance impact, WP RSS Aggregator also lets you set how often to import new content. And you can easily add HTML before/after imported content, as well as choose whether or not to credit the original source.

👉 Get this plugin if you need a friendly interface but don’t feel like spending much time in making it work.

WP Content Pilot

wp content pilot wordpress autoblogging plugin
Instead of you creating all the content for your website, you can let WP Content Pilot do the hard work for you. This WordPress autoblogging plugin runs on auto-pilot, publishing fresh and compelling content to your blogs 24/7. Once you set things up, you can forget about it and keep WP Content Pilot delivering the material that will engage your visitors. Quick hint, you can also use the tool for affiliate marketing.

In just a few short steps, you can have WP Content Pilot live and running full-tilt. First, you install and activate it. Second, you set the desired keyword and feed links which WP Content Pilot will use to fetch content. Third, pick from campaign types, like feed, article, Envato, Flickr and YouTube. Four, set up frequency and target. And fifth, WP Content Pilot goes on the hunt for the articles and even attaches your affiliate ID to them.

Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

Price: Free, with premium plans available

Blog2Social Autobloggin WordPress plugin

Sharing your latest blog posts on social media can be tedious, not to mention time-consuming, too. If you publish new content frequently, it can be difficult to keep up with social media promotion across multiple accounts. 

That’s why Blog2Social is a handy WordPress plugin. It shares blog posts automatically to your preferred social media accounts. You can post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more all at the same time. 

There’s also a premium version of this tool that schedules posts based on the times they’ll be most effective. This optimizes your social reach by sharing your content at moments when your followers are most active and willing to engage with your account. 

Unlike the last tool, the downside of this plugin is that you can’t embed your blog on your website. This tool and its premium version are solely designed to share content on social media. While that doesn’t make this plugin useless, however, you may need to install an additional autoblogging tool to work in tandem with this one.


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Price: $0

As far as free options go, CyberSyn is one of the best auto-blogging plugins that you’ll find.

This plugin is simple and slightly different from the aforementioned ones. Install it, set up your preferences (as in check a few boxes), and it will just work. You can either put it on autopilot (it will extract and publish the feeds by itself) or you can do it manually when you need more control over the articles that get published.

To add your feeds, just go to CyberSyn -> RSS/Atom Syndicator -> copy/paste the feed -> Syndicate. After you click Syndicate, a page with details will open up and you can set your preferences related to the given feed.

What can you do with CyberSyn? You can extract the full version of an article (as seen in the picture below), group feeds by categories, create tags, set the post status and number, accept/reject pings and comments from the users, generate thumbnails and media attachments (the images will be stored locally), set the maximum number of words for each excerpt, and embed the videos that exist in the original article.


It also includes a unique feature that lets you translate the imported feeds via Google Translate or Yandex Translate, as well as check the articles for duplicates and rewrite them with several spinner tools that it comes integrated with.

A nice thing about CyberSyn is that it can import many types of content including CSV tables, HTML documents, and JSON files. It extracts various types of feeds such as eBay feeds, XML, videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, content from Yahoo, Flickr, and more.

👉 Get this plugin if you want the ability to extract full text RSS feeds and import feed items as posts for free. Most other auto-blogging plugins charge for both of these features.


Using WordPress Auto Blog you can be blogging in minutes instead of days. Auto Blog Plugin allows you to automatically generate a new blog post every time you create a new product, service, or item.

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