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Top 10 Best Open Source Software for Windows 7

Open source is the most widely used software on the planet. However, lots of people don’t know that there are a lot of good and well-made open source software packages for Windows Operating Systems out there. Here are 10 best ones which can be used as alternatives to their expensive proprietary counterparts.

Did you know that you can use Open Source Software on your Windows 7 computer? Open source software is just as powerful as commercial software, and is often used in corporate environments. Have a look at our comprehensive guide of the best open source software for Windows 7 to see if it’s right for your business.

Mozilla Firefox

[Image source: Mozilla Firefox]

Mozilla Firefox is a customizable internet browser and free open source software. It offers thousands of plugins that are accessible with a single click of your mouse.  

The platform holds 3.98% of the worldwide browser market share and it is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.   

According to CNET, Mozilla reshaped the technology industry and fanned the flames of open source software that changed the way social networks and operating systems function.

VLC Media Player

An open source media player than can play virtually anything


Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Runs well on old hardware+Plays virtually any media file+Optimizes playback


-Complex menu system

VLC (or VideoLAN Client) media player is a lightweight application created by an open source development group known as the VideoLAN project. This video and media player has been leading the industry for years in terms of popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. You can use VLC media player to open audio and video files in just about any format without having to hunt down extra codecs. 

VLC also works for streaming media such as podcasts and online radio stations. But perhaps the greatest VLC media player feature is playback control. You can change almost everything about how your media is displayed from hardware optimization to adding subtitle files from third-party sources. 

Like some of the other amazing open source offerings mentioned here, VLC is constantly being upgraded with new goodies and features to explore. The latest updates to the free video player have included the ability to stream to other devices (like Chromecasts) and 360-degree video support for VR headsets.


If you don’t afford popular antivirus programs like Avira or Avast, then an open-source antivirus program like ClamWin might work for you. It’s a completely free antivirus program that is updated regularly. The antivirus is light, but it doesn’t come with real-time protection like other premium antiviruses.

Thankfully, you can schedule scans to make sure your PC is scanned routinely.

Adobe Photoshop Express

What does it do? Image editing
This is a free version of the incredibly robust Adobe Photoshop image editing software. It contains lots of tools that make basic editing of pictures for personal use simple, such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and basic color correction.


open source software - gimp
[Image source: GIMP]

Another of the best open software source examples that is worth mentioning is the photo editing tool GIMP. 

It offers similar features like some of the expensive tools on the market including various filters and effects, and yet it is free. 

GIMP is available across different platforms including Windows and Linux and it has different 3d party plugins and customization options. 

Plenty of illustrators, graphic designers and photographers use it to improve their pictures and enhance their work.


Notepad++ is a replacement for the Windows notepad app, which is a much more advanced text editor. I personally use Notepad++ to manage my notes and content ideas as it automatically saves all the changes offline, and numbered lines are extremely useful.

Although coders mostly use it to write code, most of its features help with coding, including auto-complete based on the current context.


Brave Browser

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

In a world where it seems that web browsing is becoming increasingly synonymous with just a couple of select browsers (but mostly Google Chrome), to release a new player into the market is, fittingly, a brave move. See what we did there?

Best Open Source Software 2020 Brave Browser

Brave browser does things a little differently to other browsers however, with a particular focus on privacy by blocking ads and website tracking. It uses a unique revenue system in something called Basic Attention Tokens, which give users a 70 per cent share of the revenue generated from looking at ads – either gifting their earnings to their favorite websites or even converting this cryptocurrency into real fiat money.

Crucially, the browser itself is very fast and easy to use, based as it is on the open-source Chromium browser. It’s still lagging behind the big players when it comes to extension support, but given its solid uptake we expect that to improve over time.


[Image source: Blender]

Blender is another of the best open source software examples of 2021. 

It is a 3D graphics and animation tool that supports motion tracking, simulation, animation, video editing, rendering, modeling and much more. 

It also offers a set of modeling tools and features including real-time viewpoint prereview, multi-resolution and support for Planar tracking and Tripod solvers.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

For the creatives out there (the Kritatives?), this is possibly on of the best kept secrets on the internet. Which is strange, because it’s free and open-source! Krita is a wonderfully in-depth digital painting and graphics editing tool that’s a great for both those trying their hand at digital art and full-on professionals.


It uses a layer-based system, and despite its complexity it has a very accessible UI and puts much less load on your system than, say Photoshop.

From the broadstrokes to the fine details like colour management, Krita is such a robust tool that you’ll be amazed how it’s offered for free.


Your online passwords are the most important piece of information that you need to protect. If you don’t trust the standard password managers, then the open-source password manager KeePass will give you peace of mind.

KeePass comes with all the powerful features like encryption, auto-login, easy password search, password generator, secure clipboard, and much more. Although being open-source is a sufficient point to prefer it over others, you can see exactly how its security features work. It has plugins, too, to make it even better.


Having the best open source software for Windows 7 is like having an endless stack of free software to add to your Windows installation. The open source community has put together a great number of applications that really change the way you use your computer.

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