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Our open-source task management software is written in PHP and MySQL, and it includes modules to track projects and issues, bug-tracker with access control, document management, time-tracking, one-click code deployment, news management and newsletter subscriptions. Our support team is fast, professional and always there to help you out if you have any problem with our product. We also provide a bundle price for companies that have a high volume of customers or need an advanced system to manage their business. Contact us to learn more!

FREE task management software which is released under the open source license and ready to be customized to fit your needs. Use as a project time tracker, employee timesheets, resource scheduling, project management tool, enterprise work flow software and so much more.


OpenProject is an agile, efficient, classic, and hybrid open-source project management software. You will have access to secure your privacy with the highest standards in privacy and data security. Installing it in your infrastructure helps you get complete control and data ownership.

Using the tool will give you insights into all your data and its storage without any external influence. It will also allow your team to work more productive, more pleasant, and simpler way. In addition, your team will be able to track their work to get better results while organizing tasks quickly and distributing tasks to anyone within the team.

OpenProject has everything in a single place so that you can communicate better. Optimize the creativity and experience of the teammates via shared timelines to visualize and create project plans.


Analyze the detailed activities to develop a plan and let everyone know how to proceed and when to deliver the project by understanding the scope. Agile teams will also measure, learn, and build to deliver faster and better work with every iteration.

OpenProject provides necessary tools to get methodologies like Kanban and Scrum and agile product development. It is a big community for developers, open-source enthusiasts, businesses, etc., where they can find the perfect setup to choose between premises and flexible hosting options.

The enterprise on-premises provides premium, professional support, and security features for the self-hosted OpenProject. According to your number of users, calculate your price. Choose the support options and subscription period to get your application starting at $405/year for 5 users.


Upgrade your daily working style through an open-source project management software ERPNext. It allows you to organize your task, schedule, plan, and analyze the projects by collaborating with your team to accelerate the work.

ERPNext can keep track of your project deadlines with a clear view of the plan. You can manage everything from a single workspace and simplify the projects by discovering a task-driven approach.


ERPNext offers easy collaboration by allowing you to split the project into bite-sized tasks and assign them to your teammates. You will also get access to the progress of your project and its efficiency via priorities and clear scope, milestones, and estimated timelines.

Moreover, ERPNext lets you share and upload multimedia files like images, documents, and videos. Achieve smooth communication with everyone with the help of auto-replies to incoming emails.

Get current and accurate insights anytime you need to stay on top of expenses and budgets, plan better for every project and see how the budget has been spent. It also allows you to build software for open-source projects.

TaskJuggler 3.7.1



(Frank Bergmann, CC BY-SA 4.0)

TaskJuggler schedules multiple parallel projects in large organizations, focusing on automatically resolving resource assignment conflicts (i.e., resource leveling).

It is not an interactive Gantt editor but a command-line tool that works similarly to a compiler: It reads a list of tasks from a text file and produces a series of reports with the optimum start and end times for each task depending on the assigned resources, dependencies, priorities, and many other parameters. It supports multiple projects, baselines, resource calendars, shifts, and time zones and has been designed to scale to enterprise scenarios with many projects and resources.

Writing a TaskJuggler input file with its specific syntax may be beyond the average project manager’s capabilities. However, you can use ]project-open[ as a graphical frontend for TaskJuggler to generate input, including absences, task progress, and logged hours. When used this way, TaskJuggler becomes a powerful what-if scenario planner.

TaskJuggler is written in Ruby and available for Windows, Linux, and macOS under a GPLv2 license.

  • Best for: Medium to large departments managed by a true nerd
  • Unique selling proposition: It excels in automatic resource-leveling.


Get a scalable and secure open-source project management tool – Orangescrum to manage agile and simple projects for your teams. It helps you make strategies, plan it well, execute your plan, and allow your team to finish within the deadline to complete a project successfully.

Orangescrum helps you plan everything strategically to achieve higher efficiency and have optimal results. Apart from creating project plans, you can also monitor and deliver them seamlessly. It also helps in real-time collaboration and minimum resource utilization when you are assigning roles to your teammates.


Orangescrum integrates your workflow with visual project planning to increase the success rates. Get insights into portfolio performance and initiatives through real-time data in your dashboards. Furthermore, you can manage financial activities and budgets by monitoring project expenses and resource costs to achieve higher profit margins.

Secure your data with role-based access control (RBAC) and Single Sign-On. You can also download Orangescrum on Android or iOS devices to manage the same work being outside. In addition, centralize your project information to access easily from anywhere.

If you are a startup and want to keep track of the work, choose the startup plan at just $9/month for 10 users and avail benefits like unlimited tasks, projects, Gantt chart, status, task reminder, 5 GB storage, and 5 guest users.

ProjectLibre 1.9.3



(Frank Bergmann, CC BY-SA 4.0)

ProjectLibre is probably the closest you can get to Microsoft Project in the open source world. It is a desktop application that supports all-important project planning features, including resource calendars, baselines, and cost management. It also allows you to import and export schedules using MS-Project’s file format.

ProjectLibre is perfectly suitable for planning and executing small or midsized projects. However, it’s missing some advanced features in MS-Project, and its GUI is not the prettiest.

ProjectLibre is written in Java and available for Windows, Linux, and macOS and licensed under an open source Common Public Attribution (CPAL) license. The ProjectLibre team is currently working on a Web offering called ProjectLibre Cloud under a proprietary license.

  • Best for: An individual project manager running small to midsized projects or as a viewer for project members who don’t have a full MS-Project license
  • Unique selling proposition: It’s the closest you can get to MS-Project with open source.


You can review, manage and control all your tasks in a well structured way through this task management software. It is carefully thought out to fit the way you work.

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