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The quintessential aim of any business is to maximize sales, accelerate ROI, and strengthen customer relationships. It is an undeniable fact that a business can grow and expand only if the sales goals are achieved and for that marketing efforts should be highly effective. Marketers need to have knowledge of the changing trends in the market and act accordingly to ensure that the business is being promoted in a result-oriented manner.

The successful marketing process of an organization includes email marketing campaigns, social media optimization, digital marketing, website promotion, and other multiple activities which can engage new audiences and retain the present ones.


Mautic is versatile open source marketing automation software which helps businesses to understand, streamline, and expand their business in an effective manner. This powerful marketing tool includes social media marketing feature allowing organizations to reach their target audience and interact with them seamlessly.

Mautic allows you to create attractive landing pages, personalized emails, and interactive workflows for wonderful customer experiences. It has the capability of tracking your marketing activities helping to measure results and taking informed decisions for the future.


As soon as you login to Mautic, you will be able to view vital information relating to customers and sales. You can also customize the Dashboard based on your business logic by arranging the graphs as per your unique needs.

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Mautic Features

Using Mautic, you can automate the process of capturing and nurturing leads generated from inquiry forms, landing pages, and submission of a call to action. The automated system then handles that valuable information and sends out emails, text messages, and web notifications to the visitors for increasing conversions. Additionally, Mautic can monitor social media efforts and integrated with business CRM and other API tools.

Keeping Track of your Customers

Mautic can create the customers’ profile, helping you to keep track of your new leads and prospects efficiently.

Streamlined Campaign & Email Workflow

Whether it is about creating an email or social media campaign, Mautic helps in creating a systematic workflow which can be modified at any level of completion.

Social Media Integration

Mautic’s API functionality enables it to integrate business social media accounts helping to build better relationships with prospects and customers.

Landing Pages Creation

Even if you do not possess the technical know-how, you can create landing pages with simple drag and drop and improve conversions.

Bottom line

Mautic being free open source marketing automation software works as a CRM helping to enhance relationships with the customers and at the same time provides feedback enabling improvement in marketing efforts consistently.]

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Email marketing plays a major role when it comes to promoting a business or brand. For every $1 spent, Email marketing generates $44 ROI. Email marketing has been successful in generating the highest ROI for marketers compared to other promotional channels.

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But, email marketing today is different than what it was a decade before. Technology has transformed the way customers interact with businesses these days. The customers’ expectations have increased because of the innovative products and services being introduced and competition getting fierce day by day.

In this scenario, MailChimp has played an incredible role by facilitating businesses with customized automated email marketing options. It has helped organizations to create, execute, and analyze email campaigns. You can also manage your email subscribers, track emails, and measure results in terms of email open rate and click-through rate.

Moreover, creating appealing email templates is no more time-consuming job now. MailChimp has readymade email templates which you can use to create professionally designed personalized emails for your customers.

MailChimp Features

The free version of MailChimp allows 12,000 emails/month for a maximum of 2000 subscribers. Here are some of the best features which Mailchimp offers –

Create Campaigns

MailChimp consisting of wide range of readymade design templates which simplifies the job of creating emails, landing pages, Google remarketing ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, Postcards, and Signup forms. Reach your audience with confidence by creating marketing campaigns that really sell.

Integrate Applications and Web Services

Integrate Mailchimp with other applications and web services to get things done in a unique manner. For example, integrating your MailChimp account with your Shopify store can help you in grabbing the information of the visitors on your store and sending personalized emails to them resulting in better conversions.

Set Up Automation

MailChimp can schedule your emails and newsletters so that your audience gets the message at the right time and you can focus on your core business. Whether it is about sending a birthday message or a product recommendation, you can schedule that using Mailchimp and automate the entire process.

Audience Optimization

MailChimp helps you in segmenting your audience based on their journey, geographical location, and other preferences. Understanding your audience well itself makes your marketing campaign successful.

Reports and Analysis

After launching a landing page or an email marketing campaign, if you are not aware of its success or failure, all your efforts can go in vain. MailChimp helps you in identifying the results of your marketing campaigns and planning future strategies.

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Bottom Line

MailChimp is free and is easy to use. These two qualities make it preferable for marketers to engage their audience and ultimately grow their business.

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OpenEMM is a free open source web-based enterprise application for email and marketing automation. Starting from creating & sending emails to evaluating results; this software offers comprehensive functionality and features to launch successful email marketing campaigns.

This automated email marketing tool also helps in scheduling emails for any future date or event, so that you can focus on other business-oriented tasks. You can even organize and manage your leads using its easy to user interface available in various languages like English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.

OpenEMM having content management extension can also manage HTML mail templates, content modules, and module types.

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Furthermore, the versatile features of OpenEMM include –

  • Attractive User Interface
  • Automatic bounce management
  • Mail opening and link tracking
  • Real-time statistics in the form of graphics
  • Content management system
  • Audience segmentation based on behavior
  • In-built plug-ins helping in customizing campaigns

Bottom Line

OpenEMM is well-documented software which can make your task of sending personalized promotional emails without any limits pertaining to subscribers, mailing lists and the number of emails.

If you have already used OpenEMM, please feel free to share your reviews here.


SalesAutopilot is well-known software for automating sales and business processes without any coding involved. It can capture inquiries, leads, and orders from the website automatically. Having its landing page editor, SalesAutopilot can help organizations in designing appealing landing pages which can encourage high conversions.

SalesAutopilot allows people to fill up the forms on the website using their Facebook login details. It can also help companies in accepting payments on their website through credit/debit cards, which means you can set up a quick payment system without coding knowledge.

It can integrate with the billing software you are using, which makes it easier for you to maintain accounts. It takes away all the stress involved in sending the invoices manually to the customers. Its integration with the billing software helps in automating the task of sending invoices instantly.

SalesAutopilot has in-built sales-CRM and so can segment customers based on their geographical location and buying behavior. Sending personalized texts to the customers becomes easy due to this segmentation capability of this software.

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SalesAutopilot Features

  • Get started with email marketing instantly with this software. (Free trial consists of 400 emails per month).
  • Includes Marketing Robot Pilot where you can have the facility to tell the platform what should be done based on the behavior of the subscribers.
  • It facilitates communication across multiple channels like direct messages, SMS, phone calls, etc. Communication on these channels can be segmented and scheduled for an excellent marketing process.
  • Integration with eCommerce store helps in automating upselling, reselling, shipping, delivery, payment processing, and invoicing.
  • SalesAutopilot’s CRM system is highly flexible helping the sales team in approaching the untouched leads in a unique manner and improving sales within the business.
  • SalesAutopilot has built-in affiliate marketing system enabling you to increase your target audience and gain high conversions.
  • All the relevant sales and marketing information about your company is available with your customer support team helping them to take care of the customers efficiently without wasting time in shuffling for customers’ information everywhere.

Bottom Line

Using SalesAutopilot, the marketers can streamline almost everything starting from sales & marketing to communication. Having easy integrations and facility of exporting databases, you get jaw-dropping results in terms of sales and productivity.

If you have already used SalesAutopilot, please feel free to share your reviews here.


Drip is an eCommerce marketing software which helps in connecting, engaging, and approaching customers in a personalized manner. It has different plans with advanced features, but you can start with its free trial which is for 14 days and start a successful marketing campaign for your online store.

Drip allows multiple integrations and is flexible enough to fit in any marketing strategy suitable for your business. It never lets you forget the important information about your customers and thus helps you in providing the experience your customers really deserve.

Engage your customers with your brand by sending them abandoned cart emails automatically using Drip, so that you can focus on improvising your products and services. Make the entire process of selling seamless, delight your customers and improve conversions – the fundamental goal of launching an online store.

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Drip Features

  • Drip helps you in building attractive email templates and launching successful email marketing templates. It also automates workflows and processes, so that you don’t miss sending important information to your customers.
  • Multi-channel marketing is something which Drip specializes in. Customized Facebook ads, personalized landing pages, text messages, and more can be created for marketing your store by Drip.
  • Drip enables you to track the complete journey of your customers and access comprehensive insights of their behavior which can help you in taking actions working towards enhancing the experience and ultimately improving sales.
  • Send personalized recommendations to your customers based on their browsing and purchasing history. With better content customization and visitors’ segmentation, Drip helps you in delighting customers and selling more online.
  • Having an exclusive library of integrations, Drip helps you in executing out-of-the-box marketing strategies and get ahead of your competitors.
  • No more guesswork resulting in trial-and-error. Take informed decisions with the help of meaningful and realistic data captured using Drip.

Bottom Line

Drip is world’s first ECRM which can help you in sending personalized emails to your customers, enhance their shopping experience, track their behavior, and launch successful ad campaigns to improve sales of your online store.

If you have already used Drip, please feel free to share your reviews here.


It’s great to have options when you’re looking for new sales and marketing software, and it’s even better to know that open source options are out there. As the popularity of open source grows—particularly in the world of B2B technology—we are more likely to see more of these options in the future. As a marketer yourself you might want to consider adding open source alternatives to your own software stack in the future.

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