MailPoet 3 Premium Download

Looking for A Premium WordPress Newsletter Plugin? You’ve probably tried a few free plugins, but they don’t want to pay $50. So what happens now? You look for a MailPoet 3 Premium Alternative which can occasionally work out, but too often you end up spending weeks evaluating other options or trying to build something yourself. You need a quick solution and in this guide you’ll find one.

MailPoet is a popular MailChimp Plugin for WordPress. It’s been around for a long time and it’s one of the best ways to send newsletter campaigns without needing to write any code.

MailPoet 3 Premium Features

  • Unlimited subscriber list creation
  • Manage subscriber opt-in status
  • Easily import your subscribers from a CSV file or by copy & paste. Export your subscribers to CSV or Excel file
  • Email Newsletter Editor
  • Drag-and-drop email designer within WordPress
  • Create regular email newsletters
  • Create automated email notifications of new blog posts.
  • Create automated email notifications of new blog posts by categories
  • Create automated welcome emails
  • Create automated user role-based emails
  • Schedule emails to send later
  • Personalize with subscriber data
  • Use custom post types
  • 50+ email templates offered

MailPoet 3 Premium Pricing

MailPoet 3 Premium pricing is a cost effective way to add email marketing capabilities to your WordPress website. You can also personalize your MailPoet 3 Premium pricing using plugins created by our premium partners to your website, such as Salesforce or HubSpot. Minimum of 50 licenses per site. There are 3 pricing plans: agency, business, creator, and starter.

If you cannot purchase the plugin due to a low budget, you can download a trial below or use other WordPress email marketing plugins available here.

MailPoet 3 Premium Documentation

MailPoet 3 Premium Documentation is the manual to help you use all the features of MailPoet. Read it carefully, and find out everything you need to know about this great plugin, from installation to design tips and tricks.

MailPoet 3 Premium Free Download

MailPoet 3 Premium lets you capture the email addresses of your subscribers. You can use the plugin to send newsletters or any type of email you want. This premium plugin can be used for setting up an email list, and collecting customer data such as addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Also, this premium plugin lets you create beautiful and responsive email templates that are easy to use to send newsletters to your subscribers. Download the latest version below.

As expected, MailPoet 3 Premium 1.0.2 is the newest release of the newsletter plugin. New features include a new options page, a feedback link, and general code improvements. The website has also been redesigned with a blog post on how to create a good newsletter.


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