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Looking for a fun way to interact with your site visitors? Look no further. Today’s post is about an embedded chat to drive up conversions. Looking for a fun way to interact with your site visitors? Look no further. Today’s post is about an embedded chat to drive up conversions.

We’ve built our fair share of channels and tested a lot of different tools in the past. This has led us to creating this guide with our favorite tips on how to use Telegram effectively and how to create a channel that represents your brand well.

Elfsight Telegram Chat Features

Let your clients reach you whenever they want.

Give your clients the possibility to contact you at any time right from your website. They will enjoy quick and effortless communication through Telegram, one of the most popular messengers in the world. Just click on the icon and the chat window will open to start a chat and get in touch with you.

The quickest way to embed Telegram Chat

All you need to start communicating with clients through your website is to get authorized on Telegram. Elfsight widget will automatically establish a connection with your account and a chat icon will appear on your web page. You’re all set up to read customer messages and send them yours.

Three variants of chat positioning on the page

Depending on your needs, your Telegram Chat can appear as a distensible bubble—floating or fixed in a certain position—or as an embedded chat box. A floating bubble can be aligned center, left, or right. It can follow when visitors scroll the page and stay in sight. An embedded dialogue window can be put into the content area, for instance on a product page to help the site visitor purchase an order.

Choosing your target audience

The tool can be set to appear just for a selected category of clients. You have three variants: all visitors, only new ones, and just returning. For example, you can restrict showing the chat to returning category only, in order to help these people do what they didn’t while their first visit. Alternatively, you may need to involve as many new users as possible. Each case is individual.

Displaying the chat where it works best

Your chat window may appear on all pages of the site or just on the selected ones. If you need the chat just on several pages – it’s easy to do, just set the Specific Pages variant and insert the URLs of the required pages. Meanwhile, the Excluded Pages option helps restrict showing on the pages where it’s not necessary. Showing chat on mobile is not compulsory, if you think it interferes with a smooth experience, you can conceal it.

Setting a chat-opening trigger

Your Telegram Chat may become an instrument to draw clients and boost the level of interaction. If you select one of the open-chart triggers, then the chat window should automatically appear and invite a user to start a conversation. You can set a particular time on the site or a certain page, going to a certain scroll percentage, or a person’s intent to exit your page as a trigger.


Alter icon and text of dialogue bubble

The speech bubble is the feature that users see first and connect with dialogue. Picking the right bubble icon may help in showing the main objective of your chat box: customer service, order placing, apartment booking, and so on. We offer a library of icons for different occasions, so you can choose the most suitable one. And bubble input field is available to demonstrate your custom message next to the thumbnail.

Customizable chat header

There are lots of details of the chat header that you can vary depending on your purposes. You can pick a profile picture from our collection or choose your own. You may set the name of the chat and select a caption. The latter gives 5 variants of reply time, showing when users should expect the message or a space for your caption text. It supports font and weight options, lists, links, and more.

A welcome text and chat start button

The welcome message is the first thing your clients see when they open the chat box. It is there to help them start a dialogue, offer help, or meet any other users’ needs. In the welcome message field, you can add text and use and weigh options, and adjust variations, lists, and links. The start conversation button may also contain your custom text, and you may display or conceal the Telegram messenger icon on it. Also, choose different button shapes—from square to rounded.

Add notifications to catch the eye

There’s an additional way to get visitors’ attention to your chat box. You may add a notification marker to the dialogue bubble, which will show an unread text and make people eager to click the chat. There’s also an option to add a notice to the title of the tab, it will appear as soon as a start-chat trigger has been activated.

Color the interface as you wish

You know what colors to choose to create a color-matched chat window for your website. So go ahead and paint elements of the interface yourself. You can pick colors for bubble background and icon, header background, and a button.

Elfsight Telegram Chat pricing

Using Elfsight Telegram Chat, you can keep in touch with your customers and suppliers at any time, for any reason. We do our best to give you the best price possible for your business, with our tailored packages starting at $0–$25 per month. There are 4 pricing plans: lite, basic, pro, and enterprise. Below you will find the plans and their prices.

if you cannot purchase the plugin due to a low budget, you can download a trial below or use other WordPress affiliate plugins available here.

Elfsight Telegram Chat free download

Elfsight Telegram Chat free download is a free instant messenger with all the new and advanced features. This app allows chatting with friends in groups, as well as a one-on-one conversation at the same time. You can send photos, videos, and audio files easily to your contacts.

We think it’s a great way to get in touch with the Elfsight community and we are hoping that you too find it a fun and rewarding way of meeting people who love Elfsight as much as you do.


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