Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin Download

With so many WordPress plugins available on the web, you could get lost and lost in the sheer volume of what’s out there. How do you find something that’s going to be useful to your site and make things easier for visitors? You could always just search the web or look at a review blog like WP Buffs, but there may be another way to make things simpler.

It’s easy to install the Amelia WordPress Plugin. I installed it on my website within minutes. The team at Velvet Blues has made the process as simple as possible. You don’t have to do anything but install and activate your plugin.

Amelia Features

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin is a free booking system allowing you to create a booking calendar and quickly make bookings with clients or staff, anywhere in the world. Give customers the power of choice with this single add-on that can integrate seamlessly into your WordPress website. Its features include:

  • SMS Notifications
  • Custom services schedule
  • Schedule Recurring Appointments
  • Custom Fields for booking forms
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Native Zoom integration
  • Google Meet Integration
  • Google Calendar Synchronization
  • Event Calendar View
  • Outlook Calendar Synchronisation
  • Search interface for bookings
  • Step-by-step booking wizard
  • Catalog view for services
  • Insightful dashboard and reporting
  • Individual employee or service booking forms
  • Group appointment bookings

Amelia Pricing

For non-profit or small commercial websites, Amelia Lite is the way to go. You won’t get every bell and whistle of the full package, but it’s still a powerful and full-featured plugin that will allow you to easily set up your website. There are 3 pricing plans: basic, pro, and developer.

If you cannot purchase the plugin due to a low budget, you can download a trial below or use other WordPress booking plugins available here.

Amelia Documentation

I really liked the comprehensive nature of this documentation, not just for the Amelia plugin itself but also for the plugins that it utilizes. It’s rare to see such attention to detail for documentation. The explanations were clear and concise without being overly long-winded, and I never felt overwhelmed. I also thought the menus and layout of each page were very clean and easy to follow, too.

Amelia Free Download

The first thing you need to do after buying it is installing the Amelia WordPress booking plugin. Since the installation is the same as for any other plugin, the process is simple, and if you have any experience with WordPress, you should be comfortable with it.

So if you’ve read This Blog Post, you know that I love booking plugins. If you’re looking for a simple booking plugin with great support, then check out Amelia WordPress Plugin . It’s super easy to set up and use and very affordable.


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