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Php Rapid Application Development Tools Open Source

Php Rapid Application Development Tools Open Source provides the perfect solution for a variety of development challenges ranging from stress free prototyping to rapid app development. Aside from rapid application development, this offering from our client has been designed to enable organizations to compile both front as well as back end components in a matter of few minutes, which can be further extended for added functionality

phpRapid is a suite of Rapid Application Development Tools for PHP programmers. It was designed from a developer’s perspective, to provide useful tools and applications based on the PHP framework, as well as being simple and easy to use.


The Laminas Project is an open-source continuation of the Zend framework. It combines PHP components with a model-view-controller framework. With the Mezzio component, you can build PHP middleware application connectors quickly. 

Other use cases include the creation of barcodes as images or PDFs and generating RSS feeds. The API component allows you to separate data from its presentation logic, carrying the legacy of Apigility forward. 

If you previously used the Zend framework or Apigility, you can migrate your libraries to the new Laminas project. 


Stackstorm is unlike anyone other system in this list, it is designed as an umbrella to connect, manage and monitor enterprise apps within one platform.

Stackstorm focuses on event-driven approach, custom workflow design and user roles and permissions.

The approach is simple: Event-driven automation that offers sensors, triggers, per-defined actions, rules, workflow and audits with a rich logging system.

Rapid Application Development lets you create and manage workflows with a click of a button. You can manage the workflow from your browser. The flexible platform is ideal for businesses, startups, incubators, educational institutions, and foundations. Here are some of the features that make it one of the best rapid web application development tools.

  • It is a cloud-based, secure platform that lets you work from anywhere.
  • It enables the import and export of data in .csv format with ease.
  • You can automate repetitive tasks to reduce the amount of manual work and increase efficiency.
  • It offers complete transparency within the organization.
  • You can integrate with Wufoo and MailChimp to get a seamless experience.


  • Highly customizable
  • Secure
  • Easy to use


  • Not very scalable
  • Limited applications

CUBA Platform

Top 18 Open-source Free Low- and No-Code platforms for enterprise

CUBA platform is an open-source (Apache 2.0) rapid application development system for enterprise.

It comes with dozens of tools as an IDE, app building studio, CLI command-line interface and solid extensible infrastructure.

CUBA platform has a rich add-on system which features a BPM (Business Process Management) add-on which takes moments to build and install.


Brought to you by the people that created Magento, OroCRM, and OroCommerce, the OroPlatform is an enterprise-grade PHP RAD suite of tools. OroPlatform is the basis of popular open-source products such as Marello ERP and Diamante help desk solutions.  That’s because OroPlatform is an open-source solution.  OroPlatform can be used by multiple developers in the company. 

And you know it’s powerful and flexible because it’s the platform used to create entire web application products. 

Because it’s built on Symfony, you get all the tools you need to create web applications and responsive mobile applications. Or create applications for your internal needs such as a PIM or CRM. OroPlatform provides the most robust suite of RAD tools for PHP available today. 


Skyve is an open-source software building platform for business. It supports both no-code and low-code for rapid application development.

Skyve supports different database engines: MySQL, SQL server and H2 database engines. Its developers are currently working to support PostgreSQL and Oracle. It comes with a rich API set for low-level development and application building wizard for low- and no-code development.

The platform is formed of a rich ecosystem which include:

  1. Enterprise platform,
  2. Builder app to build mobile apps with React Native,
  3. Skyve Bus module which integrates with other third-party services,
  4. Skyve Confidence: provides a testing functionality for test-driven development
  5. Skyve Cortex:
  6. Skyve Portal: which extends enterprise apps with web portal functionalities
  7. Skyve CRM: Custom-build Skyve CRM app
  8. Skyve Replica: offers a seamless synchronization among distributed Skyve instances


Top 18 Open-source Free Low- and No-Code platforms for enterprise

Convertigo is a mix between no-code and low-code platform. It aims for citizen developers and serious developers to help them create enterprise-ready apps and tools in short time.

Convertigo offers an on-premise install, a cloud version and MBaaS edition for developers.

It features a mobile builder tool, visual drag and drop UI, Low-code backend, REST/ XML convertor, REST/JSON convertor, admin console and more.

Convertigo offers a full PWA (Progressive Web App), iOS and Android mobile development support.


Just as ServiceNow is dedicated to the single task of automating workflows, ScriptCase focuses on converting databases to apps, web systems, and reports. This RAD tool is a PHP code generator.

Take spreadsheets and turn them into databases. Then convert those databases to web apps. ScriptCase manages the connection to a variety of database management systems such as MySQL, MS Database, Firebird, and SQLite. And a single ScriptCase project can manage multiple connections to different databases. 

As with other proprietary tools, pricing depends on several factors. But plan on about $350 to $600 per year. 


Rapid Application Development Tool - setapp

SetApp is a suite of applications built exclusively for Mac systems. Among the many apps that it provides, there exist several great rapid application development tools. These RAD tools are completely integrable with each other, and each tool fulfills a specific function of the rapid application development process, such as the following:

  • The DevUtils app provides developers with essential utilities such as formatting and debugging tools.
  • The Flinto app allows you to design mobile app prototypes without any coding input.
  • RapidWeaver allows for the development of a website using a simple layout and tools.
  • Dash allows you to access API documentation even when you are not on the internet.
  • Sizzy is among the best apps available on Mac for the testing of web applications.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • A large number of apps at a low price
  • Economical


  • Price doesn’t change regardless of whether you use one of many apps 
  • It doesn’t contain all market apps

Claris FileMaker

This RAD tool embodies the essence of low code development. Use it to create apps to solve internal problems at a low cost. The user interface is mainly to drag and drop, making it easy for non-developers to get up and running quickly. It’s great for collaboration tools like calendars or presentation tools like charts. There’s even a signature capture workflow when getting a real sign-off is important. 

FileMaker does what it does very well. But, it’s not for every application. However, for an entry-level RAD, you only pay an entry-level price, $20 for 20 users.


Easy and simple to use PHP Rapid Application Development Tools Open Source software to help you get your programming project started.

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