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Open Source Web Conferencing

The Open Source Web Conferencing Bundle includes everything you need to hold web meetings and live online training — including a Flip video camera and tripod.  Capture every moment with this easy-to-use Flip Video Camcorder, compatible with the bundled tripod stand for hands-free recording. Easily switch from recording at 22 Mbps to streaming at 3 Mbps using software that’s included — perfect for live web conferencing and web Meetings!

Discover the many benefits of open source web conferencing with Moodleconnect, the communication platform for today’s collaborative learning. Ideal for small businesses and professional use, it’s the ideal way to explore various collaboration options and get started on your next project. Having 10 guests for a 45-minute conference costs about 30 cents per person, compared to $15 per person for a traditional conference call service. With this in mind, don’t wait another minute to team up around online conferencing using Moodleconnect, so you can start saving on time as well as money.

Jitsi Meet

Jissi Meet is a free video collaboration tool that allows you to hold video conferences using easy-to-use and highly secure technology. Using Jitsi Meet, you can provide invitees with the link to access meetings on the website. It supports group video, live chat, screen sharing, streaming, and more.

The software does not require installation, a browser add-on, or registration on any website, so it is more private and secure. It works best on Google Chrome and has excellent audio and video quality without lag.

Jitsi Meet integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft, and Slack, so you can schedule meetings just like you would with any video conferencing platform.

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud is undoubtedly the open-source Swiss army of remote working tools. We at It’s FOSS utilize Nextcloud. So, if you already have your server set up, Nextcloud Talk can prove to be an excellent video conferencing and communication tool.

Of course, if you don’t have your own Nextcloud instance, you will require some technical expertise to set it up and start using Nextcloud Talk.

Apache OpenMeetings

OpenMeetings Video Conferencing App

Apache OpenMeetings is an open-source video conferencing software that has four options of video/audio function. Audio+Video, video only, audio-only, and picture only. When video conferencing, you can change the video/audio quality and choose multiple camera resolutions.

With Apache OpenMeetings, you can send messages to users about scheduled meetings, and invitees can get emails right to their inboxes. Its other features include multi-whiteboard, user and room management, plan meetings with integrated calendar, conduct polls and surveys, private message center, and back up user-generated data in a single zip file.

You can record your video conferencing sessions, and download them as AVI/FLV files, and watch them in the integrated drag and drop file explorer. It does not lose the quality of the videos.


Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is an interesting open-source video conferencing option tailored for online learning.

If you are a teacher or running a school, you might want to try this out. Even though you can try it for free, there will be limitations for the free demo usage. So, it’s best to host it on your own server and you can also integrate it with your other products/services, if any.

 ezTalks Cloud Meeting

The cloud-based video conferencing system ezTalks offers small & medium-sized businesses and large enterprises an exceptional platform to communicate as well as collaborate online. This best video conferencing software support Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad applications. It facilitates HD video conferencing with different plans and packages.


  • The ezTalks software provides free software hosting up to 100 participants.
  • The software incorporates HD video and audio, an innovative whiteboard, and a cross-platform chatting system.
  • It supports playback, recording, and scheduling features to allow the users to share video and audio recordings and send them reminders about upcoming meetings or webinars.
  • An unlimited number of live webinars, multiple presenters, webinar cloud storage, custom registration page, and screen sharing with co-annotation are some additional features the software supports.

Chamilo: Free Learning Platform With Time-Controlled Exams

Chamilo is a free eLearning management system developed by Chamilo Association, a non-profit organization located in Belgium. Chamilo’s mission is to provide seamless access to learning software and resources to anyone who needs it. Multiple service providers and developer communities contributing to the project are a great help in this way.

With Chamilo, you are able to perform lots of activities needed for the learning and training process (e.g., managing students and courses, monitoring their progress, creating a social communication network, running exams, generating certificates, and more).

Adapt: Easy-To-Use Authoring Tool For Multi-Device Content

Adapt Learning is an open-source and free eLearning application that allows you to build and design course content with interactive elements for any device.

The service is based on the Adapt Framework. To start working, you need to create a new user account and log into the system. When creating your course, you can preview it to check what it will look like for other users. Once you are ready, you are able to publish the created materials. The courses created using Adapt Learning can be delivered using a web server or through a SCORM compliant LMS.


This awesome open source web conference software tool will enable you to produce interactive presentations as well as hold virtual conferences. As a matter of fact,you can either make use of the WebHuddle voice over IP for all the web conferencing requirements or have the option of adding it to the present teleconferencing service. You’re also able to record the online presentations with the help of this particular tool and play them back on almost any web browser such that the learners who have failed to turn up for the presentation will not miss out on the e-learning experience. Furthermore,you do not need to install any software since the WebHuddle client runs through the web browser directly. All you need will be to just sign up and commence the virtual meeting.


You will not find any lack of features with this web video conferencing open source software. As a matter of fact,it can boast of an extremely remarkable lineup of integrated tools particularly in terms of opensource web conferencing platforms. Among the significant highlights,we can mention real-time audio and video,presentation synchronization,image sharing,document sharing,as well as screen sharing. It is also possible to conduct polls at the time of the webinars and also keep a close watch on the Cloud tabs plus co-author with the other members of the e-learning team.


Web conferencing has never been easier. Our plug-and-play appliance delivers full-featured web conferencing to any room or office, in minutes. Simply plug it in, connect to your network, point your browser to its IP address, and you’re ready.

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