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Open Source Vector Graphics Software

Making quality vector graphics software available to a broader audience is our goal with the new Inkscape. We’re confident that this new version will do just that and make SVG imaging more accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. Inkscape aims to be powerful, yet at the same time remain suitable for artists of all skill levels. It supports multiple existing formats, and it’s easy to learn because it has a beginner-friendly user interface.

Inkscape is open source vector graphics software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is used by design professionals and hobbyists worldwide, for creating a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics. Inkscape’s users include design professionals, businesspeople, scientists, and everyone in between.


If you are looking for powerful and free vector graphics software, then Inkscape is an ideal choice for you. For Linux, Windows, and macOS, this app works as a professional vector graphics editor.

The interface of this software is transparent, stable, and consistent. The users get various tooltips along with useful information from this versatile and flexible software. Design professionals and hobbyists create a wide variety of graphics like icons, logos, illustrations, maps, diagrams, and web graphics from this open-source vector drawing tool.

With the add-ons feature, the users can customize the functionality of this tool. The graphic designers will find it a hugely adaptable and excellent tool. 

This tool produces highly professional vector graphics documents. You will find a fast and easy interface.

  inkscape (Source:Inkscape)


  • Import/Export- It can import and export various file formats that include SVG, AI, PDF, PS, PNG, and EPS. 
  • Object Creation- It provides various tools for drawing and shapes. You will get embedded bitmaps, text tool, and clones.
  • Object manipulation- It works on transformations, Z-order operations that include raising and lowering, grouping objects, layers, and alignment and distribution commands.
  • Fill and stroke – You will get color selector, color picker tool, copy/paste style, pattern fills, path makers, dashed strokes, and the gradient editor.
  • File formats – It follows SVG format file generation and editing. For export and conversions, it commands line options.
  • Create and edits- You can create and edit graphics, logos, diagrams, cartoons, and illustrations that you can scale to a larger or smaller size.
  • Vector images – You can convert slogans and easy designs into vector images. You will find the method easy and fast.

Synfig Studio

This is an open-source program that is a true “go-to” tool for those who are looking for an excellent vector animation tool. This program supports 2D animation with HDRI. It is created in the program and then rendered on the server. 

Moreover, you can create many layers, which makes it easier to work in this program. As a layer, you can use a huge number of available modifications from gradients and other filters to fractals. You can also use vector tweeting in the program.

So, in this application, you can create different types of dynamic structures, complex characters, etc. When creating animated characters, you can also take advantage of skeletal animation, which allows you to set motion to the images.

Overall, this is a great application that will appeal to both beginners and advanced users.


  • Lots of built-in tools;
  • Built-in vector tweaking;
  • Skeletal animation is available.

 Gravit Designer (free)

Gravit Designer is one of the best free vector graphics editors that provides necessary tool sets to the designers. It is a versatile tool that helps in creating solutions. This app is intuitive and holds powerful vector toolset. You will find advanced and intuitive dashboard, customizable interface, advanced editing tools, and drag-and-drop functionality.

This app works on all platforms. You can open the full power of your creativity with this fast and flexible tool. With a vast array of precision vector tools, you can discover a new world of creativity.

You can edit images for posting, print or larger design project. With this tool, you will enjoy everything that includes image and photo editing from color and lighting adjustments, filters and blending. 

 Gravit designer(Source: Gravit Designer)


  • Smart shapes- For fast and flexible geometric shape creation, it provides smart shape primitives with magic control points. 
  • Powerful aligning – It provides align to edges and center points of the selection. It aligns to page limits. 
  • Dashboard- The advanced and supportive dashboard allows its users to set the width and height of the documents. 
  • Intuitive interface- The customizable, clean, intuitive interface allows users to navigate and explore Gravit designer seamlessly.
  • Web and App UI- For web and mobile user, you can create mockups and wireframes to share styles, master pages, symbols, overrides.
  • Brand visuals and imagery- This professional vector editing tool provides so many options to create icons, branding, logos, illustrations, and stand-out objects.
  • Social Media- You can design stunning images for social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
  • Built-in templates and libraries- In no time you can create flyers, banners, business cards, and other collateral. 
  • Advanced typography- You can gain control over typography like font styles, line, character, paragraph spacing.   
  • Import/export options- With versatile import and export options, you can import and edit PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch file formats; and export multi-page PDF documents.
  • Reusable design elements and styles – It embraces a fast and efficient design process. Throughout the entire design process, you can quickly select and change the font family.
  • Transform and organize objects- With sub-pixel precision, you can scale, rotate, skew, and move design elements. You can organize your designs into pages and groups.


This is the ultimate easy-to-use open-source vector graphics program. There are a huge number of different brushes, both classic and modern tools, which can make your work in the program much easier.

In addition to customizing the brushes, you can also change the background texture and layering modes (there are five of them), as well as the position of the image (literally, you can rotate it the way you like).

Overall, it is a very simple application with rich functionality that any startup, small, or medium-sized business will appreciate. This program has many templates and tools that help create great logo designs


  • Data is stored on GoogleDrive;
  • Integrates with other web applications.


Using Inkscape, you can draw simple shapes like rectangles and circles or expand to something as complex as creating full page illustrations and photo-realistic images. There are a wide variety of tools to help you edit your drawings. Inkscape has very powerful tools that are also easy to learn, so you can spend more time creating art and less time trying to figure out how to use complicated functions.Any idea can be easily created with Inkscape. There is no need to hire an artist when you can do it yourself with the powerful vector software. It’s free!

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