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Open Source Task Management Software Windows

 Open Source Task Management Software Windows is completely free to set up and use. The OpenNMS monitoring engine runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Its open source design means you’re free to view the source code and make changes. Many businesses are currently using their in-house deployment of OpenNMS, but hope that more flexible options for a commercial enterprise edition for large companies will be made available soon.

Open source task management is the nature of software – you get to look under the hood, change things, and make it your own. We believe that knowledge is power and the more insight you have on how the product works under the hood, the better choice you can make on whether it’s right for you.


Deliver your project as promised within budget with Taiga – a project management tool having rich features and simplicity with its intuitive interface for multi-functional agile teams. It lets you collaborate with your team to define deliverables and utilize their knowledge.

Start aligning tasks and prioritize the deliverables to allow each member for timely completion. As communication is a significant point in every management, Taiga helps you interact with your teammates quickly to share task progress. In addition, let your teammates view the ongoing activities and check the completed tasks.


With Taiga, you can enable better transparency with your team on the current status and resource allocation and better understand the effort required to complete the project. It has an easy-to-use interface to help improve the way of working and performing tasks.

You can change the workflows and add more features without any complex setup in between the project. Taiga also offers reliability, independence, adaptability, flexibility, security, performance, and stability to help you deliver excellent projects.

Sign up for free to get up to 5 private projects, unlimited public projects, and up to 300MB storage. If you want to have more benefits, go with the $5/user/month plan.


Podio, as a free task management software has an intuitive and friendly interface that allows you to manage personal and professional tasks seamlessly. Podio helps managers track progress of multiple projects under one platform.

Podio Image

Features of Podio

  • Visualization and customized reports

By using this task management system, you can design the workflow as per your business need and even obtain detailed reports to track progress.

  • Integration with third party apps

Podio online task manager offers seamless integration with apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk etc.

  • Enhanced support services

Podio to do list software provides fast paced and quality support service to all your grievances.

  • Mobile device compatibility

Podio is one of the best free task management software, which works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

  • Better task management

This best task management software converts complex workflows into easily manageable tasks.

Premium features

Podio offers a premium version of its free task management software, which includes features like automated workflows, interactive dashboard and no cap on external users.

Premium Pricing

Podio premium version is priced at ₹539.17 per month.


  1. This task tracking software allows you to share files easily.
  2. It also lets you unify the contents and conversations of the members of your team.
  3. Podio has an app marketplace, where users can access user friendly modules.


Some users might run into difficulties while setting up the software.


Another free and open-source project management software in this list is Wekan with the kanban board. Kanban board is an unbeatable tool that keeps your work organized, such as maintaining a to-do list, working in a team, planning holidays, and viewing the project’s current status.

Wekan helps you enhance productivity by freeing time to focus on the items that matter the most. It has a one-click installation option on your computer or server. Wekan is used across many countries and is available in 63 different languages.


This tool has a real-time user interface that allows you to manage everything. In addition, it also supports various platforms. For having Wekan on your computer, you need basic requirements.

It would help if you had 64bit Linux Snap or Sandstorm/Windows/Mac, CPUs where MongoDB and Node.js exist, 1GB minimum RAM free for Wekan, system server with 4GB RAM, and enough disk space.


It is time to get rid of tedious manual entry. Airtable is an extremely flexible free and open source Task Management Software that allows you to organize work the way you want. With Airtable software, you can manage your tasks anytime, anywhere with anyone. 

Airtable Task Management Software

                                                                             (Image Courtesy: Airtable)

Key Features:

  • Add, edit, and communicate in real-time
  • Can handle any unique field codes for your content
  • Protection from duplicate entry
  • Powerful visualization tool
  • Smart formatting facility
  • Facility to add attachments and even long text notes
  • Facility to add checkboxes
  • Users can even add links to records
  • Facility to add barcodes
  • Facility to capture and share insights
  • 3D model explorer
  • Plan and collaborate with your team members’ right within the dashboard
  • Video chat facility
  • Time tracker for every task
  • Easy 3rd party software integration
  • Different views include; Grid, calendar, form, kanban, and gallery
  • Available in all formats including; Web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps

With powerful filtering and sorting facility, the free task management software allows you to view the way you want the content to be displayed.

The software recently added a new feature that allows users to use a palette of app-like functionality where one can mix and match workflows and manage tasks efficiently within a team.


Twake is an open digital workplace that allows you to improve your organizational productivity. It will help you communicate with your team seamlessly, invite external users, share files, collaborate on documents, and start a video meeting.

Twake gives you the freedom to manage the whole project, create new tasks, move each task as per their progress, assign work along with deadlines to your teammates. Its drag and drop file manager allows you to access your stored and shared documents easily.

You can manage labels and versions effortlessly and edit your files as well. When necessary, create new team events, attach video links for conference meetings, configure notifications for the members, attach relevant tasks and files, and set deadlines.

Moreover, install the application you require in your workflow seamlessly with Twake. Every application is independent of files, calendars, and discussions. You can work with the same document in any format such as Google Doc, Libre Office, MS Office, etc.

Twake’s database is encrypted, and hence, your files are secure. Additionally, you have the power to decide who can access the files. All your data and files are securely stored in France. It complies with GDPR and allows secure transfers via HTTPS/SSL encryption.

Start using this project management platform for free with limited features or advance plans to avail more.


OpenTask is an open source task and project management software for Windows 10 and Windows phones. Track, organize tasks and projects, have reminders and notes, get reports !

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