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Welcome! This is the repository for all of the task management software created by Our goal is to create a platform that makes it easy for small businesses, startups and individuals to manage their tasks. We hope you find our app useful, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Open source task management software is a free form of collaboration that is based on the presumption that to succeed, you will need to work together. Open source task management software are designed to be open for changes made to improve the program.

Task management

Bitrix24 offers a variety of tools to move your work in the right direction. Assign tasks to individual employees, create workgroups, set up recurring tasks, and have fun with customizable task templates. Checklists and a number of automation features guarantee nothing will slip through the cracks.


Ganib gives simpler ways to keep your projects organized and on track. Take advantage of easy features that help you quickstart and makes your team more efficient and productive. Open source Web based online project management software free, J2EE platform, MySql database with project dashboards & reporting. Organized Teams & Projects: Easily plan & manage projects with intuitive features to help your team deliver on time. Quickly focus on what’s important, easily select actions to take. Be efficient for everyday work, project tasks, important details, and timelines. Scrum: Communicate effectively with your team using scrum, wikis & discussions to make better decisions. Bug Tracking: Manage bugs.

Project management

Get ahead of the competition with an unlimited number of projects and powerful project management features, including workload planning, time tracking, and more. You can assign task roles, assist teammates in task completion, as well as get timely updates on task progress and changes. Once the task is finished, as its creator or supervisor, you can rate its quality. You will never miss any deadline with a task counter, showing the amount of time left before submitting it.


Kanbanara, a web-based Project Management System, uses the Kanban methodology. It is written in Python 3.6+ and utilizes MongoDB and CherryPy. Its Kanban board features projects, user-definable workflow with custom states, support for epic, feature, story, enhancement, defect, task, test, bug and transient cards, global and personal WIP limits, role-based columns (Owner, Reviewer or Quality Assurance), support for ghost cards (cards on their way to you or your own cards currently being reviewed or in QA), blockable cards, hidable cards, deferable cards, 46 card styles including a customisable one, 14-day future projection, Gantt Chart andcard backdrops. It also features a hierarchical workflow, global filter, backlog pyramid, force-directed graphs utilising d3.js, report generator, routine card manager, pair programming, support for continuing cards from one project to another.


Whether you need to arrange a meeting or connect with a teammate who is only available via a mobile phone, Bitrix24 is here to help you out with a broad range of communication tools, including public and private chats, video calls, voice calls, and more. Share updates in the activity stream through video announcements, quick posts, tags, comments, etc.


Leantime is an open source project management system for small teams and startups written in PHP, Javascript with MySQL. Leantime features idea boards; research boards using the Lean Canvas; task management using Kanban boards, list and calendar views; milestone management using Gantt charts; timesheet management; retrospectives; project dashboards. You will able to define multiple user roles (client, developer, manager, admin) and integrate with Mattermost and Slack.

CRM and client management

Take advantage of CRM capabilities, going hand in hand with project management. Get in touch with prospects, capture leads, and guide them all the way down the sales funnel. Create quotes and invoices from deals in one click and get real cash flowing your way with Bitrix24.


OpenProject is an open source project management software that supports the project management process along the entire project life cycle: From project initiation to closure. OpenProject provides also an easy way to plan and communicate your product roadmap and break it down into a detailed release plan. Kanban, Agile & Scrum teams can iterate fast and release constantly. OpenProject provides the perfect tool to support agile product development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

Document management

Have everything close at hand by using personal and group Drive or integrating frequently used external servers into the platform’s ecosystem. Share documents with other users or people outside Bitrix24. Access important documents from any device with the help of file synchronization.


Plandora is a free open source multi-project management, web-based Project Management suite. Its features include time track, request management, customized reports (based to iReport), customized KPIs, dashboard gadgets, knowledge base, risk management, costs and budget management, agile board, resource capacity, surveys, SVN integration, and Gantt chart. The tool also includes: extendable agents (email notification, audit agents, etc), meta fields and custom forms.

Time tracking

With time management tools offered by Bitrix24, you’ll always stay ahead of schedule. Check the amount of time spent completing each task and set up regular reminders to stay on track when time is pressing. Another valuable option is flexible workday settings, allowing you to plan projects and arrange them on your schedule based on your business hours. Let others know what you are busy with and get a glimpse of your teammates’ schedules with free shared calendars.


ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. ProjectPier will help your organization communicate, collaborate and get things done Its function is similar to commercial groupware/project management products, but allows the freedom and scalability of self-hosting.

SO Planning

SO Planning is a Simple Online Planning open source web-based tool. You can assign work for each member of your team, regardless of your ​​activity. The keys of the tool: a list of projects, a list of users, and tasks assigned on different projects, through online tool on the web and safely. Optionally, you can also perform resource / material and location management if you wish. Unlike a classic agenda (google agenda or outlook), SO Planning allows you to have real staff management on the internet via your computer or your phone. You can work by service, and organize your project very simply. Managing schedules in multiple teams is thus easy, a global dashboard helps you visualize the complete schedule of your project.


The ultimate to-do list. The project is an open source task management application called github, made by a developer named Jack Sprat. It was originally in Ruby on Rails and then was migrated to Sinatra. Students receive an account on the open source version for their use, but any tasks created, groups formed and discussions started are not stored online and are lost when the session ends. The students have privacy and ownership of tasks, deadlines and due dates.

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