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Open Source Software List Pdf

I’ve built a list of open source software. I’m hearing more and more people asking “where is this software?” Now you can do a quick search and find if it exists! Just use the Amazon search box to search for the software you’re looking for, or search by category. You’ll find links to Shareware, Freeware, and Open Source software on Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux, iPhone/iPad and Android.

Do you have trouble choosing good open source software? Take a look at the list of open source software programs below. Software is categorized by domain to help you find what you need. The categories are: Coding, Utilities, Games, Graphics, Internet, Themes and Wallpaper, Misc, and Licenses. Also note that each of the programs listed here is equal to or better than commercial alternatives in terms of popularity, usability, reliability and cost.



ProjeQtOr is an open-source project management software that covers all the features of a project management tool. It’s simple, easy to use while covering a maximum of project management features.



Restya software allows you to see the big picture of your work. You can see tasks, budgets and plans from a bird’s eye view or from a visual overview. Regardless of how you use it, Restya is simple and effective.



GanttProject is an open-source project management application for Windows, macOS and Linux desktops. And it’s not just written in one language! It’s written in Java and Kotlin, with contributions from hundreds of people all around the world.



Focalboard is an easy-to-use project management tool that helps you organize your work across teams, including personal development. You can also install Focalboard as a standalone personal server, so you can work on projects without any distractions.


Blend together a unique mix of wiki software and documentation and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Documize is all about. This open source software is described as an “Intelligent Document Environment” that is mostly designed to improve documentation, how it’s accessed, and how it’s shared. As such, it’s a phenomenal resource for internal and technical documentation. 

Example of a self-hosted Documize knowledge base

Documize always offers modifiable and open source plans along with free pricing—that means you can develop the software to your heart’s content and grant access to up to ten users without paying a dime. Users can choose to do a self-hosted installation, make use of Documize’s services for a cloud-based installation, or do a hybrid install that allows a user to host the database while Documize host’s the application.


  • Ability to self-host your knowledge base as well as do a hybrid model or cloud-based model 
  • Open sourced connectors to Trello, Jira and others
  • Predefined templates to help with document creation


  • Documize’s Team Edition is free, regardless of the number of users, however this plan has limited features and limited support 
  • Documize’s Enterprise Edition is fully unlocked and has a more robust support network. Pricing starts at free for up to 10 users. After 10 users, you will need to pay – the cost depends on the number of users as well as how you plan on hosting (cloud hosted versus self-hosted)


With an emphasis on simplicity and versatility, DocuWiki specializes in plain text files—that means there’s no need for a database to get started.Screenshot Docuwiki's Open Source Knowledge Base Solution(Source)

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and super customizable, but won’t offer you as many benefits and features as other options (like MediaWiki, for example). 

Another important note about DocuWiki is that it’s written in PHP programming language and is licensed under GPLv2. 


What do we love about phpMyFAQ? It’s mobile-friendly, it’s actually free, and it’s totally open source under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. In other words, it’s easy to customize, won’t cost a cent, and is incredibly streamlined if you build it as such.

phpMyFAQ screen shot of then knowledge base software(Source)

Further, this self hosted knowledge base software is very popular, so there’s plenty of guidance on forums if needed. It also includes a long list of features built-in that you’d expect on a SaaS platform, like user permission, search engines, back-end analytics, content management systems, and more.


  • Easy to create content with their WYSIWYG editor that’s based on TinyMCE
  • LDAP and HTTP authentication with SSO support along with Active Directory Support

GitHub Actions

Launched in 2018, this automation tool for the Microsoft subsidiary aims to speed up code writing and code deployment. Developers have used Actions for continuous integration (CI), GitHub Staff Developer Advocate Brian Douglas told in an interview earlier this year. Actions has also helped expose more developers to GitHub application programming interfaces (APIs).

“What was really great is seeing the adoption of Actions in open source,” Douglas said in the interview. “So things like getting Ruby on Rails projects up and running with GitHub Actions. There‘s a lot of great examples, a lot of great blog posts from the community mentors, from open source maintainers of very large projects. And the beauty of that is that those actions are all open-sourced. So, if I want to ship a Rails project today, I can go to the Rails repo and see how they’re leveraging Actions.”

GitHub Actions supports any programming language and every major operating system (OS). Users receive live logs, a built-in secret store and multi-container testing.

Capability updates to Actions this year include GitHub Mobile gaining Actions deployment reviews, Beta API approving workflow runs from public forks of first-time contributors and the general availability of environments, environment protection rules and environment secrets.

Narwhal Technologies’ Nx

Nx provides a build framework for developers to architect, test and build. The tool comes from Narwhal Technologies, based in Gilbert, Az.

The tool analyzes workspaces to determine what each code change affects. It partitions commands into a graph of smaller tasks, running those tasks in parallel, and uses a distributed computation cache to speed up command after someone has already built or tested similar code to another developer, according to the creators’ website.

Its ecosystem of users includes Accenture, American Airlines, Cisco, FedEx, Microsoft and Red Hat. Narwhal, which also uses the spelling Nrwl, was founded by former Google employees Jeff Cross and Victor Savkin.

Version 12.5 of Nx dropped on Monday, according to a blog post by Developer Relations Manager Brandon Roberts. New features include Per-project configuration, Storybook support for Angular 12.


This is a list of open source software that includes both hardware and software, with the version number, operating system and a sentence or two of something nice to say about it.

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