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Open Source Software for Business Management

Efficiently running a business requires reliable software that can handle the task. That’s why we’ve decided to offer open source software for business management. Installation is quick and easy, and you’ll have your accounts, inventories, and CRM worked out in no time.

In the right hands, open source software like Business Management Suite is invaluable. Thousands of businesses use the platform to streamline their operations with tools such as CRM, eCommerce, Project Management, and more. We’re glad you found us! This short guide can get you up and running in no time.


open source software examples: Linux
[Image source: Linux]

According to a Stack Overflow survey, 83.1% of developers claimed that Linux is the most wanted platform. 

Linux is one of the most user-friendly open source software on the market. It is most commonly used on Android devices and desktops.

What makes this operating system different from the others is that it costs nothing and it is incredibly customizable.

Most companies also choose it because it is highly secure and offers excellent community support. 


[Image source: Blender]

Blender is another of the best open source software examples of 2021. 

It is a 3D graphics and animation tool that supports motion tracking, simulation, animation, video editing, rendering, modeling and much more. 

It also offers a set of modeling tools and features including real-time viewpoint prereview, multi-resolution and support for Planar tracking and Tripod solvers.

GNU Compiler Collection

open source software examples: GNU Complier Collection
[Image source: GNU Compiler Collection]

GNU Compiler Collection is a collection of compilation tools for software development in the C, C++, Ada, Fortran and other programming languages.

It provides high-quality releases regularly and works with native and cross targets. 

The sources it offers are freely available via weekly snapshots as well as SVN.


open source solution examples: Python
[Image source: Python]

Python is common programming and scripting language used by custom software developers.

According to IEEE, it was the most popular language in 2019. In recent years, it attracts plenty of new users because of its fast-growing field of machine learning.  

It is also easy to use which is why most of the developers also choose this open source software. 


If you are looking for a much more advanced database management tool, this open source software is the one to choose. It is used by some of the biggest tech businesses including Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. As you probably can already guess, it is primarily designed for business that need to keep track of large databases.


  • It is highly scalable and easy to integrate with other services
  • Offers real-time access


  • It is missing an optimizer trace
  • It may not be easy to use especially for beginners



PrestaShop is a popular open-source eCommerce software option, due to its straightforward platform with many functionalities. It contains localization, marketing, product display, or export to eBay, taxes, and translation. Although the software is free to use, support and training are paid services.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition

The Magento offers an Enterprise edition, which is a paid version, while the Community Edition is the free option. A customer can build his website using the Community edition, and then hire a web development team to customize it to the business’ needs. The community behind Magento is large with 200,000 users, so much support is available. However, the Enterprise edition is much more robust.



Freshsales helps businesses with managing contacts and developing customer bonding strategies. Freshsales includes email marketing, integration management, lead management, and phone and email support.



Dolibarr is an open-source business package with a practical and clean user interface. It’s aimed at smaller and midsized businesses. It includes tools to manage contacts, invoices, invoice orders, and payments.



This is a complete CRM suite offered by SuiteCRM. Its continually updated dashboard gives insight into the latest figures. This helps to have an understanding of the status of current projects, and the business’ cash flow. It unites customer service, marketing, and sales. The layout and format are customizable to suit all customer’s needs.

SuiteCRM is the open-source alternative to the popular SugarCRM and Salesforce. It offers most of the same features, besides Joomla integration.



Penthaho is owned by the Hitachi group. In their own words, Penthaho is a “comprehensive data integration and business analytics platform.” Large companies, like BR, Caterpillar, Halliburton, and Nasdaq, are among their customers. It is powerful software that can join large amounts of information from different sources. It handles data from Hadoop, analytic, NoSQL, and relational databases. Penthaho then uses the information to generate interactive analyses and visualization reports. It prepares a dashboard that gives a quick overview according to the specific organization’s needs.

Pentaho is available as a paid version, but there is also an open-source option downloadable from the Community website. In a separate deal, the company offers various paid services. These include a 30-day trial, certification, consulting, custom visualizations, tech support, and training.



Adminer is a Database Management System (DBMS). The minimalist design focuses on the feature set, performance, security, and UX. The fact that it is minimalist is shown by its small size and that everything is concentrated in one single PHP file.

Adminer comes with a diverse set of built-in features and themes. The user can do all operations within the PHPMyAdmin environment. The advantages are better performance and MySQL support, and a cleaner user interface.

The Elastic stack

The Elastic stack

The Elastic Stack is a suite that combines a couple of open-source applications. The combination of apps is made in such a way that data from any source can be used, no matter the filetype.

It has real-time analysis, search, and visualization functionalities. The developers offer The Elastic Stack as “Software as a Service” (SaaS). Alternatively, it can also be installed on-site.


You’ve heard of open source software – things like Linux and Mozilla Firefox. Well, open source software is great for business! Using open source software has many benefits over traditional closed source alternatives. With open source software, you wont have to pay a license fee, there are no ongoing maintenance fees, and you can be assured that your business will never lose its data.

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