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The Open Source Software Download site is designed to connect those interested in open source software with the projects that need their help. The Open Source Group coordinates, tracks and publishes new opportunities for all open source communities including open source operating systems, video, music, database, webserver, and application software.

Open Source Software Download. You will find many of the top open source software titles on this website. These are FREE and UNINSTALLED so you don’t have to use them all individually after you download them.



SourceForge is known as one of the best websites to provide free open source software. It will be your premier resource to have open source projects at all. This website has 30 million monthly users containing 500000 open source projects. You can download a lot of open source projects from its homepage. There is a search option there, which helps you to choose your best open source software at all.

You can easily see the favorite download lists of open source software that will help you determine which one is better. You will also see the licensed software based on your operating system. If you are a registered member of SourceForge, you can write a review of the apps like Google Play Store or App Store.

In 2013-14 SourceForge ran the software downloading process with Adware. But when Slashdot Media owns it, software downloading remains free of cost and Ads-free at the same time. The president of SourceForge declared that SourceForge would have a modern look and will become more user-friendly.



BitBucket is just like GitHub, where users can host their development projects. But it hosts both public and private open source project. So you can understand that it offers a versatile project management system for private uses. But for up to 5 users, it’s free. More than 480000 application repositories are there in the hub of BitBucket, and many of them are searchable.


Websites to download free and open source software

F-Droid is a platform to list and distribute free and open source software for Android. 

You can browse FOSS Android apps in various categories. You can also download the APK files directly from the website but it is recommended to use F-Droid client for installing the apps.

With F-Droid client, your installed Android app will get updates. If you directly use the APK, it won’t get updates and thus will pose a security risk.



This site mainly focuses on Ubuntu, so I must not miss this versatile open source project hosting site – LaunchPad. It’s maintained by Canonical and allows the Ubuntu developer to manage and support the projects that only run on Ubuntu and other Ubuntu-based derivatives.


Websites to download free and open source software

FossHub was founded in 2007 with the goal of becoming “reliable place for users who wish to download their favorite software titles and as a trustworthy partner for certain free projects”. 

It provides fast worldwide servers and optimized pages for a fast load and download of open source software. They have only direct download links so no further redirection or waiting time there.

Project page lists the total number of downloads. It also shows the supported operating systems.

You can also rate and review the software, even if you are not a registered member.

Just to be clear, FossHub also hosts selected few closed-source freeware. This may confuse some people as they might expect FossHub to host only free and open source software.

It would be better if they clearly mention on each project page if the concerned software is FOSS or not.



Savannah is a website that will offer you to download a lot of free open source software. It looks like an old-school website, which is not very much user-friendly. However, you can try this website to download the software.


OSDN is a good website for open source software

OSDN stands for Open Source Development Network. It provides a bunch of free-of-charge services for open source software developers. These services include SVN/Git/Mercurial/Bazaar/CVS repositories, mailing lists, bug tracking system, bulletin board and forum, website hosting, release file download service, file archive, complete backup, shell environment etc.



Blackduck open hub is a fantastic and useful directory open source hub. Users can get various information about open source projects like license, language, websites, developer, users ratings, download stats, etc. You can find all the primary developers and open source projects here.

Open Source Software Directory

Open Source Software Directory

It’s an open source directory where users can find a filter system to get the best open source software list. This directory also provides the project site links with the necessary information. It’s a great and useful tool site to find the best open source software for home and business use.


  • Xplenty is a data integration platform. It is a cloud-based solution that will bring all your data sources together.
  • Xplenty provides the solution for marketing that has functionality for data enrichment. Your data enrichment tools will get integrated by Xplenty.
  • It will help you to keep your marketing automation up-to-date. Your customer information will always be complete with Xplenty.
  • Xplenty will make your marketing campaigns effective.
  • It provides omnichannel marketing and data-driven insights.
  • It will help you with building a complete Sales Analytics solution.
  • With a sales solution, it provides the features of data enrichment, effective analytics, centralized database, etc.
  • Xplenty has a solution for customer support analytics that provides comprehensive insights, data enrichment, customized support solutions, etc.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and analytics platform. It allows users to create insightful dashboards and visually analyze any data. It features an AI-powered assistant that allows users to ask questions and get intelligent answers in the form of meaningful reports.


  • 100+ readymade connectors for popular business apps, cloud drives, and databases.
  • Unified business analytics that analyzes data from across business apps.
  • Augmented analytics using an AI and ML-powered intelligent assistant that can understand queries asked in natural language.
  • White label solutions for embedded analytics and BI/analytics portals.
  • Available in both on-premise and on-cloud versions. Can be deployed on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Best Features: Intelligent assistant, unified business analytics, white-label / embedded BI, 100+ connectors with pre-built reports and dashboards.


Open source software is free to download and helps users optimize their PC experience. Learn more with this comprehensive and comprehensive Open Source Software Download.

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