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Open Source Software Design Tools

Software design tools are a life saver. They allow companies to be more competitive while saving hundreds of developer hours. Downloading this compilation is an easy way to get started with Open Source Software design tools. The contents of this compilation were chosen by the community through reviews, comments and votes.

The Open Source Design Tools group is meant to enable the development of awareness and resources on open source software design. Design projects could include documentation, libraries, meta-libraries, frameworks, and tools that help people to design and prototype open source software applications. Some of the tools for this group could be:


Krita is a powerful vector graphics creator with a heavy focus on digital painting and illustration. It is mainly used to design comic books. It is free software with advanced templates and features.


Artists designed Krita for top-quality drawing software that is available to everyone. It can help design comic books, drawing such as smooth shapes, vanishing points, advanced selection functions, layer masks, etc. If you want to enter the illustration world, Krita is the best choice in the open-source category.


Draw is an amazing open source tool that helps to execute everything right from a sketch to a complex plan. You can create bespoke designs, logos, technical drawings, animations and so much more with this software.



Gimp Alternative To Photoshop

Gimp (GNU image manipulation program) is an immersive free open source cross-platform tool for graphics design and photo editing

It’s one of the most popular feature-rich open source tools for image authoring, photo retouching and image composition that’s accessible on GNU, Windows, macOS, and some of the best Linux distros.

Gimp is a high-quality graphics design suite and photo editing framework for scripted image direction that’s designed with Perl, Python, C, and C++ programming languages. 

With its broad functionality, it’s an ideal choice for beginner and advanced graphic designers who primarily work with photos and a suitable alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

The tool presents an extensive suite of sophisticated graphic design and image editing features in a layout similar to Photoshop

Besides featuring a swift-loading built-in file manager, Gimp’s compatibility with various file types is off the charts (it works smoothly with all popular file types). 

As usual, to install GIMP, you need to be a root user or if you have a regular user, add user to sudoers group.

Gimp presents easy access to basic features, including painting, selection, cloning, colour correction, and enhancement tools. 

It further enhances the productivity of graphic designers and photo editors via numerous customisation options and 3rd party plug-ins for photo enhancement, hardware support, high-quality photo manipulation, and digital retouching.

The most visible features of Gimp include:

▪ A plethora of filters, layers, masks, and brushes

▪ Advanced features for photo editing▪ Inspirational designs for flexible, customised image transformations

▪ Numerous graphic design elements including interface components and logos

▪ Top-of-the-line colour management tools 

▪ Extended functionality via 3rd party extensions and plug-ins.

Synfig Studio


Available on Windows, OSX, and Linux, Synfig Studio is a 2D animation software for all creative enthusiasts to bring their designs to life. Depending upon your drawing style, you’d be able to achieve just about any kind of vibe of animation you’re aiming for.

Check one of the complex animations created with this software:

You can also create something light-hearted and simple if that’s your forte. As I said, it all boils down to what you’re looking to create, and consider it a nod from Synfig Studio.

Talking about the features, it gives you complete control over your vector artwork right from importing it to exporting the finished product. You can duplicate shapes, work with over 50 layers, add filters and apply gradients.

Apart from that, you can totally take over the bone system to accurately structure your design so that their movements look the way you want them to look. This can be easily achieved by utilizing their Skeleton Distortion layer, which helps you to apply complex deformations to bitmap artwork.

You can choose from two different versions – Stable and Development. The former is the one that’s well-tested and proven, while the latter is the newer one that has experimental features and additional bug fixes. Both of them are free to download as this is open-source software.


Kivo is an easy to use flowcharting application with a functionality of diagramming as well. The software allows developers to create flowcharts, organization charts, and network diagrams. You can learn more about it here.


Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer Software

Gravit Designer is a full-featured free, open source vector design toolkit from the creators of Corel Draw. 

The app is supported on Windows, Linux, macOS, and browser platforms. 

It is ideal for multi-purpose image editing and graphic design projects counting icon and screen design, illustrations, animations, and presentations. 

This app packs a wealth of features for high-end vector design and imagery including a potent text engine, non-destructive Boolean loops, blending integrations, path graphs, multiple fill modes, and a knife tool. 

It also features an exceptionally user-friendly intuitive interface that adapts to the user’s needs and preferences for more productive graphic design and photo editing.  

The most identifiable perks of Gravit Designer include:

▪ Unmatched precision from the creation to exporting stages

▪ A solid structure composed of powerful pages structured with masters, symbols, and real layers to structure your content

▪ A pixel-perfect layout design featuring powerful grids, auto-layouts, and anchors

▪ Multiple design style options derived from blending modes, multiple borders and fills, compound effects, and shared styles.

▪ A powerful text engine featuring handcrafted text, web fonts, text on a path, and varying text styles

▪ An export feature for exporting high-grade SVGs, PDFs, and Images via multiple assets and slices

▪ A range of advanced functionalities counting EPS and sketch importing, design and image transformations, design templates, and presentations.


Xournal is an open source application that can be utilized for sketching, note-taking and even can be used as a journal using a stylus. Get more info here.



Dia was built on a single document interface (SDI) similar to Inkscape and GIMP. It is mainly used to create electronic circuit type networks, flowcharts, etc. It is integrated with many advanced features, i.e., using this to help draw relationship models in database structures, UML, simple electrical circuits. SVG and XML file formats are supported.


Using Dia, you can export SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG, JPEG all other well-known formats.


The open source movement has made it easier and more affordable than ever to get started on your own product design. This report helps you make informed decisions on what tools are right for you, show you how to choose the right partner for your needs, and motivate you with a list of open source projects that are bridging the gap between consumer electronics and emerging marketplaces.

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