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Open Source School Management System Download

We are excited to announce that we are releasing our school management system as an open source project under the GNU General Public License. The development of our system has been fully funded by the Peace Corps from start to finish, and our source code will be freely available for all to use, modify and customize for their own needs.

Have you ever dreamed of an open source school management system that could be customized to your own needs? One that is web-based with a modular design? Look no further than Open School, the open source community edition of the Sakai project. For more information on our products and services, please visit


  • Free version: Can support a class of 50 students and up to five teachers can access the software.
  • Paid version: Costs $350 per feature as a one-time setup charge. Administrators can manage up to 600 students and unlimited teachers.

feKara offers a common and easily configurable school database system for teachers, parents, and students. The product also integrates with popular third-party video conferencing tools to provide a virtual classroom experience to students. Admins or teachers can easily create online classes and manage lesson planning from within the app.

feKara offers email and live chat support.
feKara school administration dashboard on mobile and web app.


Gibbon is one of the top-rated free, open source and flexible School Administration Software system that support a wide array of educational experiences. The software fits well for all type of users including; teachers, students, administration staff, parents, and the management.  Gibbon School Administration system offers an end-to-end workflow to conduct every day processes like planning to learning to examination to reporting in a smoother way.

Gibbon school administration software                                                                                           (Image Source: Gibbon)

Key Highlights of Gibbon

  • Unified access
  • Fast student finder on the homepage
  • The software comes with a set of flexible modules, each performing a set of actions as demanded by the users.
  • Users can gain access to functionalities in just a click
  • Core modules and themes easily integrate with other software systems
  • Support for right-to-left text
  • Support for UTF-8 encoding
  • Manage easily fees, billing and invoices right within the dashboard
  • Send messages to other groups
  • Facility for crowd assessment
  • Continuous report generation facility
  • Error-free attendance data and reports
  • Generate academic, behavioural, medical and special educational needs (SEN) alerts
  • Plan and schedule lessons using smart blocks
  • Advertise job openings
  • Organize and share resources easily

Gibbon open source school administration software comes with 24 modules with a provision of 5 free additional modules. Also, the software being an open source gives the flexibility to the users to custom-build more features and functionalities.

The software is currently made available in 17 languages

Rated as the most malleable software, Gibbon can fit into any size of educational set-up and can meet a huge range of school administration and management needs.

Megam Education

An education software, Megam Education, helps a school in increasing its productivity both in the traditional classroom and the remote learning setup.

The software helps the teaching staff in gaining more insights about the student and making informed decisions to prepare the students for the curriculum better. Class teachers can make a detailed report on individual students and can chart their individual assessment. 

Megam school management software comes with a digital portfolio feature that gives a voice to students. This school ERP software also helps in manging the admission & enrolment process, attendance, timetable, fee management and classroom scheduling.

Megam school management software further helps the management conduct online meetings with parents and teachers, which gives a more conclusive assessment of the pupil’s performance.

Megam Education’s Key Features Include:   

  • Application Process of the student  
  • Helpdesk support  
  • Academic history of students  
  • It aids to better communication between the school and students  
  • Assessment of assignment is easy   
  • Financial aid  
  • Healthcare  
  • Career services  

Pros: Empowers the student in achieving more by promoting communication, collaboration and critical thinking.  

Cons: The transportation management feature can get better.


OpenSIS is an efficient Open Source School Administration solution capable of handling all type of educations institutes.

OpenSIS school administration software                                                                     (Image Source: OpenSIS)

Key Highlights of OpenSIS

  • Modern responsive design
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Secured and scalable
  • Limitless student and staff demographics
  • 360-degree information about students
  • Facility to access data, update and get reports in real-time
  • Manage discipline, goals, progress, address, graduation, attendance, course, fees, examination, parent info, registration, and medical and health management easily
  • Facility of arena scheduling
  • Integrated with Moodle LMS (bi-directional)
  • Built-in messaging system
  • Parent portal
  • Core features are available to both single and multi-school mode

The community edition of OpenSIS school administration software is currently deployed by more than 30,000 institutions worldwide, catering to approximately 12 million+ students.

By following an agile methodology, the company focuses on developing the software time and again making it better every time. This transactional software is capable of capturing all the information right from student registration all the way through graduation.

OpenSIS school administration software supports up to 54 languages.


School Time is a highly recommended free school management software that’s suited perfectly for smaller educational institutions. Elementary schools or schools with a small number of students, can gain a lot out of this free school management software.

Its user-friendly ensures that your teachers and staffers don’t spend hours understanding the in & out of this software and can use it from the get-go.

School Time Key features includes: –

  • Board Management
  • Grading Modules
  • Notification Settings
  • Task Statistics
  • Library Databases
  • Exam Management
  • Attendance Automation
  • Dormitory Management

It’s a solution that was made using Python and can also run on Linux Ubuntu.

Pros: You can use its free version without any complication and use it for an unlimited period.

Cons: However, there is a limit to the number of students accessing its free version at a time.


SchoolTool is a comprehensive school administration system that provides all levels of functionalities to multiple users based on their requirements. Developed specifically for NYS schools, the software is currently used by institutions across the World and is well known for its ease of use and time-saving features.

SchoolTool school administration software                                                                              (Image Source: SchoolTool)

Key Highlights of SchoolTool

  • Gain insight into student progress
  • Analyze factors that contribute to dropouts
  • Check student infraction data
  • Get access to information on the go with the mobile version
  • Drag and drop functionality in the master schedule builder
  • Customizable grading scales and category
  • Send push notifications
  • Share assignments with parents
  • Create customized reports
  • Integration with transportation
  • Integration with food services system
  • Integration with online registration
  • Track and monitor students and teachers
  • View students’ history and attendance in just a click
  • Point and click features
  • Create user-defined screens
  • Manage complex schedules
  • Full access to SLO (student learning objective)
  • Create tests, quizzes etc online and send them via the dashboard
  • Provision for the discussion area
  • Safe and secured

With a power to record, update and retrieve information about every student and their on-going activity in real-time, SchoolTool promises to be a highly usable and the most trusted school administration software solution available today.  

The software is a free & open source school administration system.


This is an open source school management system to manage the tasks of an academic institution, and also for administrative purposes. It is Java based and a web-based system, which can be installed at any web-server.

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