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Open Source Internships 2022

Open Source Internships 2022 is an internship program that enables students, who possess exceptional potential and work ethic, to achieve some of the most sought-after internships in today’s industry. The program gives students access to internships with top employers in Silicon Valley and the Silicon Alley who can give them the experience needed to build a strong portfolio for their future careers.

Are you looking for an internship or your first job in the software industry? Or do you want to help young people find that first gig – and provide some awesome opportunities for yourself? Open Source Internships 2022 is a grassroots, non-profit collaboration project between community members, experts in multiple fields of the software industry and recruitment professionals from the industry. It’s designed to help students, graduates and other newcomers to the software industry find jobs! The internship program was launched on 2015-08-05 with support from Google, Microsoft and Liferay.

 Digital Ocean Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is a really popular open-source program that is hosted by Digital Ocean and is open to everyone across the world. Here, you need to submit four or more quality pull requests and you’ll either get a chance to plant a tree or get a limited-edition t-shirt. The main idea over here is that there’s no such thing as a selection criterion in this particular program. So, this is very useful for individuals, in particular, who are just starting out with open source. You can contribute to participating projects on GitHub and even if you’re not able to make a large major contribution what you can get out of it is how to use Git and Github.


 Is the creator of InfluxDB, the leading open source time series database. We are a Series D-funded startup, backed by Sapphire Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, Trinity Ventures, and Battery Ventures, and a Y Combinator success story. 

InfluxData’s workforce is distributed throughout the U.S. and across Europe. The company was recently named one of the 50 Best Workplaces for Innovators by Fast Company. 

Our technology is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes of time-stamped data produced by IoT devices, applications, networks, containers and computers. We are on a mission to help developers and organizations, such as Cisco, IBM, PayPal, and Tesla, store and analyze real-time data, empowering them to build transformative monitoring, analytics, and IoT applications quicker and to scale.

Our Core Values

Our employees are the heart of the company and only by having a core set of beliefs and values will we be successful. We hire and live by these core values:

  • We value each other
  • We get stuff done
  • We believe humility drives learning
  • We embrace failure
  • We are committed to open source

Visit our careers page to learn more about working at InfluxData.

InfluxData is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

InfluxData does not accept unsolicited resumes from headhunters and recruitment agencies through our website, job board or directly to employees. InfluxData will not pay fees to any third-party agency, headhunter or company that does not have a signed agreement for this position in place.


The Outreachy is also a really great program for students that aims to support diversity in open source. It is sort of a remote internship of 3 months and only a handful number of students are selected across the world. The Outreachy internship projects focus on programming, documentation, project marketing, etc. During the application process, you need to show some genuine eagerness that why you want to be an Outreachy intern and in turn, what you’re going to accomplish, and then how you plan to promote diversity and all sorts of things. It is a paid internship in which you are paid an amount of 5500 USD.

 MLH Fellowship

Major League Hacking (MLH), founded in 2013, is a global community for student developers. MLH recently launched a program known as MLH fellowship which is a 12-week remote program where students collaborate on Open Source projects that align their personal interests with the general requirements of the industry and students can participate from their homes. It has mainly three tracks – Software Engineering, Open Source, and Production Engineering. Here you will gain those skills that you require to be a successful engineer like writing good documentation, open-source best practices, communication, etc. Also, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying for the program.

Student responsibilities during the program

  • Submit quality work: code compiles, has unit tests and documentation, and passes code review
  • Regularly communicate work completed, what you intend to do next, and blockers
  • Re-evaluate project tasks if you’re significantly ahead or behind schedule
  • Regular check-ins with your mentor/collaborator
  • Listen and respond to feedback
  • Pro-active learning

What makes a successful project?

Success looks different for every project. Challenging yourself and developing skills and knowledge are the most important part. Producing some sort of deliverable item is great, but not strictly required. We all know how development and experimentation goes, unforeseen problems can come up and present new challenges and that’s all part of the process. You’ll have a mentor and support along the way.

  • A successful engineering-oriented project might include pull requests merging your work, a design document, tests, and general documentation
  • A successful data science-oriented project might involve pull requests, reproducible experiments, data-sets, a report, and visualized results
  • A successful prototyping-oriented project might include an MVP, tests, and documentation

 Google Season of Docs (GSoD)

One thing that an open-source project cannot get enough of is good documentation. However, Google Season of Docs is a new program by Google where technical writers and open source organizations come together and work on open source projects. The technical writers write documentation for open source organizations and also get paid by Google. It is a worthwhile platform for students to learn from industry experts and to work on open-source projects. Also, you need to remember that you must be aged 18 or more at the time of registration to become eligible for Google Season of Docs.


Open Source Internships 2022 is a project to bring the benefits of open source software to interns who complete open source work this summer.

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