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Open source graphics is an ebook where you will learn how to design graphics for t-shirts quickly and easily. It teaches what program to use, how to manipulate the images into templates and outlines, and finally how to print them onto t-shirts! Open Source Graphics was created through the collaboration of many people around the world.

Open Source Graphics or OSG for short, is a set of libraries designed to hasten the development of applications for graphics and sound. The library will come as a free download for developers and gamers alike.


Krita is a powerful vector graphics creator with a heavy focus on digital painting and illustration. It is mainly used to design comic books. It is free software with advanced templates and features.


Artists designed Krita for top-quality drawing software that is available to everyone. It can help design comic books, drawing such as smooth shapes, vanishing points, advanced selection functions, layer masks, etc. If you want to enter the illustration world, Krita is the best choice in the open-source category.


Inkscape Download Tutorial

Inkscape is a powerful feature-packed open source vector graphics editing tool for Windows, Mac OS and Linux that’s analogous with Adobe Illustrator, Xara X, Freehand, and Corel Draw.

Like most free open source vector design software, it uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an open source XML-based W3C standard, as its primary and natives file format. 

Inkscape is a highly capable vector editor with commendable SVG integration. 

It supports a host of advanced features that enable graphic designers to effect alpha blending, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps, edit notes, clone objects, import native Adobe Illustrator files, among other actions.

Some of the most visible features of Inkscape include:

▪      Drawing tools– a pencil tool for freehand drawing; a pen for drawing straight lines and creation of Bézier curves; a calligraphy tool for calligraphic strokes and freehand drawing.

▪       Shape tools for drawing rectangles, polygons, stars, ellipses (arcs, circles, and segments), and spirals

▪      Styling objects

▪      Ease of documentation

▪      Text tool for full on-canvas and multi-line text editing

▪      Embedded bitmaps to create and embed bitmaps from select objects

▪      Cloning tool for cloning, organising and arranging clone objects and patterns

▪      Transformations– this tool enables a graphic designer to move, rotate, scale, or skew their design via interactive and exact numeric transformations

▪      Z-order operations that allow raising and lowering of designs

▪      Grouping objects

▪      Layering tool which enables the graphic designer to hide, lock, or rearrange individual layers or form a hierarchical layer tree

▪      Distribution and alignment commands

Inkscape supports numerous file format types, features full support for various colour modes and works incredibly well with 3D, and other complex images due to its Bezier Curves feature. 

Besides, its interface is flexible and user-friendly, making it a preferential free open source vector design tool for graphic designers.


Gimp stands for the GNU image manipulation program.

Gimp is one of the most popular and open-source graphics design and photo editing tools. It is a featured-packed graphic design suite and image editor. This tool is the same as Adobe photoshop layout. A fantastic tool for any beginner or advanced designer who primarily works with photos.


GIMP is a high-quality framework for scripted image direction amidst languages including C, Perl, C++, Python, etc.

It is a counterpart to Adobe Photoshop. If you are creating a digital painting or adjusting photos and compositing various elements, it is fantastic. Of Course, it doesn’t have all the features like photoshop, but whoever created this software has an enormous number of volunteers from across the world.


  • Packed with filters, masks, layers, and brushes
  • Extend the features with the extensions
  • Advanced photo editing features
  • Truly inspirational designs are created. It means to render the flexibility to transform images the way you like them.
  • An enormous number of graphical design elements, logos, interface components. It also contributes to top-notch color management features to ensure high fidelity color management.


Open Source Animation Software

Blender is one of the best free, open source computer graphics tools for 3D drawing and software design. 

It’s supported on all operating systems and can be effectively employed in designing seamless animated films, interactive 3D applications, and visual effects. 

The engineers of Blender are always working to infuse the tool with more features regularly and optimise its user interface.

Blender boasts an extensive features suite that aids graphic designers in performing photorealistic rendering, game creation, sculpting using various types of brushes, compositing, and fast rigging. 

Famous animation artists use Blender to create animations, TV shows, as well as short and feature films.

Blender’s user interface is complex, thus unnerving to the first-time user, but it gets easier as you design. 

Besides, it presents several customisable features and extensions to give the graphic designer a personal feel.

Synfig Studio


Available on Windows, OSX, and Linux, Synfig Studio is a 2D animation software for all creative enthusiasts to bring their designs to life. Depending upon your drawing style, you’d be able to achieve just about any kind of vibe of animation you’re aiming for.

Check one of the complex animations created with this software:

You can also create something light-hearted and simple if that’s your forte. As I said, it all boils down to what you’re looking to create, and consider it a nod from Synfig Studio.

Talking about the features, it gives you complete control over your vector artwork right from importing it to exporting the finished product. You can duplicate shapes, work with over 50 layers, add filters and apply gradients.

Apart from that, you can totally take over the bone system to accurately structure your design so that their movements look the way you want them to look. This can be easily achieved by utilizing their Skeleton Distortion layer, which helps you to apply complex deformations to bitmap artwork.

You can choose from two different versions – Stable and Development. The former is the one that’s well-tested and proven, while the latter is the newer one that has experimental features and additional bug fixes. Both of them are free to download as this is open-source software.

 Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer Software

Gravit Designer is a full-featured free, open source vector design toolkit from the creators of Corel Draw. 

The app is supported on Windows, Linux, macOS, and browser platforms. 

It is ideal for multi-purpose image editing and graphic design projects counting icon and screen design, illustrations, animations, and presentations. 

This app packs a wealth of features for high-end vector design and imagery including a potent text engine, non-destructive Boolean loops, blending integrations, path graphs, multiple fill modes, and a knife tool. 

It also features an exceptionally user-friendly intuitive interface that adapts to the user’s needs and preferences for more productive graphic design and photo editing.  

The most identifiable perks of Gravit Designer include:

▪ Unmatched precision from the creation to exporting stages

▪ A solid structure composed of powerful pages structured with masters, symbols, and real layers to structure your content

▪ A pixel-perfect layout design featuring powerful grids, auto-layouts, and anchors

▪ Multiple design style options derived from blending modes, multiple borders and fills, compound effects, and shared styles.

▪ A powerful text engine featuring handcrafted text, web fonts, text on a path, and varying text styles

▪ An export feature for exporting high-grade SVGs, PDFs, and Images via multiple assets and slices

▪ A range of advanced functionalities counting EPS and sketch importing, design and image transformations, design templates, and presentations.


Open Source Graphics is a selection of useful and free resources for your projects to help you with the design process.

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