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Do you want to learn about discord bot source code,jsdiscord bot source code this article contains bot codes for discord.Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. Discord can be downloaded by your Discord profile link. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

The following codes are the best and working scripts for the Bots in Discord.



Melijn is another open source multipurpose Discord bot. It mainly focuses on the popular functionalities that people who manage Discord servers actually need. The full list of features read as follows

  • Join roles and self-roles (groups, chances, groups in different channels, send premade format, customize premade format)
  • Punishments (ban, temporary ban, softban, kick, mute, temporary mute, warn)
  • Image manipulation, generate cool image effects, transparent GIF support
  • Logging : You can choose many actions and bind them to channels for easy viewing
  • Chat-Filters: Can be configured how you like with auto punishment
  • Verification engine by reaction, password or reCaptcha to block bots from spamming and add a layer of protection
  • Password protected private server to block automated spam bots
  • Fun animal commands, anime commands
  • Utilities commands to view server stats, member info, role info, role list etc
  • Custom command system that allows simple scripting, multiple answers with chances, full customizable messages
  • Music support for Youtube, Soundcloud, Streams, URLs and Spotify. You can even create your own gain profiles to create a bass boost to your liking.

Add Meljin to your server


Official Github Repository

Official Website



Trixie is an all-in-one Discord Bot for pony lovers. At least that’s what the developers says.

TrixieBot actually is a general purpose bot aimed towards creative communities. It focuses on providing tools to tighten up controls on spam, adding more functionalities and fun instead of creating fake traffic by sending meaningless activity messages like many other bots tends to do.

TrixieBot is geared with many commands to analyze server activity, customize bot behaviour and other fun stuff.

The bot is built on the back of Node.js, MongoDB and Discord.js, so if you’re learning javascript, you should definitely check out its source code.

Add TrixieBot to your server


Official Github Repository

Official Website



Written in JavaScript with Discord.js and Mongoose, Atlanta is another attempt to build an all-in-one general purpose Discord bot.

Atlanta Bot offers support for commands in messages, translation, prefix, emojis, new mention syntax. You can tag everybody with @everyone or just the ones that is online with @here.

As any other multi purpose Discord bot, Atlanta Bot is equipped with a huge number of commands, divided into 7 main categories : Administration, Moderation, Music, Economy, Fun, General, Owner. Utility commands for external service supports Fortnite, Github, Minecraft, Lmgty, hastebin, etc.

In addition to the commands, you’ll have access to a minimal but feature-completed dashboard. The dashboard allows you to directly edit configuration, manage servers, rankings, profile and much more.

Add Atlantabot to your server


Official Github Repository

Official Website


Miyako bot is a multipurpose Discord Bot built on Node.js and use MongoDB as its database. It’s self-hosted, meaning that you have to install Miyako on your server before inviting it to your server.

Miyako supports a modest range of commands, focuses heavily on entertainment. Users can earn points and level up as they engage in the Discord server. While Miyako was not built for moderation, it does have a few basic commands for that purpose, such as kick/ban/prune.

Miyako supports third-party integration for, Giphy, Genius, TMDB and Wolfram Alpha. You need to obtain API keys before enabling these services.

A.C.E. – Autonomous Command Executor

KRu9gV4.png (789×182)

A.C.E., short for Autonomous Command Executor, is another fun, general purpose Disscord bot. Initially made for AutoHotkey server, the bot has been equipped with a plethora of commands. A.C.E. features is listed below :

  • Classic starboard. Basically a channel where important messages are posted.
  • Tag system for quickly insert text or images
  • Moderation features
  • Welcome messages
  • Roles selector
  • Feedback system inside Discord
  • Fun : Random doggo/cat/fox/duck picture

To use it, you can either invite Autonomous Command Executor to your server, or host it on your own machine. Self-hosted version requires PostgreSQL preinstalled and API keys for Spotify, Wolfram, APIXU Weather data.


Discord is an online chat application popular amongst online gamers. It offers voice channels, video chat, and text chat with other gamers. Imagine a space where you can come and talk about games with similar-minded people, ask for advice or tips for specific games that you’re stuck in or just simply hang out. This is the essence of a typical Discord channel. However, some of these users have worked on developing a custom set of commands for their channel to make it more interesting. The variety of bots available on the Discord platform has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year alone. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can create your own bot using NodeJS and Discord.


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