Open Source Code Benefits

The concept of open source was invented to encourage communities that share and improve upon each other’s work. Open source code benefits actually play a practical role in the world we live in today. Did you know that over 80% of the software we use have some type of open source software? Open source code actually plays a practical role in our daily lives, but are you taking advantage of it?

Open source code is used in the development of thousands of software applications and frameworks spanning across different industries including education, healthcare, e-commerce and more. Open source code simply refers to computer software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

Advantages of Open Source Software

Cost Effective
Generally an open source software is free to use. The users does not require to pay for the usage. It can be installed free of cost without any upfront expenses. Nevertheless the quality is not compromised. Especially for businesses with tight budget, using open source software can lead to significant amount of cost savings. 

Error Free
The number of people involve in maintaining an open source software is more in hundreds and thousands. Usually they are present as a community. These people make sure that the software is error free of bugs. 
Once a user identifies a bug, they could report it to the community so that the community could fix it as soon as possible. Releasing a patch will not take longer time since the source code is available to everyone.

Unlike in proprietary software, users in open source software does not experience vendor lock-ins. Even if there are irrelevant features, the users can effectively remove them. This is because the source code is free to modify. Users do not need to stick to the provider’s requirements.

Open source software offers convenient license schemes. Thus, the users do not need to worry about monitoring and tracking. And regardless of the location, an open source software could also be used. Moreover, it does not pose any restrictions on the number of times it can be installed.

Integrated management

By using open source software, you can benefit from integrated management. Open source software uses technologies, such as, common information model (CIM) and web based enterprise management (WBEM). These high-end technologies enable you to integrate and combine server, application, service and workstation management. This integration would result in efficient administration.

Disadvantages of Open Source Software

User Friendly
Not all the open source applications are easy to use. The Graphical User Interface may not be user friendly for the users to understand. Only tech savvy people will be able to understand this interface.
If used in an organization, the employees must be trained accordingly to operate it. For this the companies need to hire trainers all which can cause additional expenses. 

As mentioned earlier, the source code present in an open source software is free to edit. The problem comes when someone misuses the code for their own benefits. While many of them use it for improving the software, others could invite vulnerabilities such as identity theft and malicious transfers.

Some applications cannot support both open source software and proprietary software. If proprietary hardware needs to run on an open source machine, it requires third party drivers. However, that cannot guarantee that the hardware will work on the host machine. Therefore, before purchasing a hardware it is recommended to check it is supported by the open source application.

When using an open source software, it is common to experience technical issues. Unlike a proprietary software, an open source software does not offer extensive support. For fixing this people look for support services online. 
Since an open source software is created by numerous developers, there is not just one person liable for an error. The only option available is to contact the provider or rely on third party support services.

Finding required drivers for hardware components is not an easy task because the respective driver must be supporting the current operating system you use. Hence, a new hardware component that is installed could fain to provide its functionalities.


Open source has become increasingly popular, especially for businesses. Finally, there might just be an alternative that your business is actually willing to consider. Every developer has their favorite framework and often share their experience with the rest of the community who are eager to learn. The term itself «Open source» covers an incredible variety of products like Linux, Android or Chromium (aka Google Chrome). In general, it means that you can obtain, study, change and distribute the source code of a software or a program which makes it possible to distribute open-source programs free, because they are available to everyone.

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