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Open Source Audio Editor (Open SoX) is a free, Open Source, cross platform WAV editor. It supports many file formats and audio encoding/decoding methods including reading from and writing to files andpipe, synchronisation with other programs in real-time, and playing WAV files with libao,Miles or Portaudio.

With the Open Source Audio Editor (OSE) you get a real-time audio editing environment packed with hundreds of features to help you create. OSE is available for Linux and Windows. Its modular design enables addition of new effects and modules by writing C++ code in an object oriented manner. The icing on the cake is that it’s open source!


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Audacity is a freecross-platformopen source audio editor software. It is one of the most popular audio editing software for Windows. It provides a Timeline using which you can easily enhance an audio piece with effects and filters. It lets you edit soundtracks of various formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AC3, WMA, etc. You can even import labels (TXT file), MIDI, and RAW audio files to edit. After adding audio filters and effects, the final product can be exported in any of aforementioned audio formats.

Let’s take a look at features of this open source audio editor:

  • You can easily mix two or more audio tracks using its Timeline.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete options make it easier to edit soundtracks.
  • You can also record an audio in this software and edit it accordingly.
  • It lets you generate various types of noise including White NoisePink Noise, and Brownian Noise. Additionally, you can generate other sounds including Chirps, Silence, DTMF Tones, Tone, etc.
  • You can also remove noises from audio tracks.
  • Different audio effects can be added to a soundtrack. These include Amplify, Auto Duck, Bass and Treble, Change Speed, Change Tempo, Normalize, Fade In, Fade Out, Phaser, Repair, Repeat, Reverb, etc. Some additional audio effects you get are Clip Fix, Adjustable Fade, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Notch Filter, Vocal Remover, etc.
  • You can analyze audio using tools like Plot Spectrum (frequency analysis), Contrast (average RMS volume differences), Find Clipping, Silence Finder, Sound Finder, etc.
  • A dedicated preview button is provided to listen to edited audio.

Other than above mentioned tools, you get few handy options which make audio editing easier. For example, Align Tracks, Sort Tracks, Clip Boundaries, Select, etc.

All is all, Audacity is one of the best audio editing software which is completely free and open source.

Scribus (desktop publishing)
You can use Scribus to create a complete document, or just to convert a PDF from Inkscape or Libre Office from RGB to CMYK. One feature I really like: You can simulate and check what people with visual disabilities will experience with a Scribus document. I count on Scribus when I send PDF files to a commercial printer. While printing companies may be used to files created with proprietary solutions like InDesign, if your Scribus file is done correctly, your printer won’t have any issues. Free trick: The first time you send a file, don’t tell the printer the name of the software you used to create it. See Made with Scribus for examples of documents created with this software.

 Ashampoo Music Studio

Ashampoo Music Studio is a music software to edit and organize sound. It enables you to make a device compatible playlist. You can create mixed audio with just a few mouse clicks. The application supports M3U, XSPF, WPL, and PLS file formats.

Open Source Audio Editor Image


  • Supports volume adjustment and muting sections.
  • You can record audio files.
  • Convert files into Flac, Ogg, and WAV formats.
  • You can split and mix sound.
  • It enables you to adjust the volume between more than one tracks.
  • You can retrieve missing information on the audio track.
  • Extract any audio from the video.
  • You can organize the title and also add additional information.
  • It allows you to edit the metadata.


Open Source Audio Editor Image

WaveShop is another free open source audio editor for Windows. It lets you edit a song by deleting a specific sectionmixing various soundtracks in oneadding various audio effects to it, and more. A dedicated Timeline is provided to do so. Also, as it has a multi-tab interface, you can edit multiple audio files in different tabs in it.

How to edit audio in this open source audio editing software:

To edit a track, you can directly import an audio in formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MPC, AAC, MP4, etc. Apart from that, you can start from the scratch and generate an audio by specifying parameters like channels, sample rate, sample size, amplifier, waveform, modulation, etc. After that, you can insert one or more audio tracks or silence to the current project. It lets copy, paste, or delete a specific portion of the audio. This way, you can mix up multiple soundtracks as per your requirements.

Additionally, you can use its Audio menu to enhance an audio. Audio effects and filters like Amplify, Fade In/Out, Invert, Resample, Reverse, Normalize, etc. can be used. You can also extract audio, find clipping, view RMS statistics and peak statistics, assign speakers, view spectrum, etc. It provides some plugins for additional functionalities including Fast Lookahead Limiter, Glame Bandpass Filter, Glame Highpass Filter, Glame Lowpass Filter, DJ EQ, etc.

To export edited audio, you can save it in any of supported formats such as AIFF, AVR, FLAC, MPC, OGG, RAW, WAV, etc.

WaveShop is a nice open source audio editing software. It also lets you view or edit song metadata.

 LibreOffice Draw (desktop publishing)

Although you may not think of LibreOffice Draw as a professional desktop publishing solution, it can save you in many situations; for example, if you are creating whitepapers, diagrams, or posters that other people (even those who don’t know graphics software) can update later. Not only is it easy to use, it’s also a great alternative to Impress or PowerPoint for creating interesting documents.


Soundop is a professional audio editing software that offers a seamless audio production workflow. It helps you to edit metadata across formats. This application offers support for multitrack recording and mixing.

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  • Display multiple effect editors to instantly monitor and adjust several audio effects.
  • Offers high DPI Display Support
  • Helps you to burn Audio Tracks to CD
  • Provides support for waveform and spectral editing
  • Batch processing audio files


Ergonomic graphical interface for editing and playback, exclusively developed for Snd, based on recent GUI design ideas, configurable with Scheme. Supports WAV and AIFF files, with other file formats if libsndfile is installed. Also supports Ogg Vorbis, Sun/AU/ISO, Microsoft Windows and NeXT track formats.

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