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Open source antivirus software has been around for a very long time. In the beginning, it was not known if this software was as good as other types available. This led many IT professionals to wonder if this type of software could be trusted. This open source antivirus software development blog post will examine why open source antivirus is good. It also reveals the features that are available in various open source antivirus software programs. Finally, it takes a brief look at some of the most popular ones available.


Immunet is an entirely open source software developed to protect your PC from any online threat. This software utilizes cloud computing and community-based technology, to ensure the security of your PC while online.

It was developed to work flawlessly with any computer that uses Windows as its operating system. If your PC isn’t very new, or has older specs, you can still run this antivirus. For Windows 10 (latest version) all it needs is a 1 GHz or faster processor, 1 Gb or RAM (32bit operating system) or 2Gb for a 64bit system, and 850Mb available disk space.But what will you get if you choose to install it? I’ll tell you right now. For start, it has a feature that any antivirus software should have: detection and removal of unwanted software or data (viruses, malware, spyware, bots, worms, trojans and keyloggers).

Something interesting about it, is the fact that you can use it to supplement your existing antivirus software. This basically means that your main antivirus will work together with Immunet to protect your computer. But you should know that Immunet is good to use on its own too. It can do pretty much everything your other software might do.

If Immunet detects a virus, you can choose to put the infected files in quarantine or remove them all at once. But putting them in quarantine can be a big help. There’s a chance the infected file is something you need, so you can’t just delete it. In this case, putting the file in quarantine, will allow you to remove only the virus without deleting any important data. But doing this, might require an IT professional. Still, a great option to have.

I mentioned the Immunet is an open source antivirus developed and maintained by its community. This is the other pro if you choose to go with it: the community.

Immunet’s community consists of more than 2 million members (and still growing). This can be a real asset for you. Why? Because a bigger community means a higher chance to find answers for possible problems. No matter how ‘’perfect’’ a software is, there will always be issues to be solved.

This is where the community comes into the picture. If you stumble upon a problem that you don’t know how to solve, the community is the best place to start looking for an answer. There are many forums online talking about Immunet. Just sign up to some of them, and start talking.

This is where the community comes into the picture. If you stumble upon a problem that you don’t know how to solve, the community is the best place to start looking for an answer. There are many forums online talking about Immunet. Just sign up to some of them, and start talking.

Bitdefender Free Version

The free version of Bitdefender is a lightweight and simple antivirus software. It is an award-winning software available for any user. This free verion leaves out some features that most programs have, but for a good reason. Because of doing this, Bitdefender Free is superfast and efficient at protecting your PC from any threat.

Basically, the main goal of this software is to protect your PC and shield it from online and other types (USB drives, Hard drives etc) of viruses and malware. Is it achieving this goal? Yes, it really does. We can safely say that it’s protecting your PC even better than many other paid programs.To make sure your computer is secure, Bitdefender is scanning it in real time to find any anomaly. It’s looking for weird behavior between your installed programs. When it finds a file that is possibly infected, it will upload it to the cloud for analysis.

Now let’s list some of the available features with the free version:

  • Improved Intelligent Antivirus – Scan and protect in real time
  • Advanced Threat Defense – This looks for unusual behavior to assure security
  • Web Attack Prevention – Preventing you from ever landing on a harmful website
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Fraud – Prevents fraud when you shop online (or banking and browsing)
  • Automatic Updates – The software will be updated regularly, once a new version was released (without affecting your computer)

When you’re looking for a good antivirus program, you should consider one that doesn’t impact your PC in a bad way. Luckily, a great aspect about Bitdefender is the fact that it isn’t using many resources to achieve security. Many people who tested the software have reported that it has minimal influence on your computer’s performance. This is great news for anyone and a big plus for Bitdefender.Something interesting about this program though, is that you don’t have the possibility to do quick scans of your PC. In fact, you don’t need them if you’re using this software. Why is that? Well, the first full scan of your system will be running when you first set up Bitdefender. This scan takes up about 1,5/2 hours.

Once this scan is done, and Bitdefender learns what files are safe and do not need to be tested every time, you can run full system scans anytime you want. And every such scan takes about 5/7 minutes. Yes, only 5 minutes. That is exactly why quick scanning isn’t an option. The full scan is actually better, and it lasts only minutes.

Comodo Antivirus Free

This software is available for Windows users running Windows 7 / 8 and 10. Comodo can protect you PC from any kind of virus, malware, trojan, rootkit, adware and spyware. What features does Comodo give you?

  • Default Deny Approach: This is basically the first line of defense on your computer. It scans any new file that wants to enter your system. Once it’s proven to be harmless, you can copy or install it without a doubt.
  • Containment: This feature is a backup for the first one. It will put your files in a separate environment, where they are tested to be sure you can use them.
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System: This is pretty self-explanatory. It monitors your PC and prevents malicious attack from different sources.
  • Virus Scope: Used for local PC analysis.
  • Whitelisting: This option lets you mark specific files, so you know they are safe. Default access will be granted to such files.
  • And Others!

For a free antivirus tool to be this powerful and versatile is quite unusual. If you want a software that can do many things, Comodo could be a good choice.

Alongside the already mentioned features, Comodo can do something interesting, but very helpful. It’s called Rating Scan. What is this? Well, obviously this option will scan your PC. But there’s something else to it as well.

Rating Scan will go through all the running processes and the most frequently infected areas. Once it finishes, you will have displayed a report based on the reputation of each file or process it found. Why is this helpful? Just think about!

Maybe you’re suspecting an infection, but you’re not sure where to look for it. In such a case, the Rating Scan could be the way to go. It will point out the files that aren’t clearly a risk, but they have an unusual behavior. Based on this report, you can start looking in the right direction, thus reducing the time needed to find the issue.

A pro about this program is the user interface. It was created to be appealing for any user. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a techy person, you can still use this software easily. But be aware that there are certain features that need a little bit more expertise. Though they are not necessarily needed for an average user.

Kaspersky Free

A well-known player among the alternatives, Kaspersky is a popular choice for lots of people (more than 400 million users globally). It’s a pretty simple antivirus, with not so many bonuses. Still, it’s got one of the fastest scanning engines out there.

All that’s included with the free version is of paramount importance for the software to work as well as it does. For instance, you get protection against dangerous websites and a superior scanner to ensure your protected against any online threat. Kaspersky Free uses the same technology as its premium counterpart. This consists of 3 elements needed to make sure your data is secure on your local PC. The first defensive line is a file scanner that I already specified before. This will match your local items/files with known threats.

The second step is an analysis that searches for signs of weird behavior in your system. These could be associated with a malware attack. The third and final step it takes is the inspection of any new file that looks out of place, and sends updates to all the other users. Doing this, will prevent everyone else to get infected in the same way, or with the same files.

With Kaspersky being so efficient in handling threats, you may be thinking it must use up all your resources to obtain these results. If that’s what you’re thinking, you couldn’t be more wrong about it. It uses a moderate amount of system resources to give you this security. From many benchmark tests, it resulted that the software slows down the PC so little, that a normal user won’t even notice much. What about its user interface? Kaspersky Free uses the same UI as the paid version. It’s a clean and easy to grasp display. When all is good and secure, everything will be colored green (of course). When yellow appears, you should know that there’s a new update and it’s waiting for installation. Red is obviously a bad sign. You might be under attack or some files could be infected. Take precautions and get rid of the problem.


During this article we looked at few programs that are capable to give your PC the security you desire. And above all, every one of these antivirus programs is free to use. No matter if you just need a simple software or one with lots of features and customizability, you will surely find one among the ones I mentioned in this article.

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