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Open Source Agile Project Management Tools Php

The Agile Php Project Management Tools are a comprehensive set of software applications that are available to you at no cost! Use these tools to help your business adhere to the principles of Agile Project Management, and let us know what you think via our contact form.

This site contains some resources and articles to help people learn more about open source tools for project management, Agile methodology and life cycle, such as: open agile process (OpenAjax Alliance), OpenAjax Platform (open source AJAX framework), agile development, Agile project management tools, Scrum framework, Extreme Programming, etc.


MyCollab Kanban board

MyCollab is a suite of three collaboration modules for small and midsize businesses: project management, customer relationship management (CRM), and document creation and editing software. There are two licensing options: a commercial “ultimate” edition, which is faster and can be run on-premises or in the cloud, and the open source “community edition,” which is the version we’re interested in here.

The community edition doesn’t have a cloud option and is slower, due to not using query cache, but provides essential project management features, including tasks, issues management, activity stream, roadmap view, and a Kanban board for agile teams. While it doesn’t have a separate mobile app, it works on mobile devices as well as Linux, Unix, Windows, and MacOS.

Redmine 4.1.0


(Frank Bergmann, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Redmine is a web-based project management tool with a focus on agile methodologies.

The standard installation includes a Gantt timeline view, but it lacks fundamental features like scheduling, drag-and-drop, indent and outdent, and resource assignments. You have to edit task properties individually to change the task tree’s structure.

Redmine has Gantt editor plugins, but they are either outdated (e.g., Plus Gantt) or proprietary (e.g., ANKO Gantt chart). If you know of other open source Gantt editor plugins, please share them in the comments.

Redmine is written in Ruby on Rails and available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The core is available under a GPLv2 license.

  • Best for: IT teams working using agile methodologies
  • Unique selling proposition: It’s the original “upstream” parent project of OpenProject and EasyRedmine.


OpenProject is an agile, efficient, classic, and hybrid open-source project management software. You will have access to secure your privacy with the highest standards in privacy and data security. Installing it in your infrastructure helps you get complete control and data ownership.

Using the tool will give you insights into all your data and its storage without any external influence. It will also allow your team to work more productive, more pleasant, and simpler way. In addition, your team will be able to track their work to get better results while organizing tasks quickly and distributing tasks to anyone within the team.

OpenProject has everything in a single place so that you can communicate better. Optimize the creativity and experience of the teammates via shared timelines to visualize and create project plans.

Open Source Agile Project Management Tools Php Image

Analyze the detailed activities to develop a plan and let everyone know how to proceed and when to deliver the project by understanding the scope. Agile teams will also measure, learn, and build to deliver faster and better work with every iteration.

OpenProject provides necessary tools to get methodologies like Kanban and Scrum and agile product development. It is a big community for developers, open-source enthusiasts, businesses, etc., where they can find the perfect setup to choose between premises and flexible hosting options.

The enterprise on-premises provides premium, professional support, and security features for the self-hosted OpenProject. According to your number of users, calculate your price. Choose the support options and subscription period to get your application starting at $405/year for 5 users.


Phabricator main screen

Phabricator is a collection of web apps by Phacility, and it contains far more tasks than the project advertises in its sales pitch. It’s unusual for a company to intentionally under sell their product, but that’s Phacility’s model, but don’t be fooled by their modesty. There’s Manifest for bug and issue tracking, Projects for Kanban workboards, Diffusion for Git hosting, Phame for blogging, the Phriction wiki, Harbormaster for CI/CD, Conpherence for team chat, and much much more. Everything is intregrated, so there’s no “rewiring” required to make your Kanban board affect your bug tracker. There’s a dashboard for all of the data, too, so tracking progress can happen at every level.

Phabricator is used by many active projects, including some big KDE applications, like Kdenlive and Krita, so its efficacy has been proven by teams distributed around the globe. It’s under constant development and tends to be open to feedback and enhancement requests.


Phabricator kanban board

You can run Phabricator on your own server and purchase paid support, or you can pay Phacility for hosting (with a Support Pact included). It’s licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and is available from the project’s Github mirror.


Gitlab is a popular end-to-end DevOps application. It has a global community of developers that use the platform to create and store code. GitLab is also a Git repository for code. Thus, the software enables users to collaborate on projects with other developers. 

But it’s also a great open-source platform for agile project planning. It’s especially well-suited for software and application development projects. Developers and product managers can take advantage of the following features:

  • Agile planning 
  • Version control 
  • Code review 
  • Time tracking
  • Wiki-based project documentation
  • Multi-cloud CI/CD
  • Security and monitoring
Open Source Agile Project Management Tools Php Image

The platform uses an ‘open core’ business model. So along with the open-source version, the company also offers paid versions of the software. GitLab’s Open Source program is still free to use and contribute to by all. 

You may not have access to all of GitLab’s pre-built features on the open-source version of the platform. Read more about GitLab’s business model and pricing for certain features here

Bottom Line: 

GitLab is a great free and open-source choice for product managers or developers leading a lean team. It’s designed to help manage the entire DevOps lifecycle. So it’s best-suited for software and application development projects. 



IceScrum is a free open-source agile project management tools for enterprise. It aims for minimal configuration multi-tool system for software companies.

It features visualization tools, timeline management, backlog manager and allows managers to monitor key indicators of success.

IceScrum supports integration of dozens of 3rd-party apps like GitHub, JIRA, Slack, and more.


As a true cross-platform mobile development tool for your organization, here’s the ultimate platform that you can use to develop enterprise applications and solutions based on Php.

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