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Open Source Accounting Software Github is a list of free and open source accounting software available on GitHub. It is a very common procedure for today’s business owners to record their expenditure and income in a concise manner. This is necessary as it helps them stay organized as well as gives them the ability to project their future earnings, cash flow, and even their position on the Stock Exchange. So you want to open up shop as a new business owner, but where do you start? Tools that help you run your business more effectively are vital to your success.

This is a curated list of open source accounting software projects hosted on GitHub. This is not a list of all open source accounting software, just those projects which use GitHub as a code repository and whose website lists them as “open source” or lists them as “FOSS”. If you can’t find an open source or FOSS finance program you want to use here, look for it using the Freshmeat.


InvoiceNinja is one of the popular and modern open source accounting software. It’s 100% free and a self-hosted accounting system. However, you can use it as (SaaS) software as a Service by choosing a subscription plan. InvoiceNinja has impressive features such as invoices, payment handling, vendors, expenses, tasks, projects, and many more. In addition, InvoiceNinja provides beautiful mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices. This open source invoicing software is PHP Laravel framework source code is available at GitHub.

Here is a list of the key feature for InvoiceNinja:

  • Create and Email Invoices/Quotes in Real-Time
  • 40+ Payment Gateway Integration Options
  • Multiple Company Support
  • Create Recurring Invoicing & Auto-Bill Clients
  • Proposals Creation Tool


Akaunting is another one of the top open source accounting software based on the PHP Laravel framework. It provides out of the box beautiful interfaces for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Akaunting comes with excellent features that fulfill the financial need of any business. Moreover, you can setup it on your private server and keep control of all the important data. Its source code is available on GitHub.

Following are the key features of Akaunting:

  • Customer Management
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready Interface
  • 100% Financial Data Ownership
  • Lifetime FREE Updates


InvoicePlane is free and self-hosted accounting software. It offers out of the box CRM (customer relationship management) module. CRM feature enables the business to manage the key information of customers. You can easily create tasks such as quotations, invoices, receipts, and payments. InvoicePlane supports several payment methods for financial transactions. Moreover, it supports multilingual and you can run it in the language of your choice. However, InvoicePlane is written in PHP CodeIgniter framework and all of its source code is available on GitHub.

InvoicePlane offers the following key points:

  • Quotes, Invoices, Payments
  • Recurring invoices
  • Manage your Clients
  • Customize easily
  • One-Click Online Payments

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is one of the best open source accounting software based on Java. It is a robust, scalable, and customizable invoicing system. It has impressive feature set that can be used to handle all the financial operations. Further, Kill Bill supports plugins, and you can either use available plugins or create your own for enhancing the system. Moreover, it offers an API that enables businesses to do the integration with third-party services. It’s source code is available on GitHub.

Kill Bill comes up with the following key features:

  • Financial analysis
  • History tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Real time analytics
  • Real time notifications


Crater is open source accounting software. It is 100% free and ideal for freelancers and small businesses. Crater has some great features such as invoice handling, estimates, track expenses, and payments. Further, Crater offers out of the box mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices. This open source invoice management system is written in the PHP Laravel framework. Moreover, its source code is available on GitHub with a complete development roadmap.

Crater supports the following important features:

  • Invoices management
  • Payment tracking
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Support Tax Handling
  • Mobile application for Android and IOS


12 Best Open Source Self-Hosted Cloud Accounting and Invoicing Solutions

BillRun is an interesting open-source business CRM platform. We recommended it for a big data billing solution such as VoIP providers, digital businesses and SMBs.

It offers the identical features as our proven, enterprise-grade billing solution, can be handle in real-time, wholesale reports for management, fully support in high-availability volumes and sizes.

The database that they use is MongoDB that can support for different type of documents, and it has written with PHP.


12 Best Open Source Self-Hosted Cloud Accounting and Invoicing Solutions

SolidInvoice is an open source, simple and elegant invoicing solution that allows you to manage clients and send invoices and quotes, receive notifications via text message, email.

With it clients and contacts management can create and manage quotes, Invoices, it has RESTful API.

It is released under MIT license and written with PHP language.


12 Best Open Source Self-Hosted Cloud Accounting and Invoicing Solutions

OpenBRM is a free open source flexible billing system and CRM built on a time-tested framework. It  deploys with an integrated ecommerce component.

It offers the most flexible options for management, subscriptions, Telecom, converged billing, discounts and bundles.

OpenBRM exposes all the API over SOAP, REST, it has in built CRM module to generate quotes and handle Support Tickets.

OpenSourceBilling (OSB)


OSB is a free, simple web application billing software which offers open-source version as well released under the  GPL-3.0 license.

It features include: it let you create and send invoices to your clients via email, manage invoice disputes, print or download customized reports, review payments collected, export your invoices via .pdf, charts demonstrating invoices and payments statistics, and more.



LedgerSMB is a web-based, open-source ERP accounting software that originally provides small and mid-size businesses. It aims to provide multi currency accounting without vendor lock-in.

In addition to all the essential features a LedgerSMB has to offer, it offers some great integrating invoicing, order processing, quotations, inventory management, shipping, and more.

It is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 and written with Perl.


Here in this article, we have covered best open source accounting software in detail. The reason why we have brought you the best open source accounting software is to help IT entrepreneurs and non-technical people to learn from its pros and cons.

Many corporations are looking to move to open-source business solutions. Accounting software is an area that offers real value based on the several projects available for this.

GitHub is a great place to store and share code with Git and hosting it will also improve your workflow and speed up your time to market by allowing you to collaborate on it with your team, however if you want things that are not natively offered such as an issue or project management board there are many free open source solutions online. However, if you’re looking for an easy solution that can be hosted on their own server, then there are very few options out there.

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