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How to Use Open Project

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This is a detailed, step-by-step guide to using Open Project and the software features in a variety of ways. This guide will begin with a high level overview of Open Project, and then will show you the process of creating a project from start to finish. This guide will also show you how to add new file types to your Open Project installation, how to use versioning in your projects, and how to backup your Open Project files.

Installing OpenProject

The software can be downloaded and installed with a Docker image, which lets users easily distribute self-contained applications. OpenProject provides a free Docker image for the Community Edition, which you can install and upgrade on your servers.

The fastest way to get an OpenProject instance up and running is to execute the following command, which runs the latest stable branch of OpenProject (the database and attachments will be saved on the host, so they will still be there after you restart the Docker container):

docker run \
 -p 8080:80 \
 -v /persistent/db-data/dir/on/host:/var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main \
 -v /persistent/openproject/data/on/host:/var/db/openproject \
 -e SECRET_KEY_BASE=youshouldoverwritethiswithsomethingelse \

Don’t forget to override the SECRET_KEY_BASE with a sensible value (i.e., a long, randomly generated string).

This will take a bit of time the first time you launch it, but after a few minutes you should see a message indicating the default administration password (login: admin, password: admin).


OpenProject is an agile, efficient, classic, and hybrid open-source project management software. You will have access to secure your privacy with the highest standards in privacy and data security. Installing it in your infrastructure helps you get complete control and data ownership.

Using the tool will give you insights into all your data and its storage without any external influence. It will also allow your team to work more productive, more pleasant, and simpler way. In addition, your team will be able to track their work to get better results while organizing tasks quickly and distributing tasks to anyone within the team.

OpenProject has everything in a single place so that you can communicate better. Optimize the creativity and experience of the teammates via shared timelines to visualize and create project plans.


Analyze the detailed activities to develop a plan and let everyone know how to proceed and when to deliver the project by understanding the scope. Agile teams will also measure, learn, and build to deliver faster and better work with every iteration.

OpenProject provides necessary tools to get methodologies like Kanban and Scrum and agile product development. It is a big community for developers, open-source enthusiasts, businesses, etc., where they can find the perfect setup to choose between premises and flexible hosting options.

The enterprise on-premises provides premium, professional support, and security features for the self-hosted OpenProject. According to your number of users, calculate your price. Choose the support options and subscription period to get your application starting at $405/year for 5 users.


MyCollab Kanban option
Image Credit: MyCollab

MyCollab is an easy-to-install software with a clean UI. It’s a fully-featured collaboration tool designed to serve small to medium-sized businesses.

The cloud-based project management software provides a rich set of project management, document management, and customer relationship management (CRM) features. It also includes two licensing options: an open-source “community edition” and a commercial edition.

The community edition provides basic project management features like issues management, roadmap view, and Kanban for efficient task management. On the other hand, the premium plan supports Gantt charts, time tracking, risk management, and more. Prices start from $19 per month, with a 30-day free trial.


Are you searching for an alternative to Notion, Asana, and Trello?

Well, you can go for Focalboard, which is an open-source and self-hosted project management software. It helps to organize, manage, track, and define work across your teams by using the Kanban board view. It has two editions:

  • Focalboard Personal Desktop: It is a desktop app for personal and to-do projects. It is a single-tenant that runs on a local server to get optimal performance and speed.
  • Focalboard Personal Server: It is a self-hosted server to help collaborate better with your team.

Click over “add new boards” to pick project tasks from the different templates.

Change the created date, priority, sort settings, filter settings, and group by settings according to your preference. You can also drag cards from one column to another to change the group property. In addition, edit the cards whenever you want to know the set of properties and content and the list of comments.

Table views help you view the cards in a single place to hover over the title to open one. Furthermore, every board has card templates and board templates to customize each board as per your team. Get a Personal Desktop on your Mac and Windows or Personal Server on Ubuntu.


Zentao is a professional Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) that supports Scrum. The program provides the tools you need to cover the core processes of software development projects, from conceptualization to planning to delivery.

The platform’s main features include project management, product management, document management, and test management. Its most distinguishing characteristic is that it separates the concepts of product, sprint, and test.

Zentao offers both free and paid plans. Both versions support task management, document management, testing, and release management, to name a few.

The paid plan includes customizable workflows, customized reporting, calendar, Kanban boards, and Gantt charts. Pricing starts at $24.9 as a flat rate, as a one-time payment.


Get the open-source project management platform of Restya to manage tasks, chat, to-dos, etc.  Restya is a Trello-like kanban board that will offer advanced category Extend Restyaboard and countless options such as scripts, user styles, widgets, integrations, etc.

They have the MyRestyaboards app that is compatible with iPadOS and iOS operating systems. It tracks numerous Restya Boards, and you can import existing boards easily from Asana, which is used in project and work management.

It’s a cloud-based project management solution where you can also import your work instantly from Kantree, a flexible management tool that helps organize, collaborate projects, manage, and plan. Furthermore, you can easily transfer boards from Pipefy, Taiga, Taskwarrior, Trello, and Wekan to Restya Board.


A separate board manages every project, and you can create numerous boards and manage them simultaneously. Use existing templates for instant and quick launches, and duplicate a single board multiple times with different names. In addition, the keyboard shortcut keys let you perform some actions like deletion and addition of members, open cards, voting, etc.

Create one digital platform with classified projects and descriptions. In this digital platform, you will get an interactive interface, better organization visibility, and the option to edit, add a member, remove a member, change permissions, sort, and delete.

View simple boards or apply filters to see a list of boards and set its visibility to public or private. You can also see the cards in grid format or a list view. Restya provides you with a calendar view along with color variations to make it distinct and highlighted.

Additional features you will have are Gantt view, report view, member invitation, list view of members, editing visibility mode, changing the background, modifying textures and patterns, custom background option, automatic subscription, productivity beats, and much more.


Are you new to Open Project? This document will help get you set up for success! There’s some important information about your account and how to use this product.

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