How To Open Source Code On Ipad

How To Open Source Code On Ipad. That is what we’re about to discuss. You see, for months now, people have been looking for a free way to open source code on ipad . People were asking how long it would be before someone figured it out. It turns out that we already had the answer to that problem: You see, you can already do this…but you just didn’t know it yet. We found the trick to opening open source code on ipad. The catch was telling people how exactly to do this. Let me show you how…

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How to view webpage HTML source codes on iPad / iPhone. No app required.

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Are you web-curious and want to take a peek at the source code of any website on the internet? If so, you are not alone. One of the most frequent reader questions we see is how to view HTML source codes from ANY webpage on an iPhone (or another iDevice–iPad or iPod Touch.)  Luckily, we have a solution thanks to Developer Rob Flaherty! This article outlines the steps required to view the source code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) for any webpage on your iDevices including iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. And best of all, no app required!

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How to View HTML source codes on iDevices

8 Easy Steps to see HTML source codes

  1. Tap Safari (iPhone, iPod, or iPad), if it is not already open, and visit this page. This method also works for Chrome
  2. Select the Share Button (also known as the Action button):
  3. Tap Bookmark:
  4. Choose the Name Field and hit the X icon to clear it and name it “Show Page Source” and then tap “Save.”
  5. Now visit this page and select all and copy the javascript code: (code credit: Rob Flaherty)
  6. Confirm that the code you copy from Rob’s site looks the same as this (but copy from this page NOT from below):
    1. javascript:(function(){var‘about:blank’).document;a.write(‘<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Source of ‘+location.href+'</title><meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width” /></head><body></body></html>’);a.close();var b=a.body.appendChild(a.createElement(‘pre’));’auto’;’pre-wrap’;b.appendChild(a.createTextNode(document.documentElement.innerHTML))})();
  7. Tap the Bookmarks icon and tap Edit:
  8. Select the “Show Page Source” bookmark you just created in step # 4:
  9. Tap the Address Field and hit the X icon to clear it, then paste the javascript code you copied in step # 5; then tap Done

That’s it! Now you can use go to any webpage using mobile Safari (and Chrome) on your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, or iPad), tap the Bookmarks icon then tap the Show Page Source bookmark, and a new window opens displaying the source code of the webpage. Awesome and Easy!

End Results to View HTML source codes

show page source
see HTML code of a site

And, Of Course, There’s an App For That!

How to view webpage HTML source codes on iPad / iPhone. No app required.

If you don’t like the idea of going through a bunch of manual steps, the App Store offers a few apps that do the work for you! Look for third-party apps like View Source, Source for Webpage, Source Browser, and similar apps that allow you to view HTML source code. With these apps, you get access to all your favorite site’s HTML source code, CSS, and on some apps, any Javascript. Some of these apps even offer a Safari extension for iOS devices and include built-in syntax highlighting and search features! 


Read this guide to know about how to open source code on iPad, a portable intelligent device has been launched by Apple Inc. for the first time. It is an iPhone/iPod Touch with an extra large screen primarily used for surfing over the internet, checking mails and using other applications developed by Apple. In addition to this, you can also create and run your own applications on your iPad. So if you have such a smart device and wants to start coding, there are several free programming languages that are available to get started with the development.


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