How To Open Source Code Of Android App

Getting the source code of android applications is very simple. In this post, I will be explaining it in detail. But you have to make sure that the application you are trying to get the source code from is opened using Eclipse IDE and by using the export function of Eclipse. I have explained steps to get source codes in this post.

I thought we already know how to use Github and Android Studio together, but it was likely that I am wrong. I have been asked by many people who read my previous post about uploading Android projects to GitHub, everyone has the same problem which is :- 1. After upload project to GitHub, there is only a folder named as “gradle” visible on web. 2. All of your code files (src directory) becomes visible with extension .java and .xml (actually this is a good thing). For instance, becomes 3. How to import your project from GitHub repository to Android Studio ? 4. How to open source code of the app ?


NewPipe - Open-Source Android Apps

NewPipe is somewhat a lightweight version of YouTube that unlocks a heap of otherwise restricted features. The app comes with a simple UI but is packed with some powerful features — background player, picture-in-picture mode, download support for offline playback and on top, it’s a completely free open-source Android app with no-ads. The main plus point of this app is its “extended privacy” — NewPipe protects user privacy since no proprietary Google APIs is there in the code and only send information which are required to get video and channel details.

  • Google Play: Not Available
  • Source code: GitHub

Importing into Android Studio

Open Android Studio and select Open an Existing Android Studio Project or FileOpen. Locate the folder you downloaded from Dropsource and unzipped, choosing the “build.gradle” file in the root directory.

build gradle

Android Studio will import the project. You may see warnings or errors regarding SDK and Android versions – if so click the links in the messages to set up your installation of Android Studio with the required versions and components.

Select Project on the left side to view and explore the files in your app.

android imported

Open the “res/layout” directory to access the UI configuration for the app, including pages and other layout components. Select an XML file with the name of one of the pages you created in Dropsource to view it graphically.

android ui

Select the Text tab to view the XML markup code for your layout.

In the “java/<package-name>/activities” directory you will find the Java programming code for each of your app pages, with additional functionality defined in the other Java files in the directory.

android java

Click the Run button to run the app – if you have not already created an Android emulator, Android Studio will prompt you to do so at this point. Once you have an emulator, select it to launch your app on it.

android emulator

Android Studio will run your app on the emulator.

android running

Make sure you don’t spend too much time working on your app in Android Studio if you still need to work on it in the Dropsource editor, as your local changes will not be reflected in Dropsource.


PhoneGap is an open source mobile app development software through which users can design their own apps using languages such as Javascript, CSS, etc.

Free mobile app development software

PhoneGap App Development Software Free Features

  • Easy integration

PhoneGap, one of the best android app development software, supports integration with different libraries necessary for designing the app.

  • Make and view changes

Using PhoneGap free mobile app development software, you can incorporate changes at different stages of app development and view them.

  • Compatible with different OS

Phone gap, counted amongst the best software to make android apps, works equally well on mobile devices and desktops.

  • Cloud compilation

With PhoneGap open source app builder, there is no hassle of maintaining SDKs as compilation happens in the cloud.

  • Third party tools

You can use a third-party tool developed by the PhoneGap community to test and debug your code.


  • It allows creation of a single code useful across different platforms
  • PhoneGap, one of the best mobile app development software, supports quick testing of your code


Some users might find PhoneGap’s interface to be less interactive.

Pricing of PhoneGap Open Source Mobile App Builder: PhoneGap software to make android apps is free to use.

Types of Apps You Can Create:PhoneGap free android software is best for creating Hybrid apps.

Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher - Best open-source Android apps

Lawnchair Launcher is a simple open-source Android launcher app bringing Pixel features. If you are developing a new Android launcher, then refer the codes of Lawnchair, because it may help you to integrate different Android customization options to your app.

Google Play: Lawnchair Launcher

Source code: GitHub.


Buildfire is one of the best software for developing android apps even if you have no knowledge of coding. It helps develop android apps online for different fields such as ecommerce, educational apps, events, podcasts and much more.

Online android app builder

Features of Buildfire Open Source Mobile App Development Tool

  • Enhanced Dashboard

With Buildfire’s dashboard, you can visually monitor changes made to your app and add features to it.

  • Plugins

Buildfire open source app development software offers its own plugins as well as the option of creating custom plugins to improve your app’s functionality.

  • Different monetization options

Buildfire open source mobile development tool lets you send targeted push notifications to specific customers or entire groups.

  • Push notifications

Buildfire lets you send targeted push notifications to specific customers or entire group.

  • Compatible with different OS

Buildfire, one of the best open source mobile app development software can be used to develop apps for iOS and android devices.


  • It helps you to track downloads across platforms
  • Buildfire app development software offers robust SDKs to support high level of customization


Buildfire android app development software offers limited and generic app templates.

Pricing of Buildfire App Development Software for Android: The price of Buildfire online app builder starts from ₹11897.57 per month.

Types of Apps You Can Create: Buildfire android development software is most suitable for native apps and progressive web apps.


Snapdrop - Open-Source Android Apps

Snapdrop is an incredible application that makes wireless file sharing between Android to any platform on the same network a much more seamless process. Just install the app on Android and on other devices use any browser of choice, and go to: Tap on the device name and select files to transfer. That’s it. The Snapdrop code is a perfect choice to learn wireless file transfer in Android


NativeScript is one of the top-rated open source mobile app development software which supports creating apps for android and iOS devices using the same codebase.

Features of NativeScript Free App Development Software

  • App creation using different languages

NativeScript allows creation of native mobile apps through JavaScript, Vue.js, angular etc.

  • Extensible

This software lets you reuse SDKs, plugins and templates for creation of mobile apps as well as open source android apps.

  • Community support

NativeScript has a functioning community which offers support and services for app development.

  • Tutorials

You will find many online tutorials that will help learn the basics of mobile app development useful for developing android open source apps.

  • Device specific UI

NativeScript, one of the best android app development software, lets you create apps whose interface adapts as per the user’s screen or device.


  • NativeScriptopen source mobile app development software executes faster as compared to its competitors.
  • It supports cross platform integration


The frequent updates offered by free mobile app development software makes it tough to get used to a single version.

Pricing of NativeScript App Development Software

NativeScript free mobile app development software can be used free of cost.

Types of Apps You Can Create: NativeScript online app builder is suitable for making native apps.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager - Best open-source Android apps

Amaze File Manager is a lite file manager app for Android with material design guidelines. There are a lot of things you can learn from this app, like how to manage files on SD cards, cloud services support, AES Encryption and Decryption of files for security, etc.


Develop an android app online free with Flutter android app development software, which has been created by Google. What makes Flutter one of the best software to develop android apps is that you can make mobile and desktop compatible apps using a single codebase.

Develop android app online free

Flutter App Development Software Free Features

  • Hot reload

Flutter app development software for android offers customizable widgets to quickly build an app interface.

  • Flexible UI

Flutter’s UI supports end user customization, quick rendering and enhanced designs.

  • Native performance

Flutter android development software designs app for both iOS and android, keeping the difference in OS performance intact.

  • Guidance from developers

Video tutorials are available from Google to help you with each stage of app development on Flutter.

  • Flutter community

Flutter community provides all required sources for easing your app making journey.


  • Flutter offers customizable widgets and is useful for developing open source android apps.
  • You have the option to bookmark useful API docs.


Flutter lacks accessing device-oriented APIs like GPS, proximity sensor, Bluetooth, etc.

Pricing of Flutter, The Best Android App Development Software

Flutter, one of the best software for developing android apps is free to use.

Types of Apps You Can Create: Flutter software is suitable for creating hybrid apps and for android open source apps.


For all those who are interested in android and love doing cool things, this article is for you! Today we will see how to analyze an Android App and extract its source code for learning/study purposes.

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