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How to Make Money From Diy Projects

The Money From Do it Yourself (DIY) Projects Self Help book with an Introduction by Mike Baxter; the author of the “Master Your Business” Series, teaches you how to start and run a DIY business effectively. This particular book gives you a step-by-step practical guide that helps you to decide what jobs are suitable for DIY projects and will help you earn money from these projects. You don’t have to be unemployed, or on benefits; all you need is an enthusiasm for home improvements and a willingness to learn. It is about ‘how to’ make money from doing-it-yourself projects at home. This book will increase your income levels, not only in terms of cash but also in terms of your self confidence; enabling you to make better career choices later in life. In this day and age we all want more out of life, and reading this book will help you achieve just that. Don’t wait any longer; pick up that drill!

This book is designed to be a simple read which will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach others from your home, or online. The best part of creating online get rich videos, information products and coaching sessions is how easily you can earn an income from them. I have included tried and tested methods that work for internet marketers around the world. You do not need to understand html or css coding, just simply upload the video or article and your done!

DIY Confetti Tray


Crafts To Make and Sell - DIY Confetti Tray - Cheap Things to Sell for Profit - Best Selling Etsy Shop Ideas You Can Make With Cheap Supplies

I love confetti and this DIY vanity tray is such a simple material but it instantly adds a little more fun to any project, party or space that you use it in. Today, I tried out a brand new product and paired it with confetti. First of all, have you all seen Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Glue before? The stuff is pretty amazing and it appears like there are about 2 million different things you can use it for, mod podge crafts and crafts with glitter simply rock! I keep wanting to try and make a few buttons using it. I bought two bottles of it and have been waiting for just the right project and was really excited with how this project turned out when I was all done with it. I just painted my a Mod Podge layer on my tray, then sprinkled it on my tray with some extra glitter for flair, crushed it down with my hand and applied a generous coating on top. When it dried it looked amazing. When it comes to hot craft ideas to sell, this colorful decor project combines some top trends together, plus it is cheap and easy to make.


How to Make Money From Diy Projects Image

Another great way to make money from home with crafts is by selling T-shirts. You can set up a T-shirt shop online on places like Shopify and Etsy or set up a shop directly on your actual website. Below are some resources for setting up a shop and selling T-shirts. 

Handmade soap

There’s something lovely about a beautiful bar of soap, which is probably why it’s one of the most adored craft ideas to sell. You don’t have to make it too complicated; there are many melt and pour soap recipes that take less time to make but still bring in good money.

DIY Mini Mountain Photo Holders


Crafts To Make and Sell - DIY Confetti Tray - Cheap Things to Sell for Profit - Best Selling Etsy Shop Ideas You Can Make With Cheap Supplies - DIY Mini Mountain Photo Holders

These mini mountain DIY photo holders are a super cute way to display your own snaps, creations, or the sweet momentos you pick up on your merry way. Not to mention they’re perfect for the upcoming holidays! You can Have a few dotted along a shelf or one by your bed to create an interesting way of showing off your paper goods, especially those that aren’t quite big enough for your walls but love regardless. Just use modeling clay and nail polish to create this stunning effect. If you need a cute DIY idea for photos, this handmade frame just may be the statement you are looking for. An awesome DIY Christmas gift idea, we highly recommend making lots of these for your Etsy shop as they are light and don’t cost much to ship. A creative but non specific unisex gift, this is a top seller due to the limitless number of uses for it and pretty much anyone can use a photo or paper holder like this one their desk or bookcase.


Jewelry is one of the top crafts that make money because there are so many styles and types to create, you will never run out of ideas. Some people even make quilled paper jewelry to sell! You can make resin, beaded, or leather jewelry. The possibilities are endless!


Personalized gifts add that special touch you can’t find with a store bought item.

Here’s where it gets interesting, in Segment’s survey, more than 1,000 consumers were less than impressed by the lack of personalization offered by major retailers.

This leaves a unique opportunity for small businesses wishing to mop up all that extra money the big retailers leave on the table.

A simple custom engraving or thank you note with someone’s name can add value to your handmade item.

DIY Gem Stone Bobby Pins


Cheap Crafts To Make and Sell - Easy Things to Make and Sell for Profit - Best Selling Etsy Shop Ideas You Can Make With Cheap Supplies - Teen Crafts and Gifts - DIY Gem Stone Bobby Pins

Do you need a great idea for broken jewelry? Listen to this, I thought of this very simple DIY when my vintage 1950s necklace broke. I didn’t want to throw it away, but couldn’t wear it anymore. I’m so thrilled they turned out as WAY adorable bobby pins! I seriously LOVE them and want to wear them all the time. I mean, I am pretty obsessed with any kind of hair accessory so these are right up my alley. This DIY is so incredibly simple. Make them for yourself or give them out to friends, either way, they are worth a try! When it comes to cool gift ideas for teens, creative DIY hair accessories and DIY bath bombs are our top picks. Accordingly, making and selling these is also a super idea.

DIY Fruity Zipper Purses


Cheap Crafts To Make and Sell - Zippered Pouch Sewing Tutorial How To - Easy Things to Make and Sell for Profit - Best Selling Etsy Shop Ideas You Can Make With Cheap Supplies - Free Sewing Projects and Patterns

This zipper pouch sewing tutorial makes little custom bags that are so cute and functional, we just can’t have enough of them in our lives. I like to use them for change, makeup, jewelry, keys, a phone, or even love letters from my honey. They are so simple to sew, this one involves a zipper and requires an intermediate level of sewing skill. Once you get this one down though, you can pump them out all day long and they make great gifts for everyone. A cute but easy DIY sewing gift you can give to almost anyone. Perfect for a DIY Christmas gift idea, but great for year-round gift giving.


In the eyes of most people, doing your own projects is not something worth any money. But in a sense, everyone is wrong and this book will tell you how you can make money from doing your own projects.

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