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How to Contribute to Android Open Source Project

Android is a platform originally developed by Open Handset Alliance, which is composed of many companies, including Google. It is an open source software stack for mobile devices, and many people are involved in developing it – the Android team have created this document to explain how you can be a part of it. The document will guide you through the process of setting up your development environment, using Git to download sources, getting involved in bug tracking and testing, creating change requests and contributing patches to the Android code base.

Users can contribute to the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) on GitHub, which is a website that hosts several open-source projects, including Android. In this guide, we will show you how to create an account on AOSP and submit your first change. We will be using the official AOSP website ( ) and using the command line tool Git, which is available for all operating systems with access to the internet.

 Setup the Project

After forking the repository you need to setup the project and test the application on your local device or emulator. Firstly check if there is a read-me guide given in the repository. Some projects have additional setups and plugins which need to be added manually. Once done we can move to the next step.

How to find an issue?

Usually, most of the big and popular project repositories do have some issues or bugs or any required feature for the application. For that go to the issues section of the remote repository on GitHub. Many repositories have issues recommended by other developers. If you do not find an issue there then you can test the project yourself and find any bug or a feature that you think will add value to the application. After knowing what contribution you can make. It’s time to implement it.

  • Commit and Push – Commit changes with proper messages and push them to the repository on Github.
  • Make a Pull Request – To make a pull request you need to push changes to the sub-branch from where the owner of the project can merge it to the main branch.
How to Contribute to Android Open Source Project Image


NewPipe - Open-Source Android Apps

NewPipe is somewhat a lightweight version of YouTube that unlocks a heap of otherwise restricted features. The app comes with a simple UI but is packed with some powerful features — background player, picture-in-picture mode, download support for offline playback and on top, it’s a completely free open-source Android app with no-ads. The main plus point of this app is its “extended privacy” — NewPipe protects user privacy since no proprietary Google APIs is there in the code and only send information which are required to get video and channel details.

Spacex Go

SpaceX Go is a powerful, open-source SpaceX launch tracker with a very simple UI, If you are looking for how to implement a mobile tracker, this is one codebase that would be of great assistance.

Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher - Best open-source Android apps

Lawnchair Launcher is a simple open-source Android launcher app bringing Pixel features. If you are developing a new Android launcher, then refer the codes of Lawnchair, because it may help you to integrate different Android customization options to your app.


Fully-featured lightweight open-source Android note-taking application. This codebase will help to develop your own note-talking application with cool features, including a To-do list feature on your note app, etc.


Telegram - Best open-source Android apps

Telegram is one of the mostly used encrypted instant messaging service available for Android and iOS. Learn from the Telegram code — how an instant messaging app with super security works.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a lite file manager app for Android with material design. manage files on SD cards, cloud services support, AES Encryption and Decryption of files for security, and more are what you would learn from this codebase.


Snapdrop - Open-Source Android Apps

Snapdrop is an incredible application that makes wireless file sharing between Android to any platform on the same network a much more seamless process. Just install the app on Android and on other devices use any browser of choice, and go to: Tap on the device name and select files to transfer. That’s it. The Snapdrop code is a perfect choice to learn wireless file transfer in Android.

Travel Mate

An open-source travel guide. If you are looking to build a travel-based app and need to heavily rely on location and maps, this codebase would provide a lot of support even to an advanced android developer.

Open Camera

Open Camera - Best open-source Android apps

Open Camera is a fully featured and open-source camera app for Android devices. The project will help you know about how to add the auto-stabilization option on a camera app, how to take photo remotely by making a noise, multi-touch gesture and single-touch control on the camera app, etc.


A simple, open-source lightweight pedometer app that uses the hardware sensor to calculate the steps. With this project you can learn about Step Tracking, although the UI isn’t great, You can build something cooler or contribute to this.

Super Clean Master

Super Clean Master - Best open-source Android apps

Similar to Clean Master app, Super Clean Master is used to clean up some junk data from your Android device. Super Clean Master project will help you to understand the collection and detection of junk files and how to handle it in an elegant way. the project is a little bit complicated, it will take some time for beginners to fully grasp the source code.

Covid19 Tracker

Tracking the impact of COVID-19 cases based on your location, built in Flutter. If you are looking to build a medtech app for disease tracking and control, this codebase would provide a lot of support

Get your PR merged quickly

  • Find bugs or errors which are very urgent or find features that will increase the value of the project by a significant amount.
  • Communicate with the owner of the repository to look into your PR  also ask for suggestions and discuss other queries.
  • Suggest valid test results (Junit or Expresso) to show that your PR would not break the app.
  • Have a well-maintained Github account with valid information.


Android is a thriving open source project. Thousands of people contribute to Android each year by reporting bugs, writing code, testing and submitting patches, providing localization and documentation updates, and translating messages into their native language.

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