FS Poster Nulled – WordPress Auto Poster & Scheduler v4.5.0

Fs Poster nulled is a powerful WordPress auto-poster/reposter plugin that supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google my Business, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Tumblr, VK, OK.ru, Plurk, WordPress based blogs.

FS Poster Nulled allows you to auto-publish posts (pages/media/products and etc… ) to many social networks at the same time. With FS Poster nulled, users get to schedule posts to be published in the future or they can simply re-publish previously created posts. It will also provide reports, full logs, track link visits and etc.

FS Poster WordPress Auto-Poster & Scheduler Features

  • Customize your Post URL
  • Bulk Schedule Action
  • Calendar view
  • Customize Post Messages
  • 12 social networks integrated
  • Configure unlimited accounts, communities on each Social Media
  • Auto-post New Blog Posts
  • Schedule posts
  • Manual Share Panel
  • Insights
  • Logs
  • Posting interval
  • Track link clicks
  • Hashtags
  • URL shortener services
  • Proxy support
  • Supports Emoji
  • Support all Custom Post types
  • Filter publications by Post Categories

Supported social networks

You will be able to publish your posts/pages/products to 14 social networks at the same time:

  1. Facebook ( accounts, pages, groups )
  2. Twitter ( accounts )
  3. Instagram ( accounts, stories )
  4. Linkedin ( accounts, companies )
  5. Pinterest ( account boards )
  6. Reddit ( accounts, subreddits )
  7. Tumblr ( accounts )
  8. VK.com ( accounts, pages, groups, events )
  9. OK.ru ( accounts, groups )
  10. Telegram ( chats, channels, groups )
  11. Medium ( profiles, publications )
  12. Google My Business ( locations )
  13. WordPress based sites
  14. Plurk

Post new blog entries automatically:

Auto-posting enables your social media accounts to post your content automatically. Posting isn’t a big deal, but pushing that post to all your social network accounts is tedious and time-consuming. Most businesses run dozens of accounts, pages, groups, etc. to be seen by their readers and customers.

Therefore, we need automation that will allow us to post on each account without having to pay subscription fees for each account and spend any of our valuable time. Use FS Poster to share your posts with others easily. The plugin is configured and made available to you after you install it and add your accounts to it. You just need to publish WordPress posts and the plugin will do the rest.

Benefits of FS Poster Nulled Plugin

  • Update your social media: Utilizing Schedule’s social media posting module, you can post regularly to your social media profiles.
  • Saves Time: Share your WordPress posts automatically with your followers on different social media.
  • Improves site SEO: You will be able to increase links to your site from social networks.
  • Increase site visitors: More shares will bring more visitors to your site.

Download FS Poster WordPress Plugin

If you like this plugin, please purchase it using the link above. Always charge your clients for premium themes and plugins you will be using in their projects. You are fully responsible for the legal use of the resources provided above, the free download provided above is intended for educational, demo and trial use only.

Note: If you run into trouble downloading this WordPress Plugin, you can try disabling AD blocking on the site or try downloading it using another browser. If these two do not work, please contact us.

FS Poster Changelog

v 4.5.0 – 30 Mar 21

+ Added a new social network - Plurk;

+ Added a search feature for communities to the Accounts tab;

+ Added RTL support;

+ Added the Arabic language;

+ Added an option to edit cookies of accounts without deleting and re-adding them;

+ Improved the hashtags feature by replacing the "-" dash with an underscore;

+ Improved the Schedule module;

+ Improved the post visitor counter;

+ Elaborated some error messages;

+ Fixed the issue related to resetting conditions after editing conditions;

+ Fixed the issue related to the block editor auto-posting by Popup;

+ Fixed the issue related to the incorrect Cron Job timing;

+ Fixed the issue related to the update process;

+ Fixed the issue related to sharing videos to the Instagram story;

+ Fixed the issue related to Europe-based Facebook accounts by the cookie method;

+ Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.


v 4.4.3 – 14 Mar 21

+ Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

You can view the full changelog here


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