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Our free, open source learning management system (LMS) is the easiest way to get online training to your employees. Available completely free with no up-sells, our LMS is easy to set up and can be customized to meet your unique needs. With more than 40 million downloads and counting, we are one of the most popular LMSs on the market today. Best of all, it’s free!

The Free Open Source LMS ( also known as Moodle or Mooodle) is a course management system available to everyone. It has been in development for eleven years by volunteer’s from around the world, and is used by millions of learners every day. Whether you are an individual course manager wanting to create a website for yourself or school leader looking for a complete LMS solution that is flexible, scalable and secure – we’ve got you covered!


  • Free plan: TalentLMS’ free plan allows for five users and 10 courses and includes access to unlimited email support. There is no time limit for how long you can use the free version.
  • Cost to upgrade: TalentLMS’ paid options kick off at $59 per month. This Starter plan allows for up to 40 users and includes unlimited courses and email support.

TalentLMS is a cloud-based LMS that helps businesses of all sizes train their employees. With TalentLMS, you can create your own courses and host live sessions. You can also track learners’ progress, add your own branding to the platform, and download custom reports.

TalentLMS also includes TalentLibrary, a repository of over 50 premade courses covering subjects like project management, marketing, HR, and customer service. One unique aspect of TalentLMS is that there are different versions of the tool geared toward specific industries; the software provider offers a tailor-made solution for the manufacturing, technology, automotive, and food and beverage industries.


ATutor is an open source LMS platform that lets you create online learning courses in 30+ languages. You can even share and archive the learning material. You also get access to AContent, a stand-alone tool that has the content authoring, test authoring, and content interoperability features of ATutor.A view of the homepage in ATutor

A view of the homepage in ATutor (Source)
Here are some key capabilities of ATutor:

  • Its course search feature lets your employees browse through course content as well as the course catalog using a built-in native search engine.
  • Employees can take tests, review their performance, and track their progress. They can also exit a test midway and later resume from where they left off.
  • You can use the content editor to create training content in both HTML and plain text. You can edit learning material online or import it from another editor.
  • You can collect online learning material from books, websites, or research papers related to a course and create a reading list using the collected resources.

Upgrade cost: ATutor is free of cost.


Moodle works as free learning management software that allows users to create customized courses. Through analytics, this open source learning management system is capable of measuring the success of training programs, administer virtual classrooms, and generate certificates. It can design and manage courses to meet various requirements due to direct learning paths. The classes can be online, blended instructor-led and self –paced.

This LMS software offers secure authentication and mass enrolment. In Moodle courses you can add and enroll users with the help of over 50 authentication and enrollment options. With ease, this software combines courses in bulk and backup and restores extensive courses. It defines roles to specify and manage user access to deal with security concerns. Within a single admin interface, you can install and disable the plug-in.

The group learners in this LMS system share courses, differentiate activities, and facilitate teamwork. Within the browser, it quickly reviews and provides in-line feedback by directly annotating files. The system also comes with advanced grading facility, where, it allows users to customize grades according to the course and the type of examination. Across courses and activities, this software setup competencies with personal learning plans. In a private space, you can teach and share as only you, and your class can access the courses.

Moddle LMS



  • Modern & easy to use interface
  • Personalized dashboard
  •  Collaborative tools and activities
  • All-in-one calendar
  • Convenient file management 
  • Simple and intuitive text editor
  • Notifications & Tack progress
  • Customizable site design and layout
  •  Multilingual capability
  • Supports open standards
  • High Interoperability
  • Regular security updates
  •  Detailed reporting and logs
  •  Encourage collaboration
  • Embed external resources
  • Multimedia integration
  • Marking workflow
  •  Peer and self-assessment
  •  Integrated badges

Forma LMS

forma lms

Key Features:

  • Tailored for corporate training
  • Plugin support
  • E-commerce integration
  • Multi-company support

Forma LMS is an open-source project tailored for corporate training.

You can add courses, manage them, and also create webinar sessions to enhance your training process remotely. It lets you organize the courses in the form of catalogs while also being able to create multiple editions of courses for different classrooms.

E-Commerce integration is available with it as well that will let you monetize your training courses in return for certifications. It also gives you the ability to utilize plugins to extend the functionality.

The key feature of Forma LMS is that it allows you to manage multiple companies using a single installation.

 TalentLMS (Free software) 

TalentLMS simplifies and strengthens the whole training process by helping users do more than just creating courses and organizing educational materials. This free learning management system is ideal for carrying engaging online training. It works as an extremely configurable cloud-hosted learning management system that can assist users to conduct online training programs, seminars, and courses easily and effortlessly.

In just a few clicks, this LMS system is ready to help you to offer training the way you want. With simplicity, this software combines support for multiple file types and multimedia. It holds the essential inbuilt tools that help everyone involved.

This LMS system is built for businesses of all sizes that believe in the education of employees for their career growth. The system is built with excellent conferencing features and gamification capabilities. Anywhere and anytime, you can access the seminars and courses as this system is entirely mobile-responsive.




  • Course Authoring
  • Custom branding and custom fields
  • Exam engine
  • Custom reporting and custom homepage
  • Administrative reporting
  • Course catalog
  • Display transcripts
  • Training and eLearning
  •  Integration APIs
  • Mobile user support
  • LMS Marketplace
  • Interface
  •  Registration Management
  • Individual Plans
  • File exchange
  •  Email Integration
  • Testing and grading
  •  Defined user roles
  • Data import/export
  •  ILT support
  • Goal setting
  • Grading


Instructure offers free open source learning management systems (LMS) that are built to work with your software. Our learning management systems offer a powerful and integrated platform for designing and delivering engaging content to include videos, interactive quizzes, mobile access and more. In addition to our free open source products, Instructure offers a robust enterprise experience for higher education and large organizations.

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