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Hi, you have visited our website providing the Free Chat Php Script Download and online chat rooms. Chats are a way for people to interact with one another over the Internet, in real time, when using applications known as “chat clients”. WhatsApp offers a mobile phone application allowing users to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS MBs. Software architecture has come a long way since then – today’s three-layer architecture puts a new emphasis on separating business logic from UI logic and data access. The comments section is what I love most about Reddit. It is such an easy way to get in touch with other individuals.

free-chat-php-script.php is a complete and fully functional chat script which allows you to have your own chat room online in minutes. It can convert your website into a social network and make it more popular among the online users. This chat script can be integrated easily with any website type. It offers cool features like sound effects, animated smiley avatars, attachable images, auto message bubbles, emojis and more.

HelpCenter Live

Help Center Live

Help Center Live is an open-source, community-driven live chat and support system that allows you to provide real-time, live support or salesperson experience.

Built in PHP with a MySQL back-end, this chat application comes with unlimited operators, unlimited departments, unlimited users, unlimited chat sessions, and chat transfer. 

It has a Windows app add-on that enables the application to be minimized to your Windows system tray. Other indispensable features include an FAQ, trouble tickets, push web pages, and more. 

The online documentation is updated constantly as items are always being changed.

123 Flash Chat – phpBB Chat Mod

123 Flash Chat is chosen by over 4 lack people. J

  • ava chat server, Flash/HTML chat clients.
  • Users fully integrated with your website, multiple skins.


  • Login with FacebookTwitterYahoo or Google accounts
  • It is the fundamental for virtual gifts and pay per minute , which will boost revenue from your chat.
  • Video/Audio Chat
  • Video Conference
  • Pay per minute
  • Animation gifts while chat
  • Powerful Administration
  • Integration single sign on
  • Customizable skin
  • Upload/webcam avatar
  • Social network promotion
  • Play flash games
  • Youtube Media player
  • More..
Demo of 123 Flash Chat Server Software

PhpFreeChat: Open Source Version

PHP Free Chat Open Source Version

PhpFreeChat is a completely free chat script. It can easily be embedded in your HTML code thanks to a customizable jQuery module. You can customize the chat by using any of the four free themes it comes with. And if you have CSS and/or Less skills, you can customize it with your website identity.

The client part of PhpFreeChat is coded in JavaScript and the jQuery library. It is a jQuery plugin which you can directly install in the HTML code of your website. This plugin then communicates with the server part thanks to AJAX requests.  

The server part of PhpFreeChat is coded in PHP. The RESTful architecture used offers a great modularisation: the chat code does not mix with your site’s. The server part allows you to retain client data in order to use it afterwards—for instance, for marketing or statistical purposes.

And if you want to contribute to the evolution of PhpFreeChat, you can do so on its GitHub repository


An awesome PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript based fully customizable web chat script which can also be integrated easily with such common forums like MyBB, phpBB, SMF, PunBB and vBulletin. To boost the performance of the AJAX Chat script Ruby script is used to work clearly on socket connection.


  • One click installation
  • Multiple groups chat
  • Private messaging
  • Private groups
  • Invite system
  • Kick/Ban or Ignore offending users system
  • Online users list
  • Smileys/Emoticons
  • Pure way to add custom emoticons
  • The BBCode supported
  • Optional Flash based sound support
  • Clickable Hyperlinks
  • Long words split to preserve chat layout
  • Flood control
  • You can delete messages inside of the chat
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) style commands
  • Ability to add custom commands
  • You can define opening hours for the chat
  • Enable/disable guest users
  • Message length counter
  • Realtime monitoring and logs viewer
  • Supported for unicode (UTF-8)
  • Bandwidth saving update calls
  • Easy integration with phpBB2, phpBB3, MyBB, PunBB, SMF and vBulletin, etc
  • Separation of layout and code

BlaB Ax!

BlaB! AX

If you’re looking for a free PHP group chat script, then go for BlaB Ax! Built with AJAX and PHP, this group chat system is responsive on both the front-end and admin, and also fully resizable on all screens including low-end smartphones and tablets. It supports all modern browsers including mobile browsers. You won’t need additional plugins like Flash, Java, or server modules.

It is equipped with a long list of features:

  • high-resolution retina displays
  • ability to ban users and IP addresses
  • sound alerts on new messages
  • multiple rooms and one-to-one private rooms
  • material icons, emoticons, emojis, avatars, stickers 
  • scroll using arrow keys, mouse, and dragging

The latest version is translated into 16 languages and supports MySQL/MariaDB databases.

WaterCooler Chat

WaterCooler Chat is a simple, easy-to-use flat file database, PHP and AJAX chat system that lets you embed a chat container wherever you like. It comes with highly customizable themes that are 100% HTML and CSS, so you can give the open chat interface your personal touch. Users can upload files and images in chat rooms. You will also find indispensable features like moderator tools, password-protected profiles, and anti-spam tools.

PHOTON CHAT with Full-Screen Video & Voice Calls

Photon Chat 5 Video Chat Software with Peer to Peer Video Streaming

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 LiveAdmin Lite

LiveAdmin Lite

LiveAdmin Lite is a free live customer support chat script that can be integrated into content management systems using ready-to-use plugins. When using this version, you cannot alter or change the code. Also, a link to the LiveAdmin website must be present on the client side of the panel.

ShoutBox: A PHP Chat Box

ShoutBox is a PHP chat box with integrated spam protection, multiple language support, and multiple browser support. You can use it with or without a MySQL database. The free download is for non-commercial use only.

Community Video Chat

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Often, Newbies in web development starts creating various PHP scripts. But the problem is they lack knowledge to create a simple chat script. So here are the best and easy methods for making chat php scripts download. With our Chat php Scripts you can easily create an chatting portal.

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