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Coding Assessment Platform Open Source

The Coding Assessment Platform is a collection of resources to help organisations deliver a high quality experience as they introduce code assessment into their online/digital application processes. These resources are all Free software and can be used, reused and shared by anyone under the General Public Licence v3.0 “or later” (meaning any 4-clause BSD license or any compatible license)!

The Coding Assessment Platform (CAP) is a free, open source software for educators to use for planning and administering coding assessments. It is any easy to use online platform. It is built to integrate with multiple common open source platforms for storing student scores.”


TCExam free online exam software, which do not require any additional hardware to run. This application contains a large number of modules, and these modules contain an even larger number of topics. Furthermore, these topics contain an immense amount of questions.

This open source online exam software provides equal opportunities to people with disabilities. It has an option of generating printable OMR sheets which can be filled and scanned later to TCExam. It supports translation in several languages, even right to left languages like Arabic.

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TCExam open source online examination software has simplified the evaluation process of schools, universities, recruiting firms and huge organizations likewise. As a result, enabling them create and manage exams, test, quizzes and surveys efficiently.

Features of TCExam

  1. It is configurable according to your requirement
  2. You can import and export data into this software
  3. It has an option of generating printable OMR sheets
  4. You can add multimedia content


  • Educators can set exams in different languages
  • TCExam online exam platform free is disabled friendly
  • Reduction in costs associated with student assessment life cycle.


For some beginners, the process of test creation can be a bit time taking.


Kaldin is another popular open-source online examination software. It creates, schedules, and evaluates exams efficiently. It offers a relaxed and straightforward interface to the clients with a hassle-free test process. It is a fully customizable application that can be modified as per user’s requirements, as the feedback received from its customers.


(Source: Kaldin)


  • Kaldin software supports working on all popular browsers i.e., Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Chrome 8+, IE 8+, Opera 9+.
  • Multiple users can be added for tests with instant result generated.
  • High security hosting for keeping user data and tests private.
  • Easy to import questions and re-use them in multiple sets.
  • It is web-based software that is based on programming languages JSP, Java, JavaScript, and database environment JDBC, MySQL.
  • It is licensed as per GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2), GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3).


Virtualx is an open source exam software that offers complete test and examination solutions to institutions. It supports different types of questions like multiple choice, true or false, yes or no, drag and drop, matching, hierarchical and descriptive.

It is used in schools and colleges, companies, e-learning institutes and training institutes. Its distinguished list of clients includes Beijing Institute of technology and Association of scientists, development and Faculties (ASDF) among others.


  • Role-based access and user security.
  • Supports formulas and equations.
  • Supports 14 different types of questions.
  • Generates graphically analyzed reports and results.
  • Enables manual evaluation for descriptive questions.


Moodle is an best open source software for Learning Management System (LMS) coded in PHP and distributed under GNU General Public License.

This online examination system php open source has a strong and integrated system which is suitable for educators, administrators and learners. Moodle is also one of the most trusted, secure and easy to use software available in the market.

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This software can also be used to create customizable websites with online courses for educators and trainers to achieve learning goals. Moodle online assessment software can also be scaled depending on the number of people using it.

So, its suitable for managing a bunch of few students in a coaching institute or hundreds of employees in a large organization.

Features of Moodle

  1. Provides collaborative tools and activities for group learning
  2. Offers an all-in-one calendar to keep track of your events
  3. Provides an easy file management system
  4. It has a simple text editor
  5. At last, you can receive automatic notifications and can the progress of examinee alongside.


  1. Robust tools for educators to provide lessons
  2. Easy to customize
  3. Community support available


Difficult to onboard faculty members lacking proficiency in IT


Papershala is the most trustworthy online examination software that perfectly fulfils the needs of a coaching institute related to online papers, results, and students’ analysis. The software offers a pocket-friendly examination plan to small institutes and it is a powerful tool for the instant creation of online exams.


(Source: Papershala)


  • Papershala exam software comfortably works on all devices such as desktop, mobile, iPhone, laptop or tablet.
  • It offers a multifunctional question bank with full customization features.
  • A separate student dashboard is offered involving a graphical interface for different information related to the tests.
  • It is a browser-based and cloud-based software solution that comfortably works even on the low RAM devices.
  • Powerful admin panel covers all the important functions that are necessary to take an online exam from the administrator’s end.


It is an online examination system that specializes in employment training. It offers a varied number of solutions like recording skills, training, workplace education and course assessments. Its Recognition of prior learning (RPL) solution is used by colleges and educational institutes to build unique courses and assessments.

It is used for skill identification, development and assessment. It is used to train students and develop their skill set for employment. It helps training institute to design and build the course and validate the courses against national packaging rules.


  • Delivers online training and RPL solutions.
  • Designs intuitive and easy to use courses and assessments.
  • To identify and develop professional skills.
  • Customize training plans and manages training calendars.
  • Stores qualifications and certificates.


TAO is an online exam software with open source for computerized test taking. In addition, it is an open source exam software which provides a modular framework for collaborative test development with features like subject management, group management and result management.

TAO online exam tool is a multilingual application which also ensures subscription management between different modules. You can assign tests to a group of examinees for different subject modules and later export the results available in the form of tables to MS excel files.

free online test software - TAO

TAO open source online exam software is available in three editions: Community, premium and enterprise. While the community edition is available free of cost, the other two can be availed with a few additional features by paying certain amount.

Features of TAO

  1. It is a multilingual application
  2. Can be integrated to several multimedia resources
  3. It can handle easy integration of new resources
  4. You can access it in every operating system be it Windows, Mac or Linux
  5. Runs the tests both online and offline
  6. It is convenient for language exams as you can record and submit short audio clips
  7. Use it as a grant extra time to test takers even if the exam has already begun.


  1. Possible to customize as per your business need
  2. Admins can choose the functionalities they want to deploy
  3. Full training support available


Learning curve for first time users is high.


This open source platform was build for companies to assess candidate coding skills in a secure manner. It contains a job board, codacy instance, automated tests and feedback.

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