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Business Software Open Source is the business collaboration platform helping over 6,000 companies worldwide to improve their profit. Through transparency, fairness, and ability to track every possible aspect of operations, it assists managers in making the right decisions and raises efficiency of each department.

Business Software Open Source is a link directory designed to promote Christian business sites world wide that have been submitted by webmasters and owners of the sites.


This is an integrated open source business software that includes modules for project management, billing, accounting, manufacturing, inventory management, purchasing and billing. All of these modules communicate with one another seamlessly to ensure easy information exchange.


  • It makes ERP simple
  • The interface looks much like Google Drive which means anyone can use it
  • It is a web- based tool which makes it accessible on any device


  • The download version needs to be installed via source code which can be a little bit intimidating

Managing your money

Money might be (as Pink Floyd sang) a hit, but it’s also what keeps your business afloat. It’s essential that you keep good track of the money coming in and going out.

The easiest way to keep track of your expenses and income is to use GnuCash. It’s an accounting package that has a number of useful features for small businesses. There’s even an Android app so you can work with your books on the go.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty at the command line, you’ll want to give Ledger a look. Ledger is a double-entry accounting app that also has several graphical frontends.

I can’t think of any small business owner who doesn’t want to get paid by customers and clients. To do that, you need to send invoices. Sure, you can create invoices in a word processor and print them off or email them as PDFs, but that makes the invoices hard to track. Instead, turn to a dedicated invoicing application.

A couple of my favorites are InvoicePlane and Simple Invoices. Both are easy to use and will grow with you as your needs change.



iDempiere is a community-run project that finds its roots in ADempiere and Compiere. It contains CRM, ERP, and supply chain management solutions. It is a continuation of the iDempiere code but now includes the OSGi standards. It can handle multiple languages, currencies, accounting formats, organizations, so it’s a good option for international organizations with different sites.

The features offered include accounting, materials management, marketing, procurement, and sales. It is also Java-based but additionally requires PostgreSQL or Oracle databases. It is therefore compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux.


This is an open source business software that is optimized for use on web applications. It offers a number of different features, each designed to help with data organization on your business. It is particularly useful when you have to keep track of large amounts of data and it is very easy to use.


  • It comes with multiple granularity locking
  • An online backup ensures the safety of your data
  • It has GUI tools for drivers for developmental languages
  • Comes with 24/7 support


  • It doesn’t work with Apple systems
  • It also doesn’t have a script debugger



PrestaShop is a popular open-source eCommerce software option, due to its straightforward platform with many functionalities. It contains localization, marketing, product display, or export to eBay, taxes, and translation. Although the software is free to use, support and training are paid services.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition

The Magento offers an Enterprise edition, which is a paid version, while the Community Edition is the free option. A customer can build his website using the Community edition, and then hire a web development team to customize it to the business’ needs. The community behind Magento is large with 200,000 users, so much support is available. However, the Enterprise edition is much more robust.

Open-Source ERP & CRM Software



Freshsales helps businesses with managing contacts and developing customer bonding strategies. Freshsales includes email marketing, integration management, lead management, and phone and email support.

Selling your stuff

Unless you’re using a third-party e-commerce site, you’ll want a convenient way for your customers to view and buy your wares. That’s where an online shopping cart comes in. One of the easiest shopping carts to get up and running is OpenCart. If OpenCart isn’t right for you, there’s always the venerable Zen Cart or PrestaShop.

It’s easy to think that everyone these days sells online, but there are still small businesses that sell physical goods in the physical world. They need a way to ring up purchases, whether in an actual store or at a makeshift stall in a market. A point of sale (POS) system isn’t just handy, it’s essential. If you’re looking for a good open source POS system, check out this list of eight applications from’s Jason Baker.


If you are looking for a much more advanced database management tool, this open source software is the one to choose. It is used by some of the biggest tech businesses including Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. As you probably can already guess, it is primarily designed for business that need to keep track of large databases.


  • It is highly scalable and easy to integrate with other services
  • Offers real-time access


  • It is missing an optimizer trace
  • It may not be easy to use especially for beginners

Taking care of your customers

Every business wants customers to be repeat customers. To do that, you need to keep track of them. While you can use a spreadsheet to do that job, a spreadsheet isn’t scalable. You need a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Most CRM systems are big and have more features than the average small business needs. Two that are a great fit for small businesses are Fat Free CRM and EspoCRM. Both are lightweight and pack plugins that you can use to extend their capabilities.

A big part of keeping customers and finding new ones is marketing. Mautic can automate your email and social media marketing, and you can use it to create forms and landing pages for your marketing campaigns.


This document has been composed to provide useful information about Business Software Open Source. Hopefully, whatever you are looking for can be found here.

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