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For users looking to modify just one page in a specific way, this powerful page builder is probably overkill. That’s why I’ve scoured CodeCanyon for the most useful and best WordPress page layout plugins and come up with these examples that meet a variety of needs.

1. UberMenu

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

What’s a great site without an equally great menu layout to help your visitors navigate your content seamlessly?

The UberMenu plugin is designed to facilitate just such easy navigation. The highly customisable and responsive plugin offers seven main menus and several submenu options to suit a wide variety of tastes and needs.

Notable features:

  • easy to add images and descriptions
  • Google Maps
  • choice of 18 layout variables
  • fully responsive and compatible with mobile and touch-enabled devices
  • extensive user-friendly documentation
  • and more

UberMenu works out of the box with the WordPress menu system, making it simple to get started and create gorgeous menus quickly and easily.

2. Justified Image Grid: Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress Gallery

If you have images of different dimensions and orientations, displaying them in a grid can often be tricky. But as the image above shows, the Justified Image Grid plugin makes it easy.

Notable features include:

  • responsive gallery
  • retina-ready
  • special effects on-the-fly
  • gallery support for YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted
  • video gallery support
  • right-click content protection

3. Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

If you’ve ever wanted to offer that book or magazine experience of flipping pages backwards and forwards, then this layout manager is worth a look.

It’s certainly a different way to lay out pages, and the big advantage of this WordPress plugin is that it is 100% HTML5, meaning that Adobe Flash is not needed. It’s easy to use and customisable for you to create interactive pages.

Notable features:

  • create flip-books directly from PDF files
  • 100% HTML5 (no Flash!)
  • light/dark skins
  • Font Awesome or Material Icons
  • responsive mode
  • optimised for mobile

The flip book layout can be changed based on the device type. Besides the standard double-page view, there’s a single-page view that’s used on mobile devices as it offers a better reading experience on smaller screens whilst retaining the 3D flipping effect and shadows.

4. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

If you need a video plugin for WordPress, the Video Gallery WordPress Plugin offers more than you’ll probably ever need, making it a contender for all sorts of use-case scenarios.

This plugin is highly configurable and is responsive to look great on every single viewport from mobile to 5K displays. It includes analytics, videos are indexable and SEO-ready, and you can generate revenue with ads if you wish. All of this with six months of standard support.

When it comes to the types of video that you wish to embed in a WordPress site, Video Gallery WordPress Plugin accommodates self-hosted videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook videos.

Notable features:

  • iPhone/iPad compatible
  • stream from many sources
  • extensive admin panel
  • subtitle support
  • play from a specific point
  • easy to install
  • shortcodes
  • ultra-responsive


5. The Grid: Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

The Grid - Responsive WordPress Grid Plugin

If you want to build a beautiful grid out of your WordPress posts, The Grid is a great choice. It supports multiple post formats and has many powerful features, including:

Notable features:

  • quick and easy setup
  • WooCommerce integration
  • up to 12 Instagram posts per grid
  • YouTube and Vimeo streams

6. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for just the right grid to display your blog posts, photos, products, testimonials, social media streams, services, or whatever else you have in mind, the Essential Grid WordPress layout plugin has you covered.

This multipurpose grid enables you to display any content on your WordPress site in your choice of elegant grid form.

First, decide what source you want to use for your grid entry. Then, customise the grid by choosing from three available styles, before selecting the required number of columns and rows and setting the spacing for the items. From there, add any number of skins available to customise the look further.

Notable features:

  • over 25 example skins included
  • widely varied content sources possible, including images, YouTube, and HTML5 self-hosted video
  • various animation styles available
  • responsive and mobile optimised
  • and more

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin is an engaging and visually appealing way to show off content on your WordPress page.

7. Media Grid

Blog Layout Plugin WordPress Image

Media Grid is a terrific WordPress page template plugin that allows you to create unlimited responsive, filterable, and paginated portfolios quickly and easily.

Create your own layout and mix any media to create unique galleries. The plugin allows for a high degree of customisation to every element of your gallery. 

Notable features:

  • unlimited layout-free portfolios
  • visual, drag-and-drop grid builder
  • ability to create grids using any public post on your website 
  • one-click grid cloning system


8. Templatera


Created by the authors of the WPBakery Page Builder, Templatera is a WordPress template manager that allows users to create, manage, and set access to templates based on the user role or content type.

Notable features:

  • easy content reuse across templates
  • edit content across templates from one central place
  • ability to import or export templates in XML format
  • and more

9. Sidebar and Widget Manager

Sidebar and Widget Manager

If you’ve ever wished for the freedom to place a widget in the content area of your WordPress site page, the Sidebar and Widget Manager is a worthy contender.

The plugin allows you complete control of where you add widgets to the site’s pages by expanding the placement possibility beyond the sidebar and footer area to the page content area.

Notable features:

  • drag-and-drop grid manager
  • vertical or horizontal widget alignment
  • ability to display or hide any widget on any page
  • supports any kind of content
  • and more

Being able to add widgets to any area of a WordPress site page with the Sidebar and Widget Manager plugin is a great way to build your own unique page layout.

10. DHWCPage

DHWCPage - WooCommerce Page Builder

DHWCPage is a WordPress page content plugin that helps you create any layout for your WooCommerce page quickly and easily. The plugin, which requires WPBakery Page Builder to work, is easy to install and configure and requires no coding skills. 

Notable features:

  • supports WooCommerce shortcodes
  • works with any theme
  • create a single product by category or product type
  • display the product description and review separately

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