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Billing Software for Small Business Open Source

Do you use more than 3 methods of billing? Does it take a lot of time to prepare your invoices? Do you have a part-time bookkeeper and part-time staff to handle billing or account management for your small business? Try Bill4Time. Bill4Time is an accounting and billing software for small business that helps automate the handling, managing and the preparation of the invoices.You can create, send and print any type of invoice.

Our open source billing software for small business comes with a simple invoice and an auto-payment feature. It’s the perfect choice for new businesses looking for an affordable billing solution that grows with your organization.

Invoice Ninja

I’ve never been a fan of the term ninja. Despite that, I like Invoice Ninja. A lot. It melds a simple interface with a set of features that let you create, manage, and send invoices to clients and customers.

You can easily configure multiple clients, track payments and outstanding invoices, generate quotes, and email invoices. What sets Invoice Ninja apart from its competitors is its integration with over 40 online popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, WePay, and Apple Pay.

Download a version that you can install on your own server or get an account with the hosted version of Invoice Ninja. There’s a free version and a paid tier that will set you back US$ 8 a month.


BoxBilling is a 100% open-source and free billing & client management platform. It is powered by Intuitive Web 2.0 AJAX interface with 100% usability score. The initial release year of the software was 2011. It supports automated billing, invoicing, and product provisioning. It operates on Linux OS, written in PHP, supports database MySQL with latest Version 4.20.

(Source: BoxBilling)


  • Experts always recommend installing BoxBilling on VPS server with APC cache enabled for security reasons and best performance.
  • The software automatically creates the hosting accounts when the payment is received.
  • It accepts multiple currencies for a transaction and one/or multiple time payments.
  • BoxBilling software is perfect for selling shared and reseller hosting accounts, downloadable products, software licenses or any recurrent billing product.
  • It facilitates help through the helpdesk system, news, knowledge base, and announcement systems.

 Simple Invoices

Simple Invoices is a free open source invoicing system that supports the recurring generation of sales reports, recurring payments, multiple customers and a variety of payment types. Install it yourself in case you need to use it or seek help from service providers supported by the developers. You can use the software to send invoices, track your finances and bill your clients. Download free invoicing software for Linux, Windows and IOS.


  • Export to various file formats: PDF, MS Word, Excel or just plain text
  • Can create multiple invoice types: Itemized invoices and total invoices
  • Offers various invoice templates to choose from
  • PayPal integration for prompt payment
  • Recurring billing
  • Invoice templates — Be able to select (or create) different layouts for your invoices
  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Efficient payment tracking
  • Can be used in various languages


Described by its developer as “beautifully simple billing software,” OpenSourceBilling lives up to the description. It has one of the cleanest interfaces I’ve seen, which makes configuring and using the tool a breeze.

OpenSourceBilling stands out because of its dashboard, which tracks your current and past invoices, as well as any outstanding amounts. Your information is broken up into graphs and tables, which makes it easy to follow.

You do much of the configuration on the invoice itself. You can add items, tax rates, clients, and even payment terms with a click and a few keystrokes. OpenSourceBilling saves that information across all of your invoices, both new and old.

As with some of the other tools we’ve looked at, OpenSourceBilling has a demo you can try.


World’s leading open source billing solution – jBilling produces more than 10 million monthly invoices to its clients. The software is deployable on the cloud platform on-premises basis. It evolved in 2002. It supports English language and works on Windows, web app platforms and for Small to Medium level enterprises and agencies.

(Source: jBilling)


  • jBilling is an Enterprise-grade open source billing system that comes with a scalable design.
  • It facilitates deep configurability, integration API and plug-in expansions.
  • It facilitates customized invoice presentation, accurate invoicing and flexible invoice delivery.
  • It provides payment gateway plug-ins, credit control, and automated payment processing facility.
  • It assures internationalized language support, tailored invoicing and flexible currency options.

 Sleek Bill

Sleek Bill is top free invoice software offering top invoicing features that make it the ideal billing tool for freelancers and small businesses. The software is designed to offer the best possible user experience. Besides, it lets you create customized invoices and other necessary documents in formats of your choice — Excel or PDFs. Billing has three plans: free plan allowing a maximum of 5 invoices per month, a single computer license at $25 (with unlimited invoices) and a pro version giving you multiple computers license at $35.


  • Easily create and send estimates to your clients for review
  • Easily add or edit client details from the database
  • Automatically backs up your data to a local file where you can easily retrieve it just in case you need it
  • Allows feature to append your brand, logo and any particulars you need, to your invoice
  • The software embeds pre-loaded data for tax (you can customize it to suit your state or country)
  • Can be used by multiple companies
  • Paypal integration allows prompt payments
  • Offers smart reporting


CitrusDB is a well-known open-source billing and customer service software. It operates on Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2018.03.0. It requires PHP 5.2 and recommends MySQL 5 or later. It holds the GPL version 2 license. Many different service providers including consulting, internet service, subscriptions, and telecommunications use this software program.

(Source: CitrusDB)


  • CitrusDB facilitates custom billing cycles for each product.
  • It supports sending email invoices and allows the users to send prepayment reminders.
  • It lets the users import/export credit card batches.
  • The software also handles service records and account management.
  • It also provides services like searching old bills, printing the required billing statement, adding multiple users and an admin user for controlling the working of the platform.


Are you tired of expensive point-of-sale (POS) systems? You’ve come to the right place. OpenERP is a full-featured, reliable, and affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) billing program specifically designed for small businesses.

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