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Best School Management Software

Designed for educational institutions, the best classroom management software and school management software saves schools time and money. With customized reporting tools to ensure transparency, efficient operations, and faster data processing, it allows you to focus on what really matters- student performance, positive teaching methods and a safe learning environment!

Whether you are a principal, an administrator, or a business manager, you can’t do your job well without a School Management Software.   All the tasks you need to perform everyday are well covered with School Inventory Software.



educare is a Modern School Management Software designed to eliminate rigorous work. educare is a cost-efficient platform that helps ease the hassles of school operations by automating processes to improve quality of education, drive down running costs and increase revenue through increased enrollment. educare assures – Data Security, a Connected Experience, Data-Driven Insights and Flexible Solutions.×280&!a&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=PSHUgcOhLO&p=https%3A//

educare Serves K-12 Schools— Globally.
The educare platform is interfaced in four(4) different corridors for the enjoyment of the various users such as: the school Admin, the Parent, the Teacher and the Student. Each of these has its own special corridor packed with exclusive enablement.
– educare FOR ADMIN
– educare FOR PARENTS
– educare FOR TEACHERS

  • Customizable report card for all school types
  • Account Management
  • Admission Management
  • Population Insight
  • Human Resources Management (Hr)
  • Computer Based Testing (CBT)
  • Communication
  • Behavioural Assessment
  • Hostel Management
  • Disciplinary module
  • Feedback system
  • Lesson Planner
  • Assignment/Home-work Management
  • Teachers Rating System
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Students Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Timetabling/Timetabler
  • Admission Form Admission Progress Tracking Online Entrance Exams
  • Transcripting
  • Payroll and Budget Forecasting Expenses
  • Personalized Email Integration
  • Loan
  • Student Performance Management
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Events and Calendar
  • Medical Records
  • Library Management
  • Custom Roles
  • E-Learning
  • Directory
  • Smart Mailer (personalised email)
  • Smart SMS System
  • Fund Wallet Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tuckshop Management
  • Live Classroom
  • Newsfeed
  • Educare Mobile App

PowerSchool SIS

Give power to your operations with the easy-to-use, innovative, and flexible technology of PowerSchool SIS – the leading software for K-12 educational institutions. It provides hybrid, remote, and in-person learning solutions from flexible attendance and scheduling to customizable pages, fields, and more.

Improve your educational operations by collaborating with the worldwide community of engaged and active users via user groups, national or regional training events, videos, and forums. In addition, build your reports or use the pre-built one to submit provisional or state compliance reporting online.

Use PowerSchool mobile app to get access to progress, grades, and responsibilities. You will get the option of online student and parent portals to keep students accountable and families engaged. Also, its dedicated team of compliance and security experts will take care of the app’s security so that all your data remains safe.


Furthermore, extend its functionality via the interoperability of PowerSchool SIS and other solutions. You can also rely on this always available, easy-to-use, and modern student information system to improve day-to-day administration, productivity, operations, and communication and identify problem areas to ensure proper funding with easy reporting.

PowerSchool offers boundary and addresses verification, advanced grading calculations, asset tracking, attendance, change history, course creation, course assignments, customizable database, progress tracking, plugin system, API, report cards, state reporting, test history, transcripts, and more.


Alma is a School Management Software that helps to increase teachers’ engagement with students and parents. It offers understandable analytics and graphics that enable you to make data-driven decisions. This is one of the best School Management Software that simplifies admissions, enrollment, registrations, and many other processes.

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  • Personalized learning schedules
  • Provides Google Classroom Integration.
  • This is one of the best school ERP software that is customizable according to districts and schools.
  • Enables teachers and students to easily communicate with each other.
  • Offers custom reporting facility.
  • Provides easy migration of school data.
  • This app can make the school administration process easy.
  • Demo: Yes
  • Mobile App: Yes


Website address:

Edalaf is one of the leading school management softwares in Nigeria. It offers flexibility and to suit any type of school or educational system.

Edalaf provides both online and an offline school management solution that integrates daily school activities through an interphase that involves parents, students, teachers, and school administration.×280&–r0H09U3ZpWmJMJtrTJCs6siWoNabzXpSxZwt6t0KDxG_uBfbomtknrD5VLTeml3ci9MZrKiQIg%2CAGkb-H9D_WYAo4TWgV8BIc5S75CDqtY-z58f6oDaXr6nswGZJDvc6vFqVwyfYrVTrMVluBpPgnQC1tTEvw%2CAGkb-H9aF2s3dx59p6sOqZpeNvsVEeBnVP02q396pLMDNJJPgwv541Rc9GglgpCV946t3wMt1zgY9WptzQ%2CAGkb-H-e4XQCVcR0tNgAjdKKfkEqKf1suge2VwHkadWYJZVrqpSjp1yIzfpmq_XbzCkWky_UpWpEPMweog%2CAGkb-H9UbS06UrdIjme8606frTqmTxeYIeiBq0N83YcjEsA3ZrnLLhczgZRnHteJrTgnNJ41Rcp2n-pJZMLZWw%2CAGkb-H9RqVx-j4uREPU6K5XNSnLyF0jW9r3EkSX5TDoXpJF1NoYvFAVJXejZuDey3xUsz_BdGHC47_XZNfSr_Q%2CAGkb-H_qT62oqecandvar8wmL-jeThW2KzA7q53oPQPh1Ev8u3sCt0zMshzBA8XqWzLYhVFQ3JSFRm4rRxAuBg%2CAGkb-H-R_2xYd8ojDQxDRMkSuHTXIhAazWcP4nA2UH18EO3ipLwWfIoXVhcVciAicYVcZdEwz27Vu346CA&pvsid=1168633574671384&pem=998&tmod=2008822575&!g&btvi=10&fsb=1&xpc=iVDDiNc6bE&p=https%3A//

Edalaf offers free school management software for a term in schools without any commitment.

Key features:

  • Reliably secures student records organised with bio-data, frades, schedules, disciplinary, extra-curricular, ect.
  • Manages teacher’s information, activities, schedules, etc.
  • Provides parents with access to their ward’s reports, attendance, results, assignments, class activities etc.
  • Interphase for parent, teacher, student and school admin communication
  • Manages attendance report
  • Real time e-learning portal
  • Teachers personal gradebook to automate collation, additions and granting students positions based on their grades
  • Customization features
  • Online Library
  • Automatic generation of transcripts
  • School assets tracking
  • Fee tracking
  • And lots more


Education is the priority for everyone, and hence Vidyalaya introduces a digital platform to make your management work easier, starting from student admission to accounting. It improves the functionalities of the education system with the latest technologies and extraordinary features.

Vidyalaya provides end-to-end solutions for each phase of the school management, such as staff management, attendance, academic management, and admissions. It has various features like SMS, mobile app, e-exam, online portal, biometric, etc., to offer everything you need in a single software. Let Vidyalaya take care of your administrative tasks and empower the educational institutes to deliver new ways of education.

Start a new journey of education with the easy-to-use mobile app for schools, parents, and management. Use the app anywhere and at any time to save money and move faster. Leverage the power of social media like WhatsApp that can play an indispensable role in the school’s growth and students’ education.

Essential activities from admissions to academic activities, fees collection, exam management, and employee payroll, this comprehensive school management software offers everything to make the process hassle-free for you. Vidyalaya school management software is compatible with plenty of tools. Additionally, you get hosting options to store data in the enterprise, premises, or the cloud. You can also access the software from anywhere and whenever you want.

Complete the form and get a free demo to watch what benefit you are going to get.


Join the club of our awesome school management software users and become a part of the most powerful and robust online platform that brings you a revolution in the way you manage your schools. Our School Management Software allows you to manage your schools effectively, efficiently, securely and easily.

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