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Best Open Source Software for Windows 10

Best Open Source Software for Windows 10 is a list of the best open source software that is compatible with Windows 10 operating system. This list will help you to find the best open source Windows 10 software that meets your needs and requirements.

This article lists best open source software for Windows 10 that helps in making your system more secured, reliable and less buggy. The software listed in this article can be used in both personal computers and servers.

Mozilla Firefox

[Image source: Mozilla Firefox]

Mozilla Firefox is a customizable internet browser and free open source software. It offers thousands of plugins that are accessible with a single click of your mouse.  

The platform holds 3.98% of the worldwide browser market share and it is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.   

According to CNET, Mozilla reshaped the technology industry and fanned the flames of open source software that changed the way social networks and operating systems function.

Brave Browser

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

In a world where it seems that web browsing is becoming increasingly synonymous with just a couple of select browsers (but mostly Google Chrome), to release a new player into the market is, fittingly, a brave move. See what we did there?

Best Open Source Software 2020 Brave Browser

Brave browser does things a little differently to other browsers however, with a particular focus on privacy by blocking ads and website tracking. It uses a unique revenue system in something called Basic Attention Tokens, which give users a 70 per cent share of the revenue generated from looking at ads – either gifting their earnings to their favorite websites or even converting this cryptocurrency into real fiat money.

Crucially, the browser itself is very fast and easy to use, based as it is on the open-source Chromium browser. It’s still lagging behind the big players when it comes to extension support, but given its solid uptake we expect that to improve over time.


Minetest gallery images

Minetest is a free, open-source voxel-based game engine. In other words, Minetest allows you to create games that look like Minecraft. And although you can experience some Minecraft-style gameplay in the Minetest sandbox, the app is much bigger in scope.

First, Minetest is a platform to create other games. So, you can download the software, learn a bit about scripting and APIs, and get down to making the game of your dreams.

Second, Minetest allows you to play games made by other people. From survival horror to exploration, there are some cool games that you can play by simply connecting to the game’s server.

Finally, you can modify any Minetest-based game you like and publish it on the Minetest network.

Minetest is available on Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Android, and Linux.

VLC Media Player

open source software solution: VLC Media Player
[Image source: VLC Media Player]

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular open source software examples that you can use for free.

This multimedia player is used for video, media and audio files and it plays discs, webcams, streams and devices. Most of the users use it for streaming podcasts as well.

It allows you to optimize your audio and video files for a particular hardware configuration and also offers a plethora of extensions and skins which allows you to create customized designs.

What’s more, it runs on different platforms such as Android, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, iOS and more.


open source software examples: Linux
[Image source: Linux]

According to a Stack Overflow survey, 83.1% of developers claimed that Linux is the most wanted platform. 

Linux is one of the most user-friendly open source software on the market. It is most commonly used on Android devices and desktops.

What makes this operating system different from the others is that it costs nothing and it is incredibly customizable.

Most companies also choose it because it is highly secure and offers excellent community support.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

For the creatives out there (the Kritatives?), this is possibly on of the best kept secrets on the internet. Which is strange, because it’s free and open-source! Krita is a wonderfully in-depth digital painting and graphics editing tool that’s a great for both those trying their hand at digital art and full-on professionals.


It uses a layer-based system, and despite its complexity it has a very accessible UI and puts much less load on your system than, say Photoshop.

From the broadstrokes to the fine details like colour management, Krita is such a robust tool that you’ll be amazed how it’s offered for free.


Mattermost chat represenation

If you want the features of Slack in a more secure, privacy-focused, and open-source product, Mattermost is the app for you.

Mattermost’s key selling point is its open-source nature. And because the app has an active community that aims to keep it secure, you can be sure that privacy will never be an issue. You can go one step further and self-host your Mattermost account for peace of mind.

Plus, Mattermost has all the features that you would expect from a collaboration tool. Features like file sharing, group chat, seamless integration with enterprise systems, and the ability to create custom workflows are just a handful of reasons why Mattermost should be on your radar.

Mattermost is free for small teams and costs a small fee for mid-sized and big organizations.

Mattermost has native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Video encoding in HandBrake

HandBrake is an open-source video encoder that has been around since 2003. It allows you to convert any video format to a format of your choice. For instance, if you want to convert an MKV video file to an MP4 one, you can do this with HandBrake.

You can also batch scan and encode multiple video files at once. HandBrake also supports DVD and BluRay encoding.

In short, when it comes to free video encoders, you can’t do better than HandBrake.

Handbrake is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


If you don’t afford popular antivirus programs like Avira or Avast, then an open-source antivirus program like ClamWin might work for you. It’s a completely free antivirus program that is updated regularly. The antivirus is light, but it doesn’t come with real-time protection like other premium antiviruses.

Thankfully, you can schedule scans to make sure your PC is scanned routinely.


This article discusses the best open source software available for Microsoft Windows 10. It is designed to help end-users identify the best software alternatives to Microsoft Windows 10 proprietary software.

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