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Best Open Source Software for Developers

Open-source software is software that programmers can modify. Open-source software is created using publicly available source code, and often uses the GNU General Public License for sourcing code. The best open source software allows developers to build great products. From cloud computing systems to tools for writing programs, this site offers a list of some of the best open source solutions for coders and engineers across a range of platforms and topics.

Open source software has been a part of the developer’s toolset for more than 10 years, and — according to some reports — is on track to comprise 80 percent of all enterprise code by the end of 2012. In fact, according to recent research commissioned by VMWare, open source makes up a whopping 75 percent of respondents’ software development environments. As opposed to proprietary software that locks you in, open source is free for coders to tinker with and improves as it gets used more. GitHub is the best place for developers to communicate about, locate and contribute fixes and enhancements to open source projects.


The Top Open Source Development Tools and Platforms

Git is an open source distributed version control system designed to handle both small and large projects. Its unique branching model allows users to create multiple local branches that are completely independent. Branches can easily be created, merged, or deleted. This allows for smooth context switching, role-based code lines, feature-based workflows, disposable experimentation, and more. Users can pick and choose which branches to push to a remote repository, and can easily exchange or delete certain releases. Git is used by companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.



Budibase is an open source low-code platform, bringing together everything required to build internal tools and custom business apps, such as; dashboards, admin panels, approval apps, customer portals, and everything in between. Within minutes, transform data and processes into powerful internal tools.

Why Budibase is in our top 10

Budibase is the leading open source low code platform. Low code platforms are trending at the moment and for sound reasoning. As previously mentioned, the demand for software development is proliferating, with no sign of stopping. Low code platforms, such as Budibase, allow IT professionals and developers to deliver internal tools and CRUD apps in a fraction of the time. They also remove a lot of the repetition and grunt work experienced when developing such tools, leading to a more satisfying dev process in some cases.

Budibase outshines its competition for several reasons:

  • users can self-host their apps on their own infrastructure
  • users can create internal and external tools
  • Budibase has an automation layer, allowing users to automate tasks such as email notifications, triggering webhooks, sending a report
  • Budibase exports real single-page applications providing end-users with a better, more performant experience.

Apache NetBeans

The Top Open Source Development Tools and Platforms

Apache NetBeans is an open source IDE that allows developers to create desktop, mobile, and web applications with Java, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, C/C++, and more. Accessible across platforms, NetBeans highlights source code syntactically and semantically, and allows users to quickly refactor code. With NetBean’s open source nature, users can file issues and bug reports, and can also submit version pull requests. Users also have access to the Wiki, documentation, and community support.


Vercel UI

Vercel is a deployment and collaboration platform for frontend developers. Vercel puts the frontend developer first, giving them comprehensive tools to build high-performance websites and applications.

Vercel enables developers to host websites and web services that deploy instantly and scale automatically – all without any configuration.

Why Vercel is in our top 10

Vercel is a joy to use. They truly accel at developer experience, performance, and UI design. Their community is one of the largest and fastest-growing on Github, and their forums are active and welcoming. They’re also the creators of Next.js, which, in my opinion, is the second-best static site generator after Hugo.


The Top Open Source Development Tools and Platforms

Brackets is an open source text editor with focused visual tools and preprocessor support. Brackets is focused on making it easy to design and create projects in browser, and is crafted for web designers and front-end developers. Users can work in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and can access the program from macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. Features include quick edit, quick docs, live preview, JSLint, LESS support, and more. Users can incorporate various extensions, and have full access to an online API.


Posthog UI

PostHog is a product analytics platform built for the enterprise, with the differentiators of being open source and having a broader view of the tools needed to make a product successful.

Why Posthog is in our top 10

PostHog can be deployed on your infrastructure and provides a large set of tools to help improve your product, such as session recording, heatmaps, and feature flags, that are unique to PostHog in the product analytics space. Posthog is a young product, like Budibase, but its community and team are responsive and helpful.


The Top Open Source Development Tools and Platforms

Atom is a greatly customizable text editor meant to easily integrate with other commonly used developer tools. Features include cross-platform editing, built-in package manager, smart auto-completion, and a file system browser. Additionally, customize your work environment with open source packages, themes, as well as UI and source code alteration. Integrations include functionalities like Teletype, which allows users to collaborate with other developers in real time, and GitHub, which allows for in-app branch creation, software update pushes and pulls, and much more.


snyk UI

Snyk is a developer-first platform for building cloud-native applications securely. In addition, it helps and encourages developers to remediate open source vulnerabilities during the development process.

Why Snyk is in our top 10

Software composition analysis is a pain. Not many developers like doing it. Or at least, in my experience, I didn’t like doing it until Snyk came along.

Snyk offers direct integration into your software development life cycle, supporting all the major IDEs, auto-remediation of security vulnerabilities, and visualization of dependencies. Snyk also provides custom patching.


The Top Open Source Development Tools and Platforms

Bootstrap is a front-end component library used for building responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. Developers can work in HTML, CSS, and JS, and have access to jQuery plugins, Sass variables and mixins, prebuilt components, and more. Bootstrap contains CSS and JS-based design templates for buttons, typography, forms, navigation, and other interface components or projects. Bootstrap is designed for simplifying the development of informative web pages, and its primary purpose is to affect the color, size, font, and layout of web projects.


Developers have a lot of choices when it comes to developing web applications. There are several programming environments, source repository hosting services and tons of libraries to choose from. One thing’s for sure: there’s no shortage of options.

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