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Best Open Source Software 2022

Open source software is an increasingly important tool for any organization. We reviewed the open source landscape and chose the very best open source software for enterprises in 2022, in 8 categories – Web Development, Core OS, Mobile, DevOps Platforms, Business Applications, Big Data, Cloud Platforms & Support.

In 2022 Open Source software will top the list of best software. The benefits of Open Source makes its appeal is easy to see, low overhead cost and open access to the code helps users make better decisions when purchasing software. Open Source allows you to have more control over your production environment. The Open Source Cookbook is one of the latest offerings in Open Source software helping with using and implementing Open Source in a variety of uses.</p>


Skyve Low-code platform

Skyve is a platform that mixes Low- and No-code application development approaches. Although aims for citizen developers with no developer experience, it aims for enterprise users as it helps in cutting the cost.

With Skyve, citizen developers with no coding experience can build enterprise apps using a visual design mode.

Skyve is a completely free and open-source system that comes with a rich ecosystem to ease the development and deployment process. It also offers rich getting started tutorials and friendly documentation.


One of the most well-known, open-source knowledge base software options out there, OpenKM is a tiered solution that offers lots of helpful features for free in its Community version. Mostly designed for corporate companies, Open KM acts primarily as an internal knowledge base system and is best used for internal collaboration and documentation. 

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The free version is available for full modification, but unlike its paid tiers, does not offer any structure or support, should you need it. As a bonus, there’s lots of helpful chatter, guidance, and forum support online should you run into issues. 


  • Audit trail allows you to have documentary evidence any time a knowledge base article is edited


  • Community Edition is free 
  • Cloud & Professional editions are quote-based


What makes PHPKB a fairly unique open source solution? 

You’ll have the option to host it yourself or install it as a SaaS—it gives you the best of both worlds, all depending on your preferences. Also, unlike some of the other open source choices on this list that are more suited towards creating a customer-facing knowledge base, PHPKB is well suited for creating an internal knowledge base.

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The downfall here? The source code is publicly available, but that doesn’t mean it’s free—you’ll have to pay close to $300 for your license to get even the most basic plan. Still, it does have a completely open source code, so you can customize it to your heart’s content.      


  • A web-based application that’s responsive and mobile-friendly ensures end users can access the knowledge base from any device without installing any special software
  • Multi-language support allows you to create a knowledge base as well as search it in multiple languages
  • API availability (only in Enterprise Edition) allows you to easily integrate PHPKB with your other software



Budibase is a free open-source low-code platform that helps developers and IT staff create a useful productive tool in no time.

It supports multiple data sources and databases, comes with an IDE and data wizards which makes building apps effortless.

We write a snap review about Budibase, listing all its prominent features, you can check it here.


Blend together a unique mix of wiki software and documentation and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Documize is all about. This open source software is described as an “Intelligent Document Environment” that is mostly designed to improve documentation, how it’s accessed, and how it’s shared. As such, it’s a phenomenal resource for internal and technical documentation. 

Example of a self-hosted Documize knowledge base

Documize always offers modifiable and open source plans along with free pricing—that means you can develop the software to your heart’s content and grant access to up to ten users without paying a dime. Users can choose to do a self-hosted installation, make use of Documize’s services for a cloud-based installation, or do a hybrid install that allows a user to host the database while Documize host’s the application.


  • Ability to self-host your knowledge base as well as do a hybrid model or cloud-based model 
  • Open sourced connectors to Trello, Jira and others
  • Predefined templates to help with document creation


What do we love about phpMyFAQ? It’s mobile-friendly, it’s actually free, and it’s totally open source under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. In other words, it’s easy to customize, won’t cost a cent, and is incredibly streamlined if you build it as such.

phpMyFAQ screen shot of then knowledge base software(Source)

Further, this self hosted knowledge base software is very popular, so there’s plenty of guidance on forums if needed. It also includes a long list of features built-in that you’d expect on a SaaS platform, like user permission, search engines, back-end analytics, content management systems, and more.


  • Easy to create content with their WYSIWYG editor that’s based on TinyMCE
  • LDAP and HTTP authentication with SSO support along with Active Directory Support


Steedos features

Steedos is an open-source low-code development platform for the enterprise.

Steedos is built for citizen developers and enterprise business developers, as it allows them to take full control of the product’s life-cycle in a visual method.

With Steedos, developers have understood the data objects, metadata, and how to build the basic data structure of the app.

Steedos requires Node.js, Yarn (or npm). It is released and licensed under MIT license.


A totally free software platform written in Java, XWiki offers a powerful development platform that focuses on customizability and extensibility. With features like WYSIWYG editing, OpenDocument-based import and export, advanced permissions management, and more, this platform offers a no-fuss, no-frills approach to knowledge management and access. 

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Additionally, it has a responsive skin, advanced search features, a unique set of built-in applications, strong rights management, and open-sourcing so you can customize at will. 


Tymly library

Tymly is a low-code open-source solution released as an open-source solution by West Midlands Fire Service.

It features a unique method to build and automate apps, which is Tymly blueprints. The blueprint is a JSON-Schema approach to build app logic and design features.


It is forecasted that in 2022, the best open source software will be for head-mounted displays. A small company called goggle will blow out of the water a new way to visualize data.

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