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Best Open Source Projects to Work on

Are you a newbie in open source projects and looking for rewarding projects to work on? I have tried and contributed in a number of Open Source projects. Here are some best Overall and Best Java , C and Python open source projects   you can contribute.


You might have already heard about Kodi. This open-source project gained its popularity due to its great interface, skinning engine, and multiple awards it has gotten. It works as an entertainment center and home theatre, and it’s available for multiple OS.


Another OS on our list! SerenityOS is an interesting open-source project to explore if you’re a Unix fan. It has old-school graphics so it’s very nostalgic, but it also features contemporary power-user accessibility.

C++ open-source projects

C++ is used to create some of the fastest high-performance software. It is the predominant programming language in gaming. Since it’s a powerful and continuously-evolving language, you can learn a lot of valuable programming tricks by engaging in C++ open-source projects.

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Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, also known as CNTK, is an open-source deep-learning framework. You can create machine learning prediction models with it. Most importantly, CNTK is used to build deep neural networks, which are essential to some of the most advanced AI tech of today.


IncludeOS is a minimal unikernel operating system that enables you to run apps in the cloud without an OS. It can be used in enterprise solutions, microservices, and IoT alike. This innovative open-source project is the one to keep your eye on!


Zulip is one of the fastest-growing open-source projects on the internet and is an open-source group chat application. It combines instant real-time messaging with the utility of threaded conversations and runs on open-source platforms. The app’s team offers many tasks that a beginner level programmer can perform to learn as well as add to their portfolio.

On Zulip, you can be one of the many contributors to the platform by contributing code as well as performing non-code contributions such as reporting issues, translation, or giving feedback to improve the app. You can also host and run a Zulip server, which runs on many platforms, including Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic, Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial, and Debian 9 Stretch.

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Neovim is tagged “good first issue” on GitHub, which indicates that it is suitable for people looking for their first open-source projects on GitHub. Vim is a powerful text editor over two decades old and has a rich, fostering community surrounding it. It has accumulated over 300,000 lines of C89 code that very few people can even comprehend, and even fewer dare to touch. 

Neovim puts forward a solution to the headache of fostering Vim by re-factoring its source code. This aims to make maintenance easier by accelerating bug fixes and addition of new features, add modern UI without affecting the source code, splitting the work among multiple devs, and add a new plugin architecture that will improve its extensibility power.  

This project is not a mission to rewrite Vim but to change it to suit modern times. The changes will have as little impact as possible on the source code. With almost 40,000 stars on GitHub, this is a very popular project in the community.


iGraph is a library that is usable from C, R, Python, and Mathematica. The project is for creating, manipulating, and analyzing graphs. It is a library of network analysis tools and emphasizes efficiency, portability, and ease of use. The Igraph repository on GitHub has over a thousand stars and many suitable problems for beginner level devs to solve.


Scrapy is a high level, fast and accurate data scraping tool built on a Python framework. It is used to scour cyberspace and collect the required data from many online sources, according to the user’s requirement.

It is used for data mining, monitoring purposes, and even testing. This high-level web crawler also has a rich GitHub repository that can serve as a good place for beginner level entrants to try out. This project should be interesting for Data Miners and scientists as well. 


Open-source software has revolutionized Computer Science in many ways. It is now a field powered by a vibrant community of developers who work on their passion projects while making a living with their skills. Open source projects drive many people from beginner to expert levels of knowledge and skill. These are vital to the growth of any aspiring programmer. 

Open source projects are a bit like kitchen utensils. You can get some that are really basic, and others that have way more features than you’ll ever need. I’ve been involved in open source for a long time now, dating back to when I was in high school.   I’ve also seen a lot of new coders ask if they should be contributing to open source projects. So here’s my list of the best open source projects to work on if you’re just starting out with open source.

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