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Open source software is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Best Open Source Php Scripts is also tagged with Best Open Source Php Scripts, Best Open Source Php Scripts for Agencies, Monthly Subscription Plans, Best Open Source Php Scripts for Developers, CRM Scripts, IT Management System.

Open source scripts are quite popular among the programmers and have gained a lot of popularity in last few years. The applications will enhance their productivity while reducing costs to clients.

PHP Frameworks

Since writing the whole code for a website is not really practical/feasible for most projects, most developers tend to use frameworks for the web development. The advantage of using a framework is that

  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you create a project, a lot of the nuances are already taken care for you
  • They are usually well-structured so that it helps in the separation of concerns
  • Most frameworks tend the follow the best practices of the language
  • A lot of them follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern so that it separates the presentation layer from logic.

phpjabbers php scripts shop

PHPJabbers is a provider of web development services and solutions based in Bulgaria. They serve clients from all over the world and have been around for 10+ years.

Their site offers a large library of more than 65 PHP scripts. These span from booking applications over content management, and e-commerce to calendars and polling scripts.

Prices range from $4.29 to $129. You can also get all 65 scripts in a bundle together for $299. This comes out as $4.29 per script, so it’s a pretty good deal. Especially since you get a 30-day money-back guarantee together with it. If you want to test drive their work, you can take a crack at their free scripts first.

Top 3 Scripts on PHPJabbers

The website focuses a lot on e-commerce scripts and booking modules so it’s no wonder that their top scripts are coming from these areas. Most also include support for installation and you can check live demos to see what the end product will look like. The two different prices mentioned are for normal and developer licenses respectively.

  1. Food Delivery Script ($79/$129)– An online ordering system for takeout restaurants. It allows you to create a menu, set up food categories and lets your customers choose choice between pickup and delivery. The script also comes with email and SMS notifications, different payment options, the ability to create vouchers, and more.
  2. Appointment Scheduler ($65/$125) — This Allows you to add an appointment calendar to your website where clients can self-book time slots. It’s mobile responsive, comes with different color schemes out of the box, and can automatically update timesheets and availability for you and your staff. You also get detailed reports and the script sends confirmation and reminder messages to both you and your clients.
  3. Simple CMS ($17/$27) — If you are not using WordPress, you can also go for this PHP-based content management system. It comes with the TinyMCE content editor, allows file uploads, logs all site changes, includes the ability to back up your site, set user permissions, include multiple languages, and more.

PHP Data Types

Variables can store data of different types such as:

  • String (“Hello”)
  • Integer (5)
  • Float (also called double) (1.0)
  • Boolean ( 1 or 0 )
  • Array ( array(“I”, “am”, “an”, “array”) )
  • Object
  • NULL
  • Resource


A string is a sequence of characters. It can be any text inside quotes (single or double):

$x = "Hello!";
$y = 'Hello!';


An integer data type is a non-decimal number between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647.

Rules for integers:

  • Integers must have at least one digit
  • Integers must not have a decimal point
  • Integers can be either positive or negative

$x = 5;


A float, or floating point number, is a number with a decimal point.

$x = 5.01;


A Boolean represents two possible states: TRUE or FALSE. Booleans are often used in conditional testing.

$x = true;
$y = false;


An array stores multiple values in one single variable.

$colors = array("Magenta", "Yellow", "Cyan");


Null is a special data type that can only have the value null. Variables can be declared with no value or emptied by setting the value to null. Also, if a variable is created without being assigned a value, it is automatically assigned null.

// Assign the value "Hello!" to greeting
$greeting = "Hello!";

// Empty the value greeting by setting it to null
$greeting = null;

Classes and Objects

A class is a data structure useful for modeling things in the real world, and can contain properties and methods. Objects are instances a class, and are a convenient way to package values and functions specific to a class.

class Car {
    function Car() {
        $this->model = "Tesla";

// create an object
$Lightning = new Car();

// show object properties
echo $Lightning->model;

codecanyon php scripts marketplace

Next up we have this online shop that sells all sorts of digital products. From WordPress themes and plugins, over-stock images, music, and videos to fonts and logos — there is very little you can not buy.

They are also a big fish in the PHP scripts pond with more than 3,000 available. Their offers cover many categories: social networking, shopping carts, forms, loaders and uploaders, calendars, navigation, etc. The shop also has detailed filter options to help you find what you are looking for. Prices range from just $6 to several thousand.

Top 3 Scripts on CodeCanyon

To help you quickly find your way in the wide range of products that CodeCanyon offers, here are three of their best-selling and/or best-rated PHP scripts. Prices are for a regular license. You can also always have a look at the live preview or demo for each product.

  1. TASKLY ($19) — Keep on top of work with this project management tool. It offers a slick dashboard that helps you visually get an overview of your projects. Create shared and individual workspaces, set up and assign tasks, and attach important files to projects. TASKLY also allows you to create PDF invoices and even comes with payment options for clients for completed work.
  2. Instant Blog ($39) — Quickly create a simple blog, Facebook Instant Articles, or Google AMP pages. Features include mobile responsiveness, support for categories, auto embeds, social logins, translations, ad management, and more.
  3. Themeqx Advanced Classified Ads CMS ($49) — PHP-based CMS to create classified ads. It has different themes available, can integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos, and accept payment for ads and other monetization options.


We’ve taken all the tedious work out of making your own php website, and packaged it up into this easy to download, easy to install package. We’re giving these scripts away free – and easy!

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