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Best Open Source CRM 2022

Best Open Source CRM 2022 is a custom enterprise-class solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses to meet their critical customer relationships management needs. It offers a rich array of features, including easy contact management, task management, appointments and meeting management, document management, marketing automation and personalized messaging.

Best Open Source CRM 2022 (BOSC) is a leading open source customer relationship and marketing management software. With BOSC, you can manage sales and marketing activities, including client/customer contact, information, data records, tasks and events in one place.

Vtiger: Best Overall Open Source CRM


Overall Score: 4.29 OUT OF 5 i

What We Like

  • Scalable multichannel communication touchpoints, including phone, email, and SMS
  • Sophisticated-looking dashboard and intuitive interface
  • 24/5 email and chat support

What’s Missing

  • Lacks essential features, such as lead nurturing and marketing automation
  • Installation fees could be expensive for small businesses

Pricing Summary

Open source version: Free to download, but comes with an installation fee of $450 and an auditing fee of $150

Paid plans:

  • One Professional: $30 per user, per month (billed annually)
  • One Enterprise: $42 per user, per month (billed annually)
  • Free trial of paid plans: 15 days

Vtiger offers essential CRM features: contact management, pipeline management, help desk, inventory management, and reporting. It offers multichannel communication touchpoints for users, such as phone, email, SMS, as well as integration with third-party messaging apps. Vtiger has an app marketplace that offers over 200 extensions, including accounting and marketing, to help businesses extend the capabilities of their CRM.

However, Vtiger comes with expensive installation and auditing fees. Its open source version also lacks essential features, such as lead nurturing and marketing automation. Users who don’t want to pay for installation fees can download Odoo instead, while those who want advanced features in their CRM, such as sales and marketing automation, can consider SuiteCRM.

Vtiger Features

Vtiger includes essential CRM features in its open source version and offers extensive communication touchpoints. Below are features we find most beneficial for users:

  • Multichannel communications: Provides users with in-app communication tools, including phone, email, and SMS, and allows them to integrate other third-party messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Slack
  • Contact management: Allows users to centralize their contact database and view all customer touchpoints and communication history in one place
  • Pipeline management: Lets users view their active deals at different stages and set up reminders to move deals faster across stages
  • Help desk management: Lets users convert emails to tickets automatically and link them to related contacts
Screenshot of Vtiger contact management page


open source crm software

SuiteCRM is an open source CRM software which offers central control and detailed analysis of all your client related data. The software also offers enhanced customization for you to modify the software as per your brand image. SuiteCRM also supports robust integration with business solutions already existing within your system.

Features of SuiteCRM Free CRM Systems

  • SuiteCRM has a community of developers that provides appropriate assistance with code updates and documentation.
  • This free CRM system features a dashboard using which you can keep an eye on important metrics as well as automate all repetitive tasks.
  • The customer profiles offered by SuiteCRM help you convert leads into customers with more precision.
  • SuiteCRM free CRM tools offer segregation of customers on the basis of particular categories for successful targeted marketing.
  • SuiteCRM is also useful for the CRM team to schedule all incoming and outgoing calls associated with an account.

Benefits of SuiteCRM CRM Software Free Download

  • Bug module for tracking bugs or lags in your product or services.
  • Sending and receiving emails to a shared inbox.
  • A knowledge module for using template responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Availability of web form template wizard for embedding forms and directing potential customers to the sales team.

Pricing of SuiteCRM Free CRM Software for Small Business:

SuiteCRM offers a free version. The pricing details of the paid versions are as follows:

  • Starter- ₹9247 per month
  • Business- ₹32317 per month
  • Premium- ₹46236 per month


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OroCRM has a reputation as the most flexible open source CRM. It’s based on the Symfony2 PHP framework for web development, which is widely used and well-liked. That means that lots of open source developers find it easy to understand Oro’s code and create new customizations, making it relatively easy and cost-effective to modify the platform to your needs.

Easy integrations with Zendesk, MailChimp, and many other clutch apps are a nice touch too.


If you’re managing ecommerce, you might need a developer to customize the app in order to fulfill helpdesk / customer support functions. There is also no localization (Oro is only available in English). 


  • Open source edition is free.
  • Contact vendor for Enterprise Edition access.


free lead management software

CiviCRM open source CRM tool offers enhanced integration with third party applications such as WordPress, Jumal and Drupal. The software is known for helping with easy contact management of clients as a result of which it is easy to store all clients’ information in one single place. CiviCRM best free CRM software can also be customized upto a large extent.

Features of CiviCRM Open Source CRM Software

  • CiviCRM software can be integrated with accounting solutions available to your organization.
  • The software is capable of enhanced email marketing and for sending as well as receiving bulk emails.
  • You can either choose from over forty report templates or develop your own customized report.
  • CiviCRM is also helpful for the process of raising funds; your members can raise funds on your behalf through personal campaigns.
  • CiviCRM is suitable for easy building and management of cases.
  • The software offers extensions that are compatible with several content management systems.

Benefits of CiviCRM Free CRM Systems

  • CiviCRM facilitates in-person training, seminars and meetups to let you use the software in an enhanced manner.
  • CiviCRM has a functional community, which provides support and new utilities.
  • It also features a chatbot, which can be integrated with Facebook messenger.
  • The software helps companies send membership renewal reminders with ease.

Pricing of CiviCRM Free CRM Tools

CiviCRM is completely free to download and use.


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X2CRM has an open source edition, which generously shares code through GitHub, SourceForge and Bitnami, thus encouraging anyone and everyone to customize it for their own purposes. The software can be downloaded right onto a webserver, but you can also get help when downloading it as part of a full stack version.

This open source edition employs many of the core modules from the general (non-open source) X2CRM platform, which is more geared toward larger enterprises rather than lean startups. 

Lighter operations can take advantage of X2CRM Open Source’s tools for marketing campaigns and pipeline and funnel management. There are email modules that include open email tracking and a feature to design workflow visualizations. X2CRM also has Android and iOS apps.


X2CRM is an up-and-coming platform and not the most widely used, so you may find it tricky to get the support you need through its small-ish community.


  • Open source version is free. 
  • Paid custom configuration and development solutions also available.


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