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Best Open Source Book Writing Software

Book writing has never been so enjoyable, with the use of digital equipment and intuitive open-source software to help you make your book. BitLit is the most comprehensive open source book writing software that integrates with a variety of tools digital tools to make writing your books more enjoyable. It offers a simple user interface and a cloud storage system to keep all of your data up-to-date.

Writing a book can be challenging work, but you don’t have to struggle with Microsoft Word or any overpriced, bloated software. In fact, it’s still possible to create a lovely book using only Open Source tools such as LibreOffice and Scribus.



Bibisco App follows the concept of Manuscripts to write novels, stories in a simple way. It uses to organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, organize your ideas high-end cryptography to protect notes and data.

Bibisco offers a desktop application available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

With Bibisco, you can create your world, design characters, analyze the length, time, location of characters chapters, it is multi-language, It focuses on characters and all of unusual thing about it, and more.


Most of the FreeDOS logos and fish mascots are in SVG format, and I used Inkscape for any image tweaking here. And in preparing the PDF version of the ebook, I wanted a simple blue banner at top of the page, with the FreeDOS logo in the corner. After some experimenting, I found it easier to create an SVG image in Inkscape that looked like the banner I wanted, and I pasted that into the header.


open source tool for writers Manuskript

Manuskript is another novel creation tool. This application focuses on outlining. By looking at the detailed outline tool, you can see what stage each chapter is at and what characters are involved. You can also easily rearrange chapters. It uses the snowflake method to help you build your novel.

Manuskript includes a frequency analyzer, so you can see which words or phrases you repeat and how often. They even included a distraction free writing mode.

Manuskript is released under GPL v3. It is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It’s worth noting that it is still a pre-release version and in early stages of its development and does not have a stable release yet. It worked fine in my case but you should keep that in mind and go through its GitHub page if needed.


LibreOffice can export directly to EPUB format, but it wasn’t a great transfer. I haven’t tried creating an EPUB with LibreOffice 6.1, but LibreOffice 6.0 didn’t include my images. It also added styles in a weird way. I used Sigil to tweak the EPUB file and make everything look right. Sigil even has a preview function so you can see what the EPUB will look like.

KIT Scenarist

Scenarist Script

If you’re into screenwriting (or scriptwriting), KIT Scenarist is a full-fledged solution for casual and professional use.

It offers a lot of features that includes the ability to create/manage cards, get statistics about your project, and organize all your research materials to comfortably work on your script with an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface).


I started on LibreOffice 6.0 but I finished the book using LibreOffice 6.1. I love LibreOffice’s rich support of styles. Paragraph styles made it easy to apply a style for titles, headers, body text, sample code, and other text. Character styles let me modify the appearance of text within a paragraph, such as inline sample code or a different style to indicate a filename. Graphics styles let me apply certain styling to screenshots and other images. And page styles allowed me to easily modify the layout and appearance of the page.



Ghostwriter is an open-source writing app for mobile for large documents. You can download it on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Although It looks simple, it offers more editor-friendly features its come without distraction, live HTML preview, navigation, export to multiple formats, drag and drop images, it displays live statistics.

You also can export to HTML, Word, ODT, PDF, and more, it enables you to highlight the current line, sentence, paragraph, or three lines, it provides an outline of the document.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the only tool I used that isn’t open source software. I uploaded my first drafts to Google Docs so my editor and I could collaborate. I’m sure there are open source collaboration tools, but Google Doc’s ability to let two people edit the same document at the same time, make comments, edit suggestions, and change tracking—not to mention its use of paragraph styles and the ability to download the finished document—made it a valuable part of the editing process.


open source tool for writers asciidoc

AsciiDoc is another document formatting syntax. AsciiDoc has support for several option, such as footnotes, tables, cross-references, embedded YouTube videos, and more. It can be used in the creation of notes, documentation, articles, books, e-books, slideshows, web pages, man pages, and blogs. AsciiDoc files can be converted to HTML, PDF, EPUB, and man pages. It is released under GPL v2.

AsciiDocFX is a useful editor that supports AsciiDoc. In either case, you might want to refer to one of our existing guides on getting started with AsciiDoc.



Markdown is a conversion tool for web writers. It is open source, let you read and write easily. It is aim to  plain text formatting syntax, then convert it to HTML, XHTML.

You need to know that you want to use text editor that support markdown.

It can prevent you from being locked, help you to write stories.


My book includes a lot of DOS program screenshots, website screenshots, and FreeDOS logos. I used GIMP to modify these images for the book. Usually, this was simply cropping or resizing an image, but as I prepare the print edition of the book, I’m using GIMP to create a few images that will be simpler for print layout.


Latex open source tool for writers

LaTeX is a human-readable document preparation system. While this system was created for scientific papers, it can be used to create beautifully formatted books. You use a series of markup cues to set the structure of your document and also add citations and cross-references. The end product can be converted into a number of file formats.


There are many book writing software options available to you, but not all of them have the same level of affordability. Here is a list of five open source book writing software products that fit your budget and offer lots of essential features.

There are several LaTeX editors for Linux and other platforms that you can use. Just to test LaTeX, I suggest you to give Lyx a spin.

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