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Best Open Source Book Tools

Open Book are tools that any writer can use, to turn written words into book-quality documentation. Open Book documentation tools and books are written, not by programmers or technical authors, but by subject matter experts who use Open Book tools to get the job done. The output is excellent documentation that is useful across disciplines, and cuts down on costs and cycle time. As a company focused on books and the people who write them, we were happy to find that these tools work great for creating our own internal documentation… no additional technical support was needed!

Open Book Tools is a free collection of tools designed to help you work with books, whether you are an author, editor, or translator. It works with standard tools like OpenOffice and LibreOffice, and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


open source tool for writers Manuskript

Manuskript is another novel creation tool. This application focuses on outlining. By looking at the detailed outline tool, you can see what stage each chapter is at and what characters are involved. You can also easily rearrange chapters. It uses the snowflake method to help you build your novel.

Manuskript includes a frequency analyzer, so you can see which words or phrases you repeat and how often. They even included a distraction free writing mode.

Manuskript is released under GPL v3. It is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It’s worth noting that it is still a pre-release version and in early stages of its development and does not have a stable release yet. It worked fine in my case but you should keep that in mind and go through its GitHub page if needed.



Bibisco App follows the concept of Manuscripts to write novels, stories in a simple way. It uses to organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, organize your ideas high-end cryptography to protect notes and data.

Bibisco offers a desktop application available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

With Bibisco, you can create your world, design characters, analyze the length, time, location of characters chapters, it is multi-language, It focuses on characters and all of unusual thing about it, and more.


Evergreen is an open-source and highly scalable Library management system. It was developed by the Georgia Public Library system in 2006. GNU GPL version 2 license governs this open-source software. It is a fantastic software for managing library items, handling library information, and tracking the data for the circulated library items. 

Almost 2000+ libraries use Evergreen software to manage their library-related data easily. It offers features that assist users with back-end workflow operations, as well as a public catalog interface. 

Features of Evergreen

  • Evergreen offers flexible, template-based, customizable receipt printing.
  • A user-friendly and uncluttered interface makes a big difference in daily work. 
  • It provides a public access catalog online as well as multiple payment methods.
  • Users can generate reports, and Evergreen allows users to customize statistical reports.
  • The pre-reminders option can help library management to get the library items back at a specific time.
  • Evergreen provides an efficient cataloging service.
  • It provides an RSS feed option for record generation and updates.


open source tool for writers Gitbook

GitBook is a service mainly used for technical writing, but I don’t see why it would not work for a fiction writer. GitBook makes use of the git version control system to keep track of changes in the document you are writing. It also enables several users to collaborate on a book.

You can either choose a free account or pay $8 per user monthly. Unless you have a team to collaborate with, you may not require the paid plans. But, if you do, it is worth noting that eligible open-source or non-profit projects will get 50% off.

You can choose to create a public space or a private space depending on how you want to give access to the information you’re working on. If it’s private, only your team members or collaborators will be able to access it (if any).

The GitBook Editor lets you edit/create pages online right on the web browser without needing a separate desktop application. So, you can use it on any platform (Linux, Windows or Mac).


OPALS is an open-source library management software that helps users to manage and handle huge libraries easily. According to the official website of OPALS, they manage two thousand plus libraries around the globe. 

OPALS is a fully featured library automation system that enables libraries to function quickly and maintain library resources daily. 

OPALs has a large community of public, education, special, and academic librarians. As part of the development of this excellent open-source library management software, these librarians collaborate with experienced software developers, system administrators, automation experts, and support technicians. 

Features of OPALS

  • OPALS has various options for cataloging library materials.
  • It has the feature of importing, exporting and merging items easily. 
  • Users can easily add, edit and remove fields anytime. 
  • It has real-time project options because it is an open-source platform. 
  • OPALS has a feature of statistical and dynamic report generation. 
  • Users can access calendars and digital archives.
  • OPALS provides fantastic customer support services
  • It is a cooperatively developed tool for managing libraries.
  • It is an easy to use tool.



Trelby is a free and open-source script and screenwriting software. It helps you develop and manage your different scenes, characters, and dialogue between different characters, so this is especially going to be useful if you’re writing a screenplay or a script, but it can be nice for just general story.

It has all the built-in tools you’d expect like spell checker and different ways of sharing your story.

It has excellent analytical tools too you can see different characters and how often they’re seen throughout the story, so it can be a perfect tool to use to help you understand and maybe diagnose and dive deeper into the data of your story.

You can also download scripts or stories from online and then import them and edit them or just inspect them to see you know different ways that they’ve achieved their results. It is a good tool to get familiar with if you are a writer or an author.

It comes with many features such as auto-completion, spell checking, Multiplatform, it has Scene, location, character, dialogue reports.


Whether you’re a publisher, author, printer, or reader, this book has something for everyone – and it’s free. From writer’s aids like Track Changes to style sheets that improve the readability of your document, Best Open Source Book Tools offers you more than forty free book design and publishing tools.

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